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Ian Thorpe: I can do nothing more about the gay rumours

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Reader comments

  1. Garry Cassell 1 Nov 2012, 2:14pm

    Why is it people are so nosy about others sexuality…?? Get F*******life..

  2. It was certainly interesting during the London Olympics that whenever Thorpe was in the TV studios participating in the commentary there was a tension, a lack of ease, between him and the other commentators. Whereas between “out” individuals like Clare Balding and others there was no such difficulty.

    1. Can’t imagine who or why this comment has been so negated.

      Unless one person is piling on all the negatives, the only explanation is that other readers are not experienced enough, or not old enough, to have detected the tension that this man’s lack of congruity caused when being interviewed.

      Everyone knows that Thorpe is thought to be gay, then Thorpe comes into the studio, sits there and while giving out involuntary signals that he is gay he also signals “Don’t go there! I’m not gay!”

      People of integrity can’t warm to people who display incongruity.

      Watch the video below and then think again.

      1. You know that gay and effeminate aren’t the same thing, right? There may be some correlation, but it is perfectly possible to be feminine and not be into dudes, or to be into dudes without being remotely feminine.

        You seem to associate integrity with being too willfully ignorant to realize this.

  3. He’ll never be able to quench the rumours with that chronic case of Gay Face.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 2 Nov 2012, 10:13pm

      I’d still sit on it though.

  4. Who cares whether he’s gay or not? – where’s the obligatory pic of him in speedos?….A disgraceful omission…

    1. Who cares whether he’s gay or not?

      He does, obviously.

      1. That There Other David 1 Nov 2012, 7:47pm

        Not really, since he knows he’s not. Of course he’s annoyed that everyone is badgering him about it, but that’s different. Imagine if people kept telling you to find a nice girl and settle down. You’d get bloody fed up of it after a while too.

        1. Don’t forget that he once claimed to have a relationship with Amanda Beard, but she said it was just a friendship. He shouldn’t be angry when people believe he’s a liar because he brought it upon himself..

          1. Suddenly Last Bummer 2 Nov 2012, 10:12pm

            Amanda Beard, a rather unfortunate name when you think about it in the context of this story.

        2. He knows he’s not? Or he insists publicly that he’s not?

          Australia is a very macho society. Most British lads couldn’t hack it out there. The softness that is permitted men in the UK is not permitted in Australia.

          A gay man can be accepted in the metrosexual city-centres of Sydney and Melbourne, but it’s very difficult for gay Aussies out in the horrendous dull suburbs and even worse in the rural towns.

  5. Ian Thorpe has been very brave in talking about the chronic and debilitating depression he has suffered from. Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where people cared as little whether one was gay or hetero, as they cared whether one did or didn’t like spinach. (Of course, potential partners, and people cooking you dinner, respectively, will have a legitimate interest in those questions!)

    My best friend, who is straight, was taunted with homophobic insults at school because he doesn’t fit into the standard hetero “mould”, and later his work colleagues thought he was gay. Although things became clear when he got married, he always refused to answer people when they asked him whether he was gay or straight, as he rightly said it was none of their business.

    If Ian Thorpe had done the same, it would probably have fanned the flames of conjecture further. But it might ironically have relieved him of the struggle of denying, justifying and explaining when asked about his sexuality.

    1. Err… Your best friend is a homo!

      1. Well, that’s not true, M. I think I probably know him a bit better than you do!

        I’m aware I can be a bit dense at times, but if he was gay, I would have some inkling of it after more than 40 years’ friendship.

        It really has to be said that gay and lesbian stereotypes do a disservice to both gay and straight people. There are plenty of LGBT and straight people who don’t fit the stereotypes.

        It can be very painful for people to constantly refuse to see you as you are, and to accuse you of lying about your identity, preferences and statements: especially on the basis of destructive social stereotypes designed to keep us all in our place.

        1. I quite agree Gazza, all these childish stereotypes – ‘gay face’ (Heaven help us!), ‘straight-acting’ – are not only extremely tiresome, they’re often rather damaging.

    2. Har Davids 2 Nov 2012, 5:35pm

      Ian Thorpe’s sexual preferences are just as important as his culinary ones: not if this were a perfect world. I guess a large minority of us would be bisexual if wasn’t considered a big deal who you sleep and have sex with. Just enjoy life and sex, and don’t harm anyone.

  6. Ian Thorpe seems to be a really nice sensitive guy as well as a great swimmer, I guess some people both straight and gay fancy him and find him attractive in his speedo’s with his fit swimmers body, whether they are conscious or unconscious of it, and they are transferring their own gay stirrings onto him.
    It’s just the usual bullying thing thrown at people who are perceived as being gay, he should lighten up and play around with it a bit, go on a date with Hugh Jackman or something and get papped kissing.

  7. So he’s not gay, and neither is Chris Morris (apparently)

  8. He has one of the most severe (if not most severe) cases of gay face that I have ever seen.

    9x out of 10, guys with gay face are indeed gay.

    1. Straight face, brings to mind Hazelmary Bull

    2. Wow – and there are some of us who object to gayness being associated with shallowness and superficiality. Judging by appearances always works, doesn’t it? Think of Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, Tom Holland or, for that matter, Stephen Fry.

    3. ...Paddyswurds 2 Nov 2012, 11:41am

      What exactly constitutes a “gay face” ffs?

    4. What are you talking about? You’re merely promoting stereotypes.

  9. Christopher in Canada 1 Nov 2012, 4:04pm

    This is what happens when everybody in an age group has the same haircut!

    Remember the early 80’s when str8’s still wore centre-parted disco hair (before it morphed into the mullet) and gays had the GQ cut? Times were simpler then…

  10. In that article he does not state that he is not gay.

    He simply skirts the issue in a manner that closet cases often do.

    I don’t know or care whether he is gay,

    If he is then I can’t see why he doesn’t simply come out.

  11. who? If he keeps bringing it up with the press and in his book then it will create more interest in it, if he avoids the topic or refuses to talk about it the media will get bored.

  12. The only one in Australia who seems obsessed about his ‘gay’ rumours, is Thorpie himself. When it dies down, HE is the one who resurrects it. He’s lied about one straight relationship which, according to Amanda, was not the romantic one he pretended it was.

    I’m gay and have NEVER found him in the least attractive. I didn’t care that hius comeback failed miserably – he was just too old, too out of shape and tried to coast back in by a total lack of hubris and not enough training.

    It is NOT unusual for a man in the public eye – by choice – to reach the age of 30 and NEVER to have been known to EVER actually have a girlfriend, even at school, to have such rumours.

    But, far from ignoring them, he fans them by being front and centre at Milan fashion shows and acting OTT whenever an innocent question is asked.

    And he is CLEARLY always uncomfortable with the out-gay athletes and commentators.

    Stop talking about it, Thorpe and STFU.

    1. Clayton Brown 2 Nov 2012, 10:15am

      Well said! Who is banging on about it apart from him? It’s not like the first thing he’s asked when he’s interviewed is “are you gay?” There will always be rumours and gossip in today’s world of Internet media, Facebook and Twitter but you are only adding fuel to the fire if you rise to it.

  13. Here’s the interview on YouTube

    Don’t think he can be trusted after what he once claimed about himself and Amanda Beard.

    1. Furthermore it seems that either he or his supporters have been assiduously combing through these comments and repeatedly marking down those critical of his integrity.

    2. Thanks for that link.

      Having watched that video I think there’s no question that this guy, a loner, is gay but simply can’t accept it. And that’s probably been the reason for his so-called depression. I also think the story of a depression is being used as a mask.

      He could be so happy if he just gave in to his gay self. I’ve lived in Australia and this man is simply so obviously gay.

  14. ...Paddyswurds 2 Nov 2012, 11:36am

    Oh ffs, come on here. Who gives a flying phuc if this twerp is gay. i mean really? He isn’t in the slightest bit attractive and as for the pseudo beard well…… You people really need to grow up and stop slavering over this Aussie non entity, and even if he was possibly Gay, do you really care; don’t you have more important things to use up your time on instead of wasting it on some random “Ian who? Like really?

  15. Why should we care?

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 2 Nov 2012, 10:21pm

      Well wouldn’t you like to see him getting ploughed by Tom Daley whilst Louis Smith waits his turn?

  16. Chris-Australia 5 Nov 2012, 12:06pm

    I am not ‘gay’ and I have had deoression and I have had another bloody boring book about myself published. Sisters this guy wants all ot us to procure his book and then see through written word that the author is not ‘gay’ nor has ‘same sex attraction’.
    Really the only person worried about this is Ian,
    I honestly don’t know why he is worried.If HE HAS ANY SHOW TUNES ON HIS ipOD THEN THE DELIMMA IS SOLVED

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