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France: Thousands rally for equal marriage and adoption rights

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Reader comments

  1. “Demonstrators chanted “equality now” ”

    Sounds familiar, I’ve been chanting this to my MP in the UK for the last year or so and still I’m waiting for a bill on SSM to be produced.

  2. It’s good to see a counter demonstration after all the opposition crap we’ve been hearing about

  3. GingerlyColors 8 Nov 2012, 7:00am

    In the Americas and Europe, the march of LGBT rights and the introduction of marriage equality is becoming an unstoppable jugganaut. There is no reason why France and hopefully soon after, Britain should not join the club of nations which gives full recognition to gay relationships.

  4. Yes- our new Archbishop of Canterbury should note how the worldwide tide is turning- and give the Church of England a new and modern direction by agreeing to equal religious marriage in churches throughout this land.

  5. Francois Holland must remember that there is true separation of church and state in France and ignore the religious lot and force these changes ahead. He must also inform those mayors who are opposed that it is their civic duty to conduct same sex marriages when they are legalised and any who do not, will be dismissed. These are civil marriages not religious so any arguments about it being “against gods will” must not stand.

    As for Senator Serge Dassault and his comments, this will make families and society stronger, children and society will be better educated about tolerance, love and understanding of LGBT couples, proving that we are no different and it is not a danger to the nation. If it is, can he please explain how? No, I thought not!

  6. Although this quote is specifically about the US situation it can equally apply here.
    “the issue of gay marriage is a generational one, a battle that social conservatives have lost … fighting this one is political flat-earthism.” (Jennifer Rubin,)

  7. de Villiers 8 Nov 2012, 10:58am

    The Right in France is splitting itself and is weak. However, M. Hollande is now seen as a hopeless Président. Even Libération has openly attacked the Président and Premier Ministre. The only popular Ministre seems to be the Ministre de l’Intérieur M. Valls who is taking a right-wing approach.

  8. I support these protests.

    And I also support the protesting outside the churches and mayoral offices of the extremist clergy and mayors who oppose equality.

    The bigots need to learn that they are fighting a losing batte.

  9. If those mayors find themselves in an occupation for which they are no longer suited they can move on and make way for younger, more decent people.

    It’s sad that Senator Dassault feels that the family and French society are so fragile.

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