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London: Residents fight to reopen gay pub

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Reader comments

  1. Donald Hamilton 1 Nov 2012, 3:44pm

    Time to get laws that state the local land must be owned by locals!!!
    Good luck getting it back open – I feel for all affected!!!

  2. Good luck fighting the big bullying bastards. You WILL win, just keep going.

  3. I used to live there, very homophobic area and a lot of praise The Lord, lordly lord types. I actually had a rat and stones thrown into my garden.

    Good luck them, gay people really need a sanctuary there.

  4. Carl Rowlands 1 Nov 2012, 6:43pm

    The world seems to be owned by management companies and investment houses! They have no affinity to local communities! disgraceful – good luck!

  5. It’s all about the money. He who has the money, controls you (& me) via the “Corporate Mercenaries” – the COPS!

  6. GingerlyColors 2 Nov 2012, 7:37am

    It is heartwarming to hear that local people are banding together to support the LGBT community in campaigning for the re-opening of the Two8Six venue. It is time that pubs were returned to being run by the community for the benefit of the community and not major companies, offshore investors and pubco’s. At a time when this country is still hemorraging pubs at the rate of almost 30 a week any pub is worth saving.

  7. It’s disgusting what they are doing and makes me so angry! It’s such a nice place and the people are always friendly! They don’t deserve this to happen! Viva La TWO8SIX!!

  8. two8six, the queens head and the black cap three gay pubs which are closed or threatens to be closed why all this for companies or investors to be able to make more and more profit are these companies are homophobic ??? i think so ……… let help our gay pubs to stay open let’s fight for them

  9. Good to see the locals adding muscle to saving the venue. typically… money is the primary driver here, and of course it was a deliberate tactic by some homophobic director/pen pusher in the owning company to get rid of ‘the gays’. Course, if it had have been a flower shop or a coffee bar, owned by hetero couple, I bet the rent would not have been raised so much.

    We have to fight to save these venues from bully boy, anti gay mercenaries!

    Thanks to the locals of Lewisham for taking a stand!

  10. Robert Brown 3 Nov 2012, 7:21am

    Indeed . . . I was at the meeting and the silence and disbelief in the room was obvious.

  11. Robert Brown 3 Nov 2012, 7:24am

    Indeed . . . I was at the meeting and the silence and disbelief in the room was obvious.

    Cllr Duwayne Brooks (LibDem) and Cllr Lian Curran (Labour) were present, yet the Labour Cllr, who also holds the purse strings, was unforthcoming in what support his party or the Labour-run Council could actually give . . .

  12. Peter Roscoe 3 Nov 2012, 12:42pm

    I made my first date with my partner Geoff at the Castle in 1978. Before that I used to go there after IS meetings at Ladywell Baths. Capitalism grinds on!!

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