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UK: Catholic adoption charity loses anti-gay legal appeal

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Reader comments

  1. in a word, good.

    Why these people keep wasting so much money fighting is shameful – the law is very simple if you provide a service to open to everyone, period.

  2. GulliverUK 2 Nov 2012, 6:45pm

    Well, the other ‘Catholic’ charities didn’t close, they just ditched their links to the Catholic church. The RC only provided a tiny amount of funding, almost all the other funding was from the government. Most carried on offering adoption, but this time to all couples.

  3. Some good news for a change. The tide of hate continues to turn away but still has a way to go.

  4. Excellent news.

  5. barriejohn 2 Nov 2012, 7:18pm

    “Forced to close”? What planet are these people living on?

    1. As with the Christian hotel owners on Cornwall, they will all claim this to make people feel sympathetic towards them.

  6. Excellent news. If pushing their prejudices is more important to them than finding the best parents for a child then they shouldn’t be an adoption agency anyway. They’re blinded by their prejudices and would rule out people who might be the best choice of parents for a child.

  7. That Matt 2 Nov 2012, 8:10pm

    How sick that they’re using children as weapons. But not unexpected in the slightest.

    1. The Vatican has found so many uses for children, they should really publish a book. I think a snappy title like “Papa Ratzi’s 1000 and One Uses of Children (and How to Successfully Cover Some Up).”

  8. Dave North 2 Nov 2012, 8:18pm

    I think it says much that these “BIGOTS” would rather pander to their religious dogma than find decent caring homes for kids.

    No doubt it will be painted as we nasty gays causing this.

    They simply fail to see beyond their stupid cults.

  9. That There Other David 2 Nov 2012, 8:19pm

    Yeah, bye then.

    If children need a good home any organisation that would use outdated bigotry against prospective parents is no longer welcome. That these people would rather see children kept in care homes, where they might be vulnerable to the advances of “devout Catholics” like Jimmy Savile, says it all about their messed up priorities.

    Children deserve a family, but Catholic Care doesn’t deserve to be the agency involved.

  10. You’d think Catholic Care would get the message by now.

    So that means that St. Margaret’s in Glasgow still remains the only catholic adoption agency left in the UK which can legally refuse service to gay people – thanks to the help and advice it got from Alex Salmond’s government.

    I wish the Scottish Charity Regulator had refused to let it change it’s remit just like the English equivalent did for Catholic Care. But for some reason, it allowed St. Margaret’s to change it’s remit so it could take advantage of a loophole in the law.

    I feel so angry that Scotland is a state-sponsered haven for religious bigotry and discrimination.

    1. Unfrtnately St Margaret’s got help from Roseanna Cunnningham, the well known bigot.

      1. Yes, Harry, you’re right. Roseanna Cunningham is a homophobic bigot who should be the minister responsible for the same sex marriage legislation as family and marriage law are the responsibility of the Community Safety & Legal Affairs minister, but she refused to do do it because of her homophobia and Salmond let her get away with it. She gets paid money to do a job she isn’t doing because she’s a homophobe.

        Fiona Hyslop also played a big part in advising St. Margaret’s, according to the Herald article I’ve linked to above.

  11. Why don’t they talk to the church then? I know loads and loads of Catholics, the majority of whom are not remotely homophobic. A campaign from within the church could prevent funding being taken from agencies which dare to live in the 21st century, thus solving the problem without shoving gay couples into the ditch.

    1. That There Other David 2 Nov 2012, 9:06pm

      As someone posted in the “O’Brien is a bigot” thread The Vatican is a dictatorship. There will be no dissent.

  12. “…it is now weighing-up a fresh appeal.”

    What a disgrace, wasting more judges’ time like this.

  13. The amount of money these groups are spending on defending their bigotry is perverted.

  14. Gay couples can provide the same love and care for an adopted child as any hetero couple could provide.

    This ‘charity’ obviously has its work cut out with five adoptions every year. That probably after they have brainwashed the poor child into believing a load of tosh.

  15. Obey the law or close. Stop moaning and bleating because you can’t arrange the fate of children around mad supernatural beliefs.
    It beggars belief that these nuts are still trusted with allocating homes to children.

  16. Wellington Ferreira 3 Nov 2012, 8:27am

    I’m just getting concerned we the gays are becoming real bigoted people. Nobody seems to be allowed to differ from us these days. Is it really necessary to use this service for adoption? Are they the only ones in town?

    1. That There Other David 3 Nov 2012, 9:18am

      You really don’t understand the implications of allowing this? Once one commercial or charitable entity is allowed exemptions from equality legislation because of their dogma-ingrained bigotry it will get harder to enforce the same legislation across the board. There’s a line in the sand that cannot be crossed.

      You should also note that this “charity” only handles five adoptions a year. With numbers so low it ought to be obvious that their continuing existence isn’t about children, it’s about the legal battle. This is nothing more than The Vatican trying to find ways to bypass UK law.

    2. You could use the same argument to defend a charity which helps only male children, or only white children.

      This case arose not because of “we the gays”, but because the Charity Commission is defending the fundamental principles of charitable status in the UK.

      Catholic Care wants to change its constitution to state that they will only work with man/woman couples. The Charity Commission told them they can’t, because charities can only discriminate when it is “proportionate” and in support of a “legitimate objective”. The courts have repeatedly agreed that supporting only different-sex couples as adopters is not a legitimate objective for a charity, because Catholic Care is not fulfilling a particular need by doing so.

      The Charity Commission is doing a great service here by clarifying that a charity, with all the attendant tax breaks, cannot discriminate for no good reason.

    3. Think it through. You are saying that it is ok to disobey the law so long as other people are obeying it. Is it ok for someone to rob the local Newsagent’s as long as most people don’t?

  17. This case has dragged on for years. How many adoptions could Catholic Care have organised if they hadn’t spent money on all these defeats?

    If you are interested in the law, do take a look at all the judgements in this case. Catholic Care’s case has not been argued well, to say the least.

    A cynic might suggest that Catholic Care’s objective is not to look after children, and not even to win the case, but rather to lose repeatedly in order to be able to claim that they have been “forced to close” by the courts. That kind of news headline props up the anti-gay Newspeak rhetoric which claims equality is bullying. bigotry is valid opinion, etc.etc.

  18. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Nov 2012, 11:41am

    This really proves one thing. The catholic cult isn’t pro-family, doesn’t care about them. They’d rather see adoptive children not have the love, security and stability of a same-gender couple who are more than suited to raise a child. It’s really disgusting. I’m thrilled they lost their legal appeal, deservedly so.

    Now wait for the “abuse of religious freedom” nutters to start ranting.

  19. Jock S. Trap 3 Nov 2012, 12:12pm

    Time those who run Catholic Care thought about the childrens needs and not their own!

  20. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Nov 2012, 1:05pm

    This only highlights the bigotry of Cardinal O’Brien. He is going to throw another £100,000 at defeating equal marriage and one of his faith based charities has lost its appeal. There’s something intrinsically evil about a cult which spends money to support discrimination but doesn’t give a toss about the welfare of adoptive children. Beyond sick and yes, the term “bigot” is more than relevant and appropriate. This charity has displayed a plethora of bigotry too.

    1. How many deserving ordinary Catholics could be helped in practical ways with £100,000? Medical treatments, food for the needy, help for the aged with heating and / or personal care………No, they want to defend their bigoted, out of date and morally and theologically indefensible position on homosexuality.

  21. Nothing is lost if this agency closes. That is because there is nothing among religious charitable agencies that is not also found in public agencies, and usually in great abundance and with far fewer restrictions.

  22. O’Brien typifies the working of evil in the world which is the Roman Catholic Church.

  23. Why is the church continuing to waste money that could be better spent helping the poor and needy? As a catholic I am ashamed of the leadership’s discriminatory practices.

    1. Is there no forum in which you could ask “Why are you spending £100,000 on attacking gays when there are so many needy Catholics desperate for help?”
      Shame them. As for arranging 5 adoptions a year, that’s a joke. There are more potential parents than there are children. We do not need this agency

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