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Brighton MP talks of crime concerns for city’s gay quarter

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Reader comments

  1. Peter & Michael 2 Nov 2012, 5:04pm

    Brighton was a great place to visit, and we did many times from 1980 onwards, we got to know many people when a gay pub was a gay pub, we used to stay at Catnaps, Alpha hotel on New Steine sadly Derrick and Charles are no longer with us, and the Beacon Royal which had its own night club underneath, never did we have violence in the streets those days, but with the outpouring of scorn from religious figures, etc, we don’t put Brighton as a holiday destination anymore. As we found out on our last trip, our car was vandalised on the promenade, we had abuse shouted at us, and a near violent assault as we walked past Atlingworth street, so lets hope that efforts can be done to make St James Street and surrounding areas much safer.

  2. Scott, I know it’s headline shorthand, but there is no “gay quarter” in Brighton – as you know – but saying there has been an “increasing” number of attacks there – wherever it may be – is daft and alarmist.

  3. i live in the middle of kemptown since april and seen numerous issues and fights, seems like every weekend it gets worse. the atmosphere seems to be very on edge

  4. Speaking as a non-resident- can someone please tell us what the nature of these attacks and violence are and also why are they happening now?

  5. Suddenly Last Bummer 2 Nov 2012, 10:23pm

    Brighton is no more different from other chav towns such as Southend.

  6. It’s a dump, dirty and full of dirty people.
    Many of the buildings are crumbling the street is unwashed.
    Some of the so called ‘gay’ venues? You have to wipe your feet when you leave.
    Attacks are not new and I can tell you that as someone who has lived in or near the town for 40 years.
    The so called ‘gay’ businesses are only interested in taking your money.
    That is the St James St area by and large though there are some bright stars shining through.
    I honestly cannot recall it ever being much better.

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