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US: $16 million Minnesotan marriage amendment campaigns are the largest ever

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Reader comments

  1. Olivia Rya Kaged 31 Oct 2012, 12:54am

    Its a shame that for equal civil rights people have to go to the extent to raise money and make adverts in hopes people will have a change in heart but also have to compete with other people making television adverts for the exact opposite. The world we live in is a sad one; thats the only problem I see with democracy is that it isn’t always fair. Their shouldn’t be on question on the matter but rather everyone should be allowed the same rights. I hope that democracy doesn’t let people down and proves itself to be fair still and that people vote in favour of allowing people to marry who they want regardless of gender. Minnesota please be kind to all your citizens and make the right choice; redefine marriage for the better.

  2. It is sad that they have to do this for a civil rights matter. Even more so when you think that money raised could have been much better spent than lining the pockets of advertising executives!

    Good luck to the equal marriage groups going to the polls in a weeks time.

  3. Christopher in Canada 31 Oct 2012, 3:46pm

    The whole thing reeks of xenophobia – RIGHT ACROSS THE NORTHERN BORDER, gay Canadians are getting married. Talk about short-sighted on the Americans’ part!!

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