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Anti-gay Ohio senate candidate rejected by voters and family

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Reader comments

  1. He’s a closet homo, obviously.

    1. Bobbleobble 7 Nov 2012, 6:33am

      Also got an ass whooping! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer man.

    2. Anti-gay? With that face? Surely he is a closeted gay trying to convince himself and the world that he is not.

      1. The struggle against stereotyping seems to be hardest on home ground.

  2. He lost.

    And is now very much on record for being on the wrong side of history. Marriage equality will come, and he has helpfully scuppered any future he might have had. And nothing of value will be lost.

    All the political acumen of a tub of coleslaw.

  3. He looks like he is fresh out of Pampers! I suspect that is another reason why he did not win?

  4. Billywingartenson 7 Nov 2012, 8:40am

    the MFckr lost. (reference to his mother in a crude way in Americanese)

    BTW with Maine, MD, Minn, and aLmost certainly Washington state all in the win column for gays, we can expect a declaration of war by the pope who in 2009 UNexcommunicated Holocaust denying Bishop Williamson.

    Wonder how the swiss guards would fare against a company of USor British Marines.

    Think of the horrors of horrors we’d unearth from the vatican archives.

    BTW the butler biz is about the vatican bank and the mafioso connection, including someone who was drowned with his pockets filled with rocks. Sri I n ot at my own PC or I’d give you the links to this previously known crimes.

    As America goes, so does much of the free world. We caN bet that GR. Britain will soon join equality, France this year, Finland soon..

    ?? Germany

    he only company the vatican will have is eg the muslim and commie states in the west.

    A fitting end for the bigots and childrapist church.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Nov 2012, 1:05pm

    Thank goodness he lost his seat yesterday! Another victory for LGBT people in America. Now let’s hope that other bigot, Michelle Bachman loses hers too.

    1. Mike Pennell 7 Nov 2012, 5:01pm

      No, our Michelle got back in, but she will be a constant reminder of how close to societal meltdown the US came.

    2. She got back in, but a number of other teabagger nitwits got wiped out and she has lost any “muscle” she may have had. Her swing in the last minute – she called herself an “independent voice” – may well see her out in the cold party-wise.

      Couldn’t happen to a nicer wingnut.

      As for the people who elected her? They got what they deserved – someone who has never really served them in any meaningful manner, and whose signature piece of legislation was to do with light bulbs (and I don’t remember if it passed or failed – but I do know that she said CO2 wasn’t dangerous in any way).

    Can’t believe that. Is he afraid?
    Could he be afraid that freely meeting happy gay couples he would be tempted??

  7. I agree about his looks, we have been here many times with closet cases who are vicious in their condemnation of gay people, only to be outed later in life. People like that seem to think that people will not think them gay if they denounce gay people.

  8. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 8 Nov 2012, 10:40am

    Typical closet-case!

    He loves his secret man-on-man gay sex in public toilets, just like former Senator Larry Craig!

    Ha ha you lost you stupid bigot!

    Republicans are embarrassing themselves by making politically charged stupid beastality and rape comments!

  9. …what is this idiot going on about? He obviously leads an extremely sheltered life. What amazes me is you get these politicians who know nothing about life passing judgement on society. They must be disallowed to do so.

  10. Isa Kocher 8 Nov 2012, 2:59pm

    ı really hate ıt when these fascıst bastards are cute and sexy. ıt makes me feel cheap. ı agree that there ıs more to thıs than ıdeology.

  11. The Republicans must choose between the vitriolic homophobic anti immigrant tea party and radio talk hosts or a larger tent that includes the other half of America.

  12. ShoryoTombo 21 Dec 2012, 11:07am

    He looks like some nelly ass queen anyways

  13. have you ever heard this guy speak? he’s an asshole from the word go.

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