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Scottish Tory leader booed at Stonewall Awards

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Reader comments

  1. So, calling someone who espouses racial discrimination a racist… not ok? or ok in her book?

    if we can call someone a racist for saying hateful things about people because of their race, then why shouldn’t we call someone a bigot for saying hateful things about others because of some other reason?

    Here’s the definition of bigot:
    ” a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance”

    that’s not an insult. that’s calling a spade a spade.

    there are limits to political correctness. they can HAVE their hateful beliefs, but it’s our DUTY to call them out on them.

    1. Maybe she would have been happier with the name of the category being changed to The Biggest Natural Tory of the Year Award, open to members of all parties?

    2. Bigots hate to be called bigots and they find it very insulting apparently, homophobes similarly cannot bear to be called homophobes, it’s a funny old world.

      1. Maybe they think we should “hate the bigotry but love the bigot”, as they profess their approach to us is to “hate the sin but love the sinner”? So, “Bigotry of the Year Award” should be acceptable to them, no?

  2. PinkPolitico 2 Nov 2012, 4:57am

    No we shouldn’t afford legitimacy to homophobia. Looking at those nominated for ‘Bigot of the Year’, is she says we should respect the views of someone who has raided LGBT venues and arrested those present (Uganda) or someone who has compared ‘deviant’ gays to beastility (Ken McGuinness) or the successful candidate who has described same-sex relationships as being tantamount to physical and spititual abuse…These views are odious and should be treated with the contempt they deserve in a civilised society. And it’s disturbing that a politician receiving an LGBT rights award would defend them and apparently not see it as bigotry. In the circumstances, perhaps there was a more deserving winner of Politician of the Year..

    1. David Waite 2 Nov 2012, 5:39am

      Yes, Stonewall, if you have to boo your Politician of the Year off your awards stage, in order to silence her stupid endorsement of anti-LGBT views, you’ve picked the wrong pol. Pathetic.

    2. There could hardly have been a worse choice

  3. so some one is entitiled to thier views, yes of course they are, if they dont infect my relationship and my home. Stop me from obtaining services and having equilty. Other wise they can piss off. Would this MP defend the rights of a racist to have a different point of view. Of course she wouldnt. All this still proves we still have a way to go before we get true equality and the respect we are owed.

    1. I mailed her and asked her if she thought Nick Griffin’s opinions deserved ‘respect’? And if not then why was she applying a homophobic double standard.

      Ruth Davidson – Bigot of the Year 2013 – the 1st ever LGBT winner of the award?

      1. Good for you, if she replys can you lets us all know?

        1. I’ve got a feeling she won’t reply, somehow. Half of the 8 MSPs who represent me never bother to reply whenever I contact them (not that I do so a lot) to ask for their stance on an issue or to tell them my views.

    2. Spanner1960 2 Nov 2012, 12:43pm

      There is nothing intrinsicly wrong or unlawful about being a racist, a homophobe or a bigot.
      It is only when that opinion is voiced and affects others that it becomes a problem.

  4. What is all this fuss about calling someone who is a bigot a bigot? If the cap fit and it is being worn then they are a bigot and need to be identified as such!

    1. Courtesy of gironaut


      The term Bigot probably comes from the German “Bei Gott”, “By God”.

      It’s earliest use is reputed to be in France in a conversation between King Charles and the Norman Duke Rollo. Subsequently the French used the term Bigot as a derogatory term for the Normans. Later it was also used as a curse by Catholic Swiss fighting their Protestant Countrymen.

      At some stage the term changed from a general insult to one applied to describe specific individuals.

      The term Bigot is familiar and understood by English, French, Italian and German speakers.”

      1. Seems too much like an urban myth for me Pavlos, especially as the Duke of Normandy and the King of France are extremely unlikely to have spoken German to each other! (OED says ‘of unknown origin’.)

        1. Just a suggestion I thought was quite interesting, “Bei Gott”

  5. So she respects the Ku Klux Klan? Neo N@zis? Her argument suggests that she must do.

  6. Midnighter 2 Nov 2012, 8:53am

    This type of backlash against the accusation of bigotry seems to me to clearly be as a result a propaganda from the Church. As I already posted in the piece about Cardinal nO’Brain, anyone capable of rational thought (so apparently not the Catholic church) can see that being intolerant of bigots is hardly unreasonable.

    Clearly the Catholic stance is that bigotry is in fact acceptable but only on their terms – nothing new, really, they’re just being more honest about it these days.

  7. What an incredibly stupid woman Ruth Davidson is.

    Does she not agree that being opposed to equal civil rights for LGBT people is bigotry?

    She deserved to be booed.

    And aside from being a lesbian why does this Davidson moron deserve the Politician of the Year Award?

    I don’t recall this minnow of a politician doing ANYTHING to hurry up the introduction of equal civil rights.

    She has some nerve lecturing others about how to behave when she is nothing but a ridiculous Uncle Tom herself for her refusal to push for equality.

    Ruth Davidson is a loathesome person and no friend of the LGBT community

    1. Spanner1960 2 Nov 2012, 12:45pm

      I’m surprised you didn’t drop your usual “self-loathing” epithet into the comment.

      1. How was the protest outside that gay couple’s home that the BNP organised Spanner?

  8. This incident raises even more questions about the validity of these Stonewall Awards.

    What has Ruth Davidson actually actually DONE to merit this award?

    Aside from being lesbian that is?

  9. And out of curiosity what is the LGBTory group’s opinion about the Bigot of the Year Awards.

    Or are they going to continue their policy of deafening silence when faced with the stupid bigotry of their own party.

    I think LGBTory is a collection of the most ridiculous, self-hating wimps in Britain today.

    They are truly a pathetic shower of losers

    1. dAVID

      I bet you are really a self-repressed Tory. You know deep-down that the Conservative Party is something you are secretly drawn to. But you keep on pushing the consciousness away, and building up the denial by attacking “out” Tories: people you unconsciously long to join. A family you know you really belong to.

      There is no need for this struggle, dAVID. Join us. We will welcome you. :)

      ps On a more serious note, I can’t speak for LGBTory, but I can speak for GazzaTory, and I am pleased that Stonewall has the Bigot of the Year award for people like O’Brien and the other religious loudmouths. If there are sponsor banks who don’t like it, they are free to stop their sponsorship, and LGBT people are free to close our accounts with them. Sometimes we have to take our gloves off.

      1. Gay Tories – is that the same thing as a Black BNP member?

  10. “it was important to “respect people who have a different view”.

    Cardinal O’Brian does take a different view but it’s not a view based on reason. It’s based on a supposed faith in an inherited interpretation of an ancient faible. Nothing anybody, including Ruth Davison, can possibly say, whether based on science, logic or reason will alter his view that LGBTI people are an abomination and a danger to humanity. As such he can be correctly described as a bigot and it does no good to pretend otherwise.

    Of course we do not demonise all catholics; many lay members continue to express very reasonable views and even support. However the leadership, which has a policy of making very public condemnations of anyone of whom they do not approve are seeking to continue to do the real and serious harm that they have so long inflicted upon, in particular, the young and the vulnerable.

    As such it is our duty to highlight this & well done to BS & Stonewall for sticking to their guns.

    1. Having a different view is always acceptable.

      However that pig (no offence intended towards pigs) O’Brien does not just have a different opinion.

      He actively campaigns for the denial of equal civil rights to a law-abiding, tax-paying minority.

      He is true scum.

      1. ...Paddyswurds 2 Nov 2012, 11:07am

        I wonder if O’Brien has spent the £100000 he said he would spend to deny Equal Rights to a section of Scots society? Is Bigot of the Year really a strong enough word to describe this Neanderthal pile of dog shyte?

  11. Are we all agreed that Ruth Davidson brought disgrace to both herself and her party, through her steadfast refusal to acknowledge appalling bigotry for what it is?

    She is a complete embarrassment; and is no friend of the LGBT community thanks to her defence of dangerous bigotry.

    She must enjoy misery however – what else could be the explanation for a Scottish Tory?

    1. Dave North 2 Nov 2012, 10:22am

      Even worse. A Gay Scottish Tory……!!!!

    2. ...Paddyswurds 2 Nov 2012, 11:22am

      @dAVID … ..
      … .. … Well, given that she is a Tory, and a Scottish Tory to boot, she had, as a supposed Lesbian, already disgraced herself, because the Scots Tories are, if its possible, even more homophobic and bigoted than the English crowd. Talk about turkeys voting for the Winter Holidays. Being a Gay Tory is about as Uncle Tom as anyone can possibly get, so yes, this writer is at least, in total agreement that this idiot woman has indeed done the GLB community a gross disservice. and is a total embarrassment, and I think we should totally disown and shun her, as indeed we should the English version if CallmeDave hasn’t tabled the Marriage Equality Bill within the next few months.

  12. I could think of much stronger words to describe Cardinal O’Brian, he’s lucky to get away with being called just a bigot.

    He’s an extremely rich, influential man not a frail old lady. What he say’s get splattered in the media and he’s has done great harm to gay people.

    I suspect most of us would like to use a few more descriptive words to describe him but unlike Cardinal O’brian we’re a bit more polite .

    1. “I could think of much stronger words to describe Cardinal O’Brian,”

      Well he is the head of the catholic church in Scotland.

      Was he ever involved in the cover up of child abuse within his church?

      Considering the catholic clergy’s generations long involvement with child abuse it is a valid question.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Nov 2012, 11:17am

      I would describe O’Brien’s existence as “grotesque” to put it mildly.

  13. Send Ruth Davidson some feedback:

    Twitter – @RuthDavidsonMSP
    Email –

  14. Personally I would have give the politician of the year award to LF or Nicola Sturgeon….their miles better surely….why Ruth Davidson anyway?

    1. Well exactly.

      What has she actually done to deserve such an award?

      It may just be Stonewall sucking up to the party in power and deciding to honour the token Tory lesbian, without checking out her record.

      I mean she’s a Tory – it’s hardly likely that she’s much of a friend to the LGBT community

    2. john – while it’s fantastic that Nicola Sturgeon recently announced Scottish Government plans to legislate fir marriage equality, it was only with a caveat that more legal protections be put in place first to exempt religions. Also, Nicola Sturgeon is happy to be Deputy Leader of a party which is funded by Brian Souter and helped a catholic adoption agency to get around equality laws – it remauns to this day the only one in Britain legally allowed to refuse gay people. Also, she is happy for her party to give government posts to homophobes like Roseanna Cunningham. Nicola Sturgeon has never, ever spoken out on any of this.

  15. Whilst I fully endorse the Cardinal being labelled a bigot, I seem to remember that it was not so long ago that Ben Summerskill was opposing gay marriage.

    1. True.

      Although no-one is really defending Stonewall here – there are far too many questions left unanswered about who Stonewall is accountable to.

      The interesting question will be whether the Bigot of the Year award will exist next year?

      If Stonewall submits to pressure from Barclays and Coutts (and its other corporate sponsors) to remove this award, then it is openly declaring that it is answerable solely to its corporate sponsors, and will lose what little remaning legitimacy it possesses within the LGBT community.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Nov 2012, 11:16am

      And he didn’t exactly seem enthusiastic about supporting it either. He said CPs were enough and only begrudingly said he’d support equal marriage after a backlash from many of us regarding a damaging article he wrote earlier this year that gave the Daily Mail, Telegraph, C4M and the Chrisitian Institute more ammunition.

      Stonewall should have given David Cameron an award just to piss off the bigoted religious nutters.

  16. Disgusting, deplorable behaviour.

    Stonewall is setting itself up as the arch bigot and breeding ground for intolerance and a prime enemy of freedom of speech.

    Well NOT IN MY NAME!!!

    1. Whatever.

  17. Yes people are allowed to have different views, of course they are. The award isn’t about being the thought police. It is for those who have those different views and then seek to propagate them through society, apply using force of law or otherwise compel or encourage others to agree – which in turn causes injury.

    Can she actually not tell the difference?

    I couldn’t give a flying … whether someone “likes” me or “approves” of me or whatever is chugging through their brain. I do take offence when they then force that on me through law, education, social policy or those other mechanisms the bigots have been employing.

  18. Her views would mean that Jewish people should respect anti-semites, ethinic minorities should respect racists, and women should respect misogynists. It just doesn’t make sense.

  19. Cardinal Capone 2 Nov 2012, 12:19pm

    It was bad manners to boo her. But it was also bad manners of her to “boo” her hosts. She could have simply refused the award if she disagreed with them.

    These awards are recognition of some, and feedback for others.

    1. It was not bad manners to boo her.

      Rank stupidity such as that displayed by Ruth Davidson needs to be acknowledged as such.

      The bad decision was deciding to give such a stupid person, with such a feeble record in promoting LGBT rights, the award in the 1st place.

      She clearly did not deserve it.

    2. Yes, it was not “bad manners” to boo her at all!

      When an audience approves of something it claps.
      When an audience disapproves of something it boos.

      Some people find the showing of disapproval uncomfortable.


  20. Call them what they are! They are bigots. one of the worst problems we have with homophobia is that we constantly deny that it is bigotry! Maybe the Tory Ruth Davidson is happy to make excuses for bigots, but it’s past time we called out bigotry as what it is

    Are they entitled to their views? Yes. You are entitled to have bigoted views – but they should be called that!

  21. Enough already!

    Please chain yourself to a fence with a placard.

    Or how about you set up an online blog, and then email SELECTED AND RELEVANT people to draw their attention to your blog? (Though if you name people and make allegations, be sure you are able to prove what you say should you hear from their solicitors.)

    You may have a case of public interest: or you may not. I have no idea. But flooding PN with non-relevant posts is no way to deal with it.

  22. It seems that just being a gay politician is enough to win a Stonewall award. Ruth Davidson has done nothing of note, never mind doing anything to massively advance gay equality or even people’s lives in general. Stonewall seems to nothing more than a self-important, self-declared gay rights spokesgroup. Maybe it’s time it was wound up.

  23. Another Hannah 2 Nov 2012, 12:58pm

    Ah, the uncle Tom’s Gay award! We all know what this woman is. I could be a lot more successful, with all the materialist trappings if I sold out everybody else, made myself a cosy “Uncle Tom tranny”, and took the rich materialsit rewards. My Bentley, big house, and awards and positions await! But how would I feel about myself?

  24. Ruth Davidson clearly doesn’t want to antogise her natural supporters or her own MSPs, most of whom are against marriage equality by the way, in order to hang on to her job as leader for as long as possible. She doesn’t see that her days were numbered even from the minute she won the leadership.

    1. She’s a Gay Scottish Tory.

      She should quit and form the Lemming Party – that would be more suitable for her.

  25. Another Hannah 2 Nov 2012, 1:03pm

    It was important not to “demonise an entire church”, said Con MP Ian Stewart. I say surely this isn’t, and it isn’t demonising this Cardianal either, it just states exactly what it is.

    1. Good point. I shall now rethink my previous intention to propose the ‘Bigot of the Year’ award be renamed ‘Spawn of the Devil’ recognition.

  26. After her bigotry support speech, is it not right for Stonewall to cancel her award ?

  27. Bigots exist. Fact. And we must absolutely insist on our right to identify them.

    Good for those at the Stonewall reception who spontanexously gave Ms. Davidson the response she deserved.

  28. Have Stonewall given the reason why Ruth Davidson won this accolade? I’d be interested to hear why she was deemed a more worthy recipient than the other nominees.

  29. And this from the same Ruth Davidson who, when working for the BBC complained that any programme about gay people and being gay would have to be balanced out with opposing (read bigoted) views. Really Ruth. Why didn’t you just accept your award without turning it into a party political broadcast of the most hypocritical kind? I wonder how far your lead balloon will get you on this one. Ta ta Ruth.

  30. Just to add that at least she has John Deighan on her side now.
    Nice one Ruth.

  31. Dave North 2 Nov 2012, 3:57pm

    “paul camden living in poverty”

    My definition of poverty does not include an internet connection and a computer.

    1. I suppose it’s possible he’s down at his local library using their computers to go online – if it’s not been closed down by government cuts, that is!

  32. Paul, that post was defamatory. Would you now care to post your name and address, please?

    1. ...Paddyswurds 4 Nov 2012, 1:26pm

      @dave …
      …actually, dave the post, while annoying and out of topic, was not defamatory as it did not mention anyone specifically either by name or profession… so you can calm down and not be getting your knickers in a twist!
      Paul take your protest somewhere else. You are gaining no friends here with this incessant posting of something that happened 10 years ago apparently. You have also left it too late to do anything legally as the statute of limitations is six years. Just stay well and get on with your life!

  33. Andy Brettell 2 Nov 2012, 4:01pm

    Jeremy Vine discussed this event on his Radio 2 programme today and as usual showed the programme’s usual anti gay bias , questioning the pro Stonewall speaker more aggressively and featuring far more anti comments from listeners than pro. He didn’t mention the booing.

  34. and we should be nice to racists too

  35. Simon Phillips 2 Nov 2012, 4:46pm

    You say you want tolerance then show it. Stop being hypocrites.

    1. Another Hannah 2 Nov 2012, 6:07pm

      Like the tolerance he has shown calling us all the most terrible things under the sun? Bigot is moderate in comparison to what he has called us.

    2. You have to fight for your rights, Simon. Bigots don’t give them to you by you being tolerant of their hatred of you.

  36. “it was important to “respect people who have a different view”.

    What a barmy thing to say! So when someone shouts racist abuse at my girlfriend I should just respect their right to hold a different view?? And if I call them a racist, I’ll have Ruth Davidson scolding me for not respecting their view?

    She’s beyond stupid. Homophobia is as bad as racism.

    1. Iris

      There is this myth that everyone should have respect for senior churchpeople, and that they should be seen as beyond reproach.

      It is high time that we started calling them out for the misery they cause others as a result of their willful ignorance and bigotry.

      1. Agreed. I don’t understand why religious beliefs should be given special treatment. It just shows how much power they’ve accrued over the years that some people seem afraid to criticise them.

        1. -faeces on penis = HPV , HIV, death 3 Nov 2012, 10:34am

          You are a theocraphobic bigot.

    2. Another Hannah 2 Nov 2012, 7:36pm

      I would have thougth that given the other things parts of the RC church have been involved in that it is very important that churches are not treated as a special case, otherwise we will end up with even more of the kind of stuff that has happened in the past. Still they could always rely on former Home secretary K. Clerk to half sentences and allow the bigots even more freedom.

  37. -faeces on penis = HPV , HIV, death 2 Nov 2012, 9:13pm

    Why do he deviant’s on here insist on equating disgust of homosexuality with racism.
    Race hate is irrational. It is hatred against the individual and it is based on mere prejudice.
    Hatred of homosexuality is against the behaviour, not the person. It is righteous to be disgusted by immoral behaviour such as homosexuality, s,cat, consensual adult incest etc or do the deviants feel that those that hate the latter behaviours are also bigots?
    Stonewall have become the biggest bigots around with their intolerance of other peoples legally held views.

    1. I am going to be blunt with you. I think a video of your own sexual fantasies (and possibly activities as well) would be very disturbing for the rest of us to view.

      You belong to a very small minority of very sexually disturbed people. I won’t call you a “deviant”, as it is probably someone else’s fault that you have turned out as you are.

      I hope you eventually manage to find some level of self-acceptance and peace. It is because of what has been done to people such as yourself that it is so important for the rest of us to campaign for society to have a more enlightened attitude towards sexuality.

      1. -faeces on penis = HPV , HIV, death 3 Nov 2012, 10:54am

        Why are you falsely claiming that I have disturbing sexual fantasies? Are lies the only way you can defend your bigoted views?
        I used the examples of disgusting practices to show that it is righteous and proper to view certain things as disgusting and not at all compatible to racism which is prejudice against a persons race or colour.
        If as you claim, disgust of sodomy or other sexual practices is akin to racism, then so is disgust of other sexual practices and behaviours such as and consensual male adult incest. To deny this (as you have) exposes the weakness of your argument and the extent of your bigotry. People have the legal and moral right to be disgusted by deviance and you have no moral authority or higher source to cite in order to condemn such disgust.
        I think however, the fact that HIV is 50 times as higer in homosexual males tells us all we need to know!

        1. ...Paddyswurds 4 Nov 2012, 1:42pm

          What is ” consensual male adult incest” exactly. It seem to be a particular obsession of xtians and religious crazies commenting on these pages. They are usually calling for people involved in incest to be allowed marry? What exactly is this obsession?
          You in particular, seem to be fascinated with Sc@t and faeces and the male genital organ. Is this a new teaching of some obscure religious cult and do you have a following for you obsessions. Are you a registered charity for these weird beliefs? Do you imagine that trolling a Gay website will somehow cover up your longings or do your friends in your cult know you have strong Gay feelings?

  38. This whole charade is quite a shame. To think that she, merely for expressing a different view to the majority, was booed of stage is really quite disgusting.
    The LGBT community demands tolerance; however, how can we achieve that when we can’t even listen to members of our own community unless they share exactly the same view point as us.
    Ruth was in the right to say she thought that calling someone a bigot was wrong/ not very helpful, and the fact that she got booed and jeered really makes me feel sad about the way our community may be going.

  39. Robert Brown 3 Nov 2012, 11:15pm

    How on EARTH could Ruth receive the “Politician of the Year Award” when up against Lynne Featherstone MP?

    You can’t compare the two . . . Lynne has done more for LGBT equality and rights whilst in Government than Ruth ever has.

  40. Silly bitch…& from a dyke too, shame.

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