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Scotland: Gay rights charity wins award for equal marriage campaign

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Reader comments

  1. Dave North 2 Nov 2012, 8:26pm

    Well done Equality Network.

    And all in spite of Alex Salmond, Cardinal Bigot O’Brien and Lesbian Tory Leader bigot appeaser.

    No doubt your funding will be pulled.

    1. Paul Brownsey 3 Nov 2012, 11:02am

      Do you mean she is a bigot appeaser or a bigot-appeaser? The two phrases mean different things.

  2. Congratulations to everyone at the Equality Network!

  3. Keith Farrell 2 Nov 2012, 9:54pm

    well done Equality Network

  4. Very well deserved. Equality Network has done an outstanding job.

    It’s also very impressive that Tim Hopkins has always made time to come on to PN to comment, telling us what’s going on and discussing ideas. Thank you Tim.

    1. Your absolutely right, atalanta. Tim always makes worthwhile contributions to these discussion threads, often clarifying issues when some of us are having a disagreement! His explanations on the legal side of things is always invaluable too. I bet Ben Summerskill of Stonewall would never lower himself to consort with the rabble! Thank you, Tim and all your colleagues!

  5. Although I personally would not protest FOR gay marriage as I see it as irrelevant, I wouldn’t actively be against it either; if gay people want to get married, what the heck, it’s no skin of my nose at the end of the day. Must be sensible about this: what harm will it blooming well do? None. I think this represents the view of the majority of people. So if gay people wish to marry, there’s no way I’m going to protest for it, however, if they bring it in, I think outrage and campaigning AGAINST it is ridiculous.

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