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US 2012: Maine legalises same-sex marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Thank you Maine and Maryland for upholding equality and fairness.

    1. Great shame though that here, PN headlines all these stories on Equal Marriage victories as “Same-Sex Marriage”. Seems PN feels uncomfortable not alternating “equal Marriage”, “same-sex marriage” and “gay marriage”, and when the story they are copying uses “equal marriage” PN always then sticks one of the others phrases in the headline, which is then used in all the links to the story.

      We are in the midst of a bitter fight here in the the UK for Equal Marriage, and many other countries and US states still have that fight. It is more important than the low boredom threshold of a PN writer.

      We need Equality, and many out there wrongly think that civil partnerships are same-sex marriage already. Get on message PN, please.

  2. Proof positive of a popular mandate.

    As with mixed race marriage, the bible belt – land of hate and bigotry – will never follow the trend and will have to be dragged to the future by its hair. The SCOTUS striking down DOMA will be enough to do it.

    The key to the Maine vote is both proof of popular mandate, and one more state to leverage against those who inevitably drag their heels.

  3. Great news from Maine, now to start work on the rest of the USA!

  4. Wow! So happy to hear this. I thought they were going to lose this battle, but I am tickled pink to be proven wrong. Happy, happy day for the United States.


  5. Good news.

    It remains appalling that a minority’s civil rights can be subject to a popular vote.

    Is it a possibility that those neo-fascist scum who are opposed to equality could try to get yet another referendum on this?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Nov 2012, 12:54pm

      I doubt it can be put to another referendum, dAVID. The opponents demanded referenda and got it. There’s nowhere else they can go and nothing more they can do. It’s a done deal.

    2. That There Other David 7 Nov 2012, 12:59pm

      Now that the anti-equality side have seen that this “Let The People Decide!!!!” tactic isn’t going to work in their favour they will most likely abandon it and try other avenues.

      One other victory last night that seems to be slipping under the radar. Justice Wiggins, the only remaining Iowa court judge from the group who ruled in favour of marriage equality in 2009, retained his position. This despite massive campaigning against him by NOM and similar.

      Equality is beginning to win the argument across the entire USA, despite the language of fear and the huge amounts being spent by those that oppose us. Great news for American LGBTs all round.

  6. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 7 Nov 2012, 9:23am

    Well done to all the 340,546 voters of Maine or 53.97% approved the marriage equality law at the ballot box!

  7. Spanner1960 7 Nov 2012, 10:11am

    The inevitable snowball is starting to roll.
    Keep at it people, it will happen in the end.

    1. Tell that to Mississippi or Tennessee or Texas or anywhere in the South really – dem christians be savage bigots.

      It is the Supreme Court that will legalise same sex marriage.

      1. Spanner1960 7 Nov 2012, 12:19pm

        Oh for sure. Those redneck states are not going to go willingly, but the point is, once they are in the minority, the courts will just end up enforcing a federal law country-wide, and that will be that.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Nov 2012, 1:01pm

        With the make-up of the United States’ Supreme Court, 9 justices altogether, remember there are at least 5 staunch catholic republicans sitting on the bench. They could refuse to hear the case and return it back to individual states to decide. We will know more about that when Proposition 8 in California comes before them but in that case, it will only apply to that state, not the country as a whole if they rule in favour of allowing equal marriage to continue in California.

        1. That There Other David 7 Nov 2012, 2:03pm

          Whilst true there will at least be a legal precedent set that the circuit appeals courts can refer to in their decisions. It’s the main reason why California’s equality organisations haven’t pursued the option of overturning Prop 8 at the ballot box. They want the USSC to rule on this, so that it’s there on the books for everyone to see.

        2. Spanner1960 8 Nov 2012, 11:34am

          This whole state vs federal law in the US is a complete farce.
          It has been going on like this for 200 years, and it is really in nobody’s best interest except the lawyers and the state authorities. It really is about the world’s most powerful country got their sh|t together and sorted out this antiquated political system.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Nov 2012, 12:53pm

    Fantastic, brilliant! Well done, Maine and Maryland!! Now on to Washington State for a hat-trick.

  9. Great news! Slowly but surely equality’s happening.

  10. Wonderful news, especially in view of how active the antis have apparently been in this state.
    In principle most of us object to minority rights being subject to popular vote, but this shows the citizens of Maine in a wonderful light. Obviously a great place!

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