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Video: Dutch FA broadcasts pro-gay advert

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Reader comments

  1. This is a good advert. If only the English FA (and others) would follow suit!

    1. What is demeaning that this is worthy of the -6 dislike, this vedio was award 5 stars (Excellent)

      1. People may have thought your 5 stars represented asterisks concealing an obscenity perhaps.

        1. Rehan thanks,

          Interesting perespective, given that the comment didn’t include any precursor of such and was following on from the first comment as a positive feedback, interesting in its response if I had said “5 Stars” instead?

  2. Don Harrison 2 Nov 2012, 11:11pm

    D.McCabe I agree. After what happened when Justin Fashanu came out as gay. The homophobic attitude which has been allowed to fester here in English Football. It is criminal to ignore the chance not to start the change opinion here,

  3. Gay UK players can probably buy themselves a similar closet at IKEA or Homebase.

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