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Civil partnership defeat for Slovakia

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Reader comments

  1. My heart breaks for a dear friend. How about the EU flexes its muscles and insists in order to grant continued membership?

  2. Merseymike 6 Nov 2012, 8:11pm

    The Labour party should be taking this up as the governing party are part of the Socialist group

    Write to your MEP

  3. Shame we still have bigots in our parliament.

  4. What a load of rubbish, this article says the first Slovak PRIDE was cancelled, it WASN’T. It was re-routed a little and we all had a fabulous day! It was a great triumph! DO get your facts right. In Slovak terms even the fact there was a vote is AMAZING progress… SK is already a member of the EU – get over it! There is no mechanism for it to be revoked – thank goodness because the situation for LGBT within the EU is still much better than for those outside.

  5. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 6 Nov 2012, 11:24pm

    Bigoted politicians in Slovakia!

    What do you expect in an Eastern European country run and controlled by a party called the “Christian” Democrats?!

  6. Equality in Slovakia will probably have to wait until after a European Court of Human Rights judgement.

  7. That There Other David 6 Nov 2013, 9:50pm

    I guess this is a similar situation to Australia where the Parliament is stuffed with those from an older demographic. The trend is in the right direction. Another few years and Slovakia will probably end up bypassing CPs altogether and going right for marriage equality.

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