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UK sport stars top 2012 Pink List

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Reader comments

  1. Congratulations, Nicola Adams!

    You’re already providing youngsters with an excellent role model.

  2. GingerlyColors 4 Nov 2012, 4:35pm

    Thanks to the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games we have some new LGBT role models. The full list can be seen at:

  3. I see Ben Summerskill gets to promote people who have been blindly supportive of Stonewall as usual and leaves out anyone who isn’t.

    1. Just Summerskill is to blame?

      … our panel of judges: two magazine editors, a teacher and LGBT schools adviser, a film maker, a charity CEO, and the Chief Executive of Stonewall.

      1. Largely, yes

        1. And you know this for a fact, do you? Work for the Independent on Sunday perhaps?

          1. thanks Harriet, another mouth in gear brain in neutral inane comment; why don’t some of you people actually engage thought as to what you are saying before kicking out at your pet hates?

  4. Some of this list is deserved, but an awful lot of it is absolutely ridiculous. For example, Lucy from X Factor seems an absolutely lovely girl, but I’m sure even she would agree that she has absolutely no place on this list (at least not yet). The way this list is run makes a bit of a mockery of us.

  5. Love this lass – she’s a legend :D

  6. Jan Bridget 4 Nov 2012, 7:15pm

    Congratulations, Nicola. In the Independent on Sunday there is another article of interest which shows why we need positive role models:

  7. Thoroughly disgraceful entry for Barclays chief information officer Anthony Watson after Libor, not to mention the bank threatening to withdraw funding from Stonewall for hurting extremist Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s feelings. He stands 41 places above the brave B&B complainants Michael Black and John Morgan, who occupy received the wretched honour of last place. But I’m sure Watson’s employers will be very grateful.

    And why does Alan Davey deserve a place just because he made 118 staff redundant? “Times have been tough for Davey”. Not as tough as I expect it’s been for his staff. Has his salary been “feeling the pinch” too?

  8. Spanner1960 4 Nov 2012, 11:58pm

    I’m surprised they can actually find 40 gay people that anybody has even heard of, let alone one’s that have ‘inspired and influenced’.

    They seem to wheel out the same old handful of names year after year simply to keep up the numbers.

    I would rather see a list of ten LGBT people I had never heard of, than 100 that have done bugger all.

    Come back, Christopher Biggens, all is forgiven.

  9. It’s a bizarre mix of people who are famous who are gay or for being gay, people who are powerful and gay, people who have done something for gay people, Stonewall celebrity supporters, and others.

    The other lists, eg journalists and national treasures are equally eyebrow raising: Rupert Everett, a national treasure? A national disgrace more like.

    1. I think the list largely makes a mockery of the whole nomination and selection process and proves that actual contribution to improving LGBT lives means very little. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really pleased the role models are there, especially younger ones and I’m really pleased that people’s work is being recognised.

      What I’m less pleased about is how people can seemingly get on the list through a process of self-ingratiation and shameless promotion of ‘brand them’, when there are so many other people who tirelessly fight for LGBT rights and don’t drop ‘subtle’ hints year-round about how great it would be if someone were to nominate them for this, that or the other or about how nice it is to have personal recognition (albeit on the backs of those who volunteer for their causes).

      1. Could not agree more.

  10. brown fingered stranger danger 5 Nov 2012, 10:00am

    Another one defined by their sexual preferences.
    Do we refer to Steve Redgrave as the ‘Heterosexual rower’. Of course not since what happens in the bedroom, owever deviant, is completely unrelated and irrelevant, unless you want to shove your sexual preferences in peoples faces, as the deviants do!

    In other news… A heterosexual man was injured today in a car crash……
    Sports news… Heterosexual boxer welterweight champion Andre Berto would like to get a big money fight against heterosexual boxer Floyd Mayweather.

    1. And tell us – do you still beat your wife?

      1. Sodom's judgement 5 Nov 2012, 11:06am

        Do you still abuse kids?

        1. Jimmy Savile?

          I thought you were dead?

  11. This list is interesting but it needs to start ignoring the closet.

    The list is remarkable for its lack of business and industry and finance people.

    True most of these people are still cowering in their closet, but this list would be far more interesting if the paper was simply to publish the names of genuinely influential people (instead of pleasant non-entities like Lucy Spraggan

    1. …….and, it has a smattering of politicians, the treasury solicitor and two top ranking judges, so some role models there for people nervous about entering these, and other, professions – pretty unthinkable not many years ago. Of course these lists are flawed but if they encourage openness in some previously difficult quarters it cant be all bad.

  12. Wow, 6 trans people this year. Definitely an improvement, if only marginally.

  13. mickie_newton 5 Nov 2012, 7:40pm

    So pleased for Nicola Adams! What an amazing lady! It was so incredible to see a British lady, who just happens to be gay, making history!! An incredible and very memorable moment!!

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