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France unveils same-sex marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. “It’s the end of the family, the end of children’s development, the end of education. It’s an enormous danger to the nation,” said Senator Serge Dassault Erm, no it is not, you foolish little cretin!

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Nov 2012, 4:36pm

    Amazing, three more states in America, France now approving a bill. UK next. Spain now reaffirmed it’s equal marriage law today. No way this is going to stop. The hatemongers are on notice, it’s coming whether you like it or not, so get used to it and get over it.

    1. That There Other David 7 Nov 2012, 4:40pm

      Hopefully all this momentum elsewhere my shake Cameron out of his current inaction once he gets back from his arms-dealing tour of brutal dictatorships. He’ll need to do something good to re-balance his karma.

      1. That There Other David 7 Nov 2012, 4:42pm

        LOL. Might not my.

        Note to self : Proof Read!!

    2. That Matt 7 Nov 2012, 4:42pm

      I bet all of these bigots are in outrage: so much bad news in one day. I almost felt sorry for them when their prejudice failed abysmally. Almost.

      1. Dave North 7 Nov 2012, 5:03pm

        “Feel sorry for them.”


        Not after the years of unmitigated venom and bile they have vomited over us.

        There losses a wholly deserved.

        I wonder what minority they will pick on now that they can no longer pick on us?

        1. Dave North 7 Nov 2012, 5:04pm

          “Are” a wholly deserved even.

          As per “That There Other David” above…….

          Note to self : Proof Read!!

          1. Dave North 7 Nov 2012, 7:16pm

            Oh b\/gger.

            Write out 1000 times.

            PROOF READ

  3. Not too much of fan of Hollande, but on this one “Allez Francois!”

  4. “It’s the end of the family, the end of children’s development, the end of education. It’s an enormous danger to the nation.”

    You missed out tsunamis and the end of the world!

    I’m sure Dassault will be using all the evidence from those countries that already have equal marriage to show us he’s right. I mean, I went to Spain the other day and all the schools have spontaneously combusted solely due to equal marriage. Not.

    How can these people be allowed to get away with saying such utter cr*p?

  5. More hysterical bleeting from the Roman Catholic Church

    “French gay marriage plans ‘a sham that will smash foundations of society’
    A draft bill to legalise gay marriage in France unveiled on Wednesday is a “sham that will smash one of the foundations of society,” the head of the Catholic Church in France has warned.”

    1. That There Other David 7 Nov 2012, 5:09pm

      More end times blah blah blah from the Kiddie-Fiddlers in Dresses. I wonder how many countries must introduce equality before the Vatican gets the message that no-one wants to hear their doom and gloom opinion on this?

  6. This is great news – vive la France!

  7. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 8 Nov 2012, 2:16am

    Wow we are winning! Now let’s hope marriage equality comes to both my country Australia and the mother country where my mother was born United Kingdom! I hope the french bill also includes IVF access and parentage rights for lesbian women! I congratulate the French Socialist left-leaning Government in introducing the Adoption And Marriage Equality Bill 2012. Hey bigots, you lose – just accept it! I am sick and tired of bigots who use the same typical obstuctional political christian taliban tactics in blocking all LGBT equality and their behaviour is so predictable that voters seen past it and truly moved on in four US states yesterday. Bigots love to waste money on advertising against equality in marriage, when the money should go to help fight poverty and other needy charities. Hey bigots stop living in the 20th century and move forward into the 21st century and just accept us. We gay people have been here on this earth long before the pyramids and cave men!

  8. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 8 Nov 2012, 2:19am

    New Zealand passed its marriage equality bill in the first reading too this year!

    Both Australia and the United Kingdom are just a complete laughing stock in being behind other western countries on marriage equality!

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