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HRC releases anti-Romney election video

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Reader comments

  1. Garry Cassell 2 Nov 2012, 9:38pm

    Anybody stupid enough to vote for Romney deserve what they get…

    1. The trouble is, if he becomes president, everybody else gets it as well, including those who voted for Obama.

    2. also anybody stupid enought not to vote is equally deserving

  2. PinkPolitico 2 Nov 2012, 9:50pm

    Romney is the insincere and untrustworthy candidate to seek the US Presidency since Richard Nixon. The man is shameless and would be more than willing to implement the far right agenda of the Republican Party. He’s even been scorned by conservatives abroad.

    In a close election, the gay vote could indeed prove crucial in re-electing the most LGBT friendly US President in history..and delivering a much deserved defeat to Romney and his fellow GOP extremists.

    1. close elections are won by securing undecided voters in key states, gay vote is rarely undecided, even gay republicans will most likely vote for their party, since gay equality issues are secondary to them so i dont think gay vote will make any difference

  3. Suddenly Last Bummer 2 Nov 2012, 10:27pm

    I wonder does he like the taste of pillow, I would so do him.

    1. I’d like to witness that!

  4. sparklincyanide 3 Nov 2012, 1:13am

    Why are all assh#%&* so hot? Perry, Santoram, and Romney..douchebags but super sexy. What’s up with that?

    1. Nah, did you ever see Santorum from the rear? he has a gigantic arse, he’s so not sexy, whereas both Rick Perry’s and Romney’s favourite “Just For Men” targets only the greys for that “natural” look.

    2. In America the “super sexy” you refer to, the ones who look as if they’ve just stepped out of television drama, get voted into political office by those moronic Americans who fancy the idea of having TV and film characters run the country. Crazy.

  5. D. Hutchinson 3 Nov 2012, 6:07am

    This ad is a total waste of $$$. If that the best the HRC can deliver we are in trouble.

  6. Excellent video! It’s great to see creative committed people taking action and making bold and assertive videos like this, calling a spade a spade and totally rejecting the nonsense of homophobes.

    A lot of Americans are about to vote for Mitt Romney because he is the very image of a “good” “clean” white family man, not to mention that he is cast very much in the mould of the typical “dad” of so many American family dramas of the past three decades.

  7. I don’t like the look of him, he is evil, he always looks aggresive, Obama seems calm. Politicians should not be aggresive, Romeny is always attacking people rather than talking about issues

  8. turd-burglars 3 Nov 2012, 5:52pm

    I nominate Stonewall and it;s supporters as bigotted deviants of the year. The theocraphobia* on display here is breathtking and is sheer bigotry.
    I also notice much bigotry and hatred on here toward the s,cat* community, a harmless commmunity who’s loving consensual ‘expressions’ hurt nbody yet they have been labelled as digusting on here by the very people that say ” what happens in the bedroom of consenting adults is nobody’s business”.
    Sheer hypocrisy from the deviants* who’s filthy practices kill even innocent babies!

    1. JosephChrist 3 Nov 2012, 6:21pm

      Your God kills entire populations and cultures. Good luck with the self-righteous sanctimony

    2. The very poor quality of your writing goes hand in hand with your undeveloped reasoning skills.

  9. JosephChrist 3 Nov 2012, 6:18pm

    Check out marriage new watch slam people like O’Brien

  10. batty boy deviants. 3 Nov 2012, 6:56pm

    You confirm here that you are a bigoted th,eocraphobe, as per my accusation.
    Also, do you believe it is bigoted to be disgusted by certain practices such as s/ca/t or is it acceptable?l

    1. That There Other David 4 Nov 2012, 12:12am

      Theocraphobia? What is that, fear or bigotry towards a theocracy? If so, why would anyone consider theocraphobia to be a bad thing? The Vatican and Iran are hardly models for an ideal society are they?

      1. Stnky- brown-finger. 4 Nov 2012, 9:39am

        Many that do not follow a religion believe in ‘GOD rule’. those that maifest an irrational fear and bigoty toward such persons are theocraphobes. There are many on this site.
        I not your impliction that theocraphobia is not necessarily a bad thing. Putting aside that ‘bad’ is a subjective term and one persona bad is another’s good homophobia is not necessarily a bad thing then is it? It is certainly not a against the law to have ‘homophobic’ views.
        What the homosxual brigade don’t and never will get is that an aversion to deviant practices is not a phobia (mental disorder). Most people are disgusted by sca’t and consensual male adult incest. Does that make them phobic’s also?

        1. you confuse sexuality with sexual practices and homophobia with morality.

          1. Kane, you’re confusing a troll with somebody you can reason with. Save your typing fingers the wear and tear.

  11. I think what is more worrying that the massiaheige issue is giving the right to emplyers to fire gay people at will. Someone’s sexuality does not impact on their work and should not be grounds for dismial in any case, their acctions and competency should be the only determining factors.

    1. Stnky- brown-finger. 3 Nov 2012, 9:33pm

      I disagree. I think any job that involvs working with children should not be open to homosexuals. Of all the paedophile abuse in the church, the majority is of a homosexual nature!.

      1. how ironic that of all the ‘paedophile’ abuse in the world, the majority is of a heterosexual nature, so according to your brrrrrilliant logic heterosexuals should not work with children. is there any limit to your stupidity?

        1. Do stop engaging with the delusional troll there’s a good person it is a total waste of energy and does nothing worthwhile. Thanks.

        2. Sodom's judgement 4 Nov 2012, 5:26pm

          Paedophile abuse is disproportionate amongst homosexuals. It is sad that the homosexuals do not understand the word disproportionate. It means that if you take 1000 homosexuals and 1000 heterosexuals, there will be more offenders in the homo’ group than the hetero.

          1. Actually, you’re wrong. The proportion of gay pedophiles as opposed to straight pedophiles is unknown no matter how you look at the so-called evidence (read James M. Cantor PhD: ‘Male Homosexuality, Science and Peophilia’). Also, evidence suggests that pedophiles do not diffferentiate between male and female victims to anywhere near the same degree that normal gay and straight people gender-differentiate between their love interests so consequently scientists and law enforcers often have to attribute a power play motive to many pedopile attacks. However, what is crystal clear from the statistics is that the vast majority of assaulted children are assaulted by a member of their own family and this usually takes place in the family home. Facts are not known with any certainty but there is a possibility, based on hospital figures, that slightly fewer gays attack children than one would expect from the proportion of gays present in society – but even that is not statistically sound.

      2. That’s due to opportunity not due to the sexual orientation of the victimizer or the victim. The vast majority men who abuse boys are not sexually attracted to adult men and are usually heterosexually oriented and married to women.

        I’m sorry if the FACTS don’t fit into your homophobic fantasy world paradigm.

        1. Sodom's judgement 4 Nov 2012, 11:13pm

          Nice that you are excusing disproportionate homo child abuse with speculative unsubstantiated poppycock or do you have proof of the nonsense you spout?

          1. See my reply to you above.

          2. Yes, there is proof. In a recent literature review, Dr. Nathaniel McConaghy (McConaghy, N. “Paedophilia: A review of the evidence. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry”, 32(2), pp. 252-265) cautioned against confusing homosexuality with paedophilia. He noted, “The man who offends against prepubertal or immediately postpubertal boys is typically not sexually interested in older men or in women” (p. 259).

            Please try to get a handle on the realities of human sexuality and sexual behaviour and stop spouting the arrant nonsense of your ill-informed and under-read prejudice as if it were fact. I know that good science and its methodology can be challenging for the hard-of-thinking such as you, but careful study will repay you many times over and liberate you from your irrational fears, hatreds and prejudices.

        2. Sodom's judgement 5 Nov 2012, 12:22pm

          You idiot. If they abuse boys then that is homosexual abuse. If they also like women, they are bisexual.

          1. Would that it were so simple, but the science, I’m afraid, doesn’t support your contention. However, I doubt that you will let the facts stand in the way of your prejudices and your childishly simplistic views on sexuality.

  12. These comments are why I don’t post so often. Pink News you should be ashamed of yourselves for such hateful comments to stay on these boards. You get money from advertising and invest nothing on this site. BEn Cohen you should be ashamed youre on C4 News and yet you allow these abusive comments on your site. It shows a complete lack of integrity

    1. Dave North 4 Nov 2012, 4:36pm

      Bye then. Toodles.

  13. Aryu Gaetu 4 Nov 2012, 10:15am

    Terrible video production. The intent is fine, but the execution is horribly amateurish. Rather than FUD hype, a simple list of his anti-LGBT rights record as a politician along with his list of donations (mostly going to the extremely right-wing Mormon church).
    I could have produced a far better and more impacting video after one afternoon and two beers, and makes me a bit concerned about the leadership of the HRC. With such bad taste and lack of style, it almost looks like a committee of straight guys were in charge.

  14. the video message will be lost on gay republicans for them equality and gay rights are secondary to aggressive capitalism and small government

  15. David Skinner 4 Nov 2012, 9:34pm

    Sodom’s Judgement, absolutely right. Men who have sex with men ( MSMs) punch way above their weight- 60 times more so- with regard to having sex with under age boys, compared with men who have sex with under age girls.

    The Home Office have figures to substantiate this, except that no one is allowed to publicly declare it.

    1. Utter rubbish! See my reply to SJ’s post, above.

  16. To my British brothers and sisters across the pond, be calm and carry on; We’ve Got This!

    President Obama is SURGING in the polls. This election is in the bag!

    We will also maintain a Democratic Senate and hopefully we will win some of the Marriage referendums. ANY win would be a first and would be very significant. There is a very slim chance that we could win all four.

    1. Hayden….don’t bet your life on it. Florida is going for Romney as is the election.

  17. On the question of gay-male paedophilia raised in these comments earlier on please see the excellent article at
    and read, learn and inwardly digest its conclusion:
    “The empirical research does not show that gay or bisexual men are any more likely than heterosexual men to molest children. This is not to argue that homosexual and bisexual men never molest children. But there is no scientific basis for asserting that they are more likely than heterosexual men to do so.”
    Note very carefully that “…there is no scientific basis for asserting that they are more likely … to do so” as I said in several replies on this thread earlier.

  18. brown fingered stranger danger 5 Nov 2012, 9:49am

    • Homosexuals are overrepresented in child sex offenses: Individuals from the 1 to 3 percent of the population that is sexually attracted to the same sex are committing up to one-third of the sex crimes against children.
    • Some homosexual activists defend the historic connection between homosexuality and pedophilia: Such activists consider the defense of “boy-lovers” to be a legitimate gay-rights issue.
    • Pedophile themes abound in homosexual literary culture: Gay fiction as well as serious academic treatises promote “intergenerational intimacy.”

    1. It doesn’t matter how often you quote the widely discredited and provenly dishonest so-called Family Research Council’s OPINIONS, you cannot, by mere repetition, turn such OPINIONS into scientific fact. My link was to a reputable and recognised academic authority – University of California, Davis – that reviewed the existing SCIENTIFIC researches and reached a logical conclusion based on them. Conversely, your link was to an organisation that is a known hate group that supports far-right fascist values and that stands against both democracy and the US constitution. Further, the FRC is a known spreader of lies, false statistics and made-up stories masquerading as truth against any groups in society, including homosexuals, that it sees as ‘wrong’. Its financial arrangements are far from transparent and some of its most prominent members have been investigated by the legal authorities. The FRC is altogether completely untrustworthy in just about every respect…

      1. …and also supports such ridiculous ideas as intelligent design as well as being vehemently opposed to the idea that mankind might be contributing to global warming and actively fighting and attempting to rubbish even the other far-right so-called Christian groups that do do not support such stupidities. To summarise: the FRC is, quite simply, a group of bullying lunatics that has absolutely no understanding of the scientific method and that is shunned even by others who might be expected to share its creed.

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