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David Cameron: Same-sex marriage is ‘popular’ with voters

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  1. ...Paddyswurds 31 Oct 2012, 12:27pm

    Enough with the platitudes already. Lets have the motion on the table this side of the holidays otherwise STFU, Dave…. We are sick of the foot dragging and pussy footing about!
    DO IT NOW!!!

    1. Yeah, Dave, ignore that unemployment is sky high, the country is up s***t creek and the UK is going to hell, use gay marriage to blind us to the fact we have food banks, the rich get richer and the poor poorer, because of your vicious politics and concentrate on same-sex marriage instead it is SUCH an important issue. Heck, the world will fall apart if we don’t bring in gay marriage.

      1. F*** you bigot.

        The state of the economy has NOTHING to do with our equal civil rights

        1. And F*** you, too. Equal civil rights; you brainwashed fool. Fighting for the right to get married is pathetic. Not just for gay people but heterosexuals, too. Who in their right mind thinks that their life will be improved by marriage. You need to grow the f*** up. It’s an outdated institution that should be abolished for all. Treat people as adults in their own right. Equal civil rights. I am not a bigot; but better a bigot than a fool.

          1. Dave North 31 Oct 2012, 5:20pm

            “better a bigot than a fool.”

            And you seem to be both.

          2. Don’t quite know what part of ‘abolish marriage for all’, you’re not getting, Dave North. As in: get rid of it full stop. Unless, of course, advocating that nobody -gay or straight- should be allowed to get married somehow makes me a bigot. Just give all couples -gay or straight-who adopt/raise children incentives to do so and treat everybody else as single.
            F*** knows how this suggestion makes me a bigot but there you go. Guess such insults are Pavlovian responses or something.

          3. You feeble minded moron Q.

            Marriage is a civil right denied to same sex couples,

            Your opinions on the relevance of the institution of marriage are meaningless, as it does not address the issue – namely that same sex couples are denied access to a legal contract because they are gay.

      2. There is more than 1 person in the government.
        It stands to reason that the government can therefore do more than one thing at a time.
        Or are your expectations that low?

      3. No, the world will not fall apart and there are many things the government needs to address. But equal marriage will have no harmful effects on anyone (besides maybe offfending a few sensibilities) and will make a lot of people very happy. So what’s the problem? the only reason it’s taking so much time is because people like you want to make a big issue of it. If you think other things are so much more important, put your money where you mouth is and stop commenting and campaigning against it.

      4. That There Other David 31 Oct 2012, 1:11pm

        It’s not “gay marriage” sjr, it’s equal marriage. Maintaining two legal definitions, two licensing structures, and two types of bureaucracy for something that can be taken care of by one is wasteful. Maybe you like the idea of government waste at a time when unemployment is sky high, we have food banks, the rich get richer and the poor poorer etc., but this is such a quick win for all the right reasons that only a blind dogmatist cannot see that it should be done, and done quickly.

        And that’s not even taking into account that until there is equality our legal system discriminates against a sizeable minority of the UK population.

        BTW, I disagree that things are as bad in the UK as you paint. Things could be better, but take a look at the likes of Greece or Portugal and you’ll see just how well we’re coping in comparison.

        1. No it won’t be a quick process at all. Gay marriage is an irrelvancy and, frankly, anybody who thinks that marriage will make them ‘happy’ is deluded-be they gay or heterosexual.

          1. SJR – The things that contribute to an individual’s overall happiness is subjective – so your point is moot.

          2. I think marriage equality will make us all that much more equal, I’m already happy thank you.

          3. That There Other David 31 Oct 2012, 8:54pm

            Thankfully we’re not all as miserable as you appear to be.

          4. SJR – marriage is a civil contract that is denied to same sex couples solely because they are gay.

            Your personal opinion on marriage is irrelevant and does not alter the fact that Britain discriminates against gay people

      5. All you’re doing, dAVID, is putting yourself in a position where the govt can treat you as shoddily as it does straight people i.e. where it treats straights as married when it comes to benefits and single when it comes to tax. You’re so f***ing stupid you don’t know when you’re being had. Cameron wants you all to couple up so he can screw you all for money.

    2. …It’s called democracy
      As much as it’s a human right, there’s enough homophobes to slow this down, although they can’t prevent it

      I’d also go as far as to say this makes up for the Conservatives previous actions such as Section 28 too. They’ve grown up, they’ve matured, and they’ve listened to voters. Looks like it’s just the BNP in the dark ages now over here.

  2. It’s great that the PM is talking like this. The only thing I disagree with is that it should be put to a vote in the commons. Civil rights are not for the (tyranny of the) majority to decide.

    1. Where is the legislative timetable Cameron?

    2. This requires a change in the law; the only way to achieve this is through a vote in the commons (and the lords). Perhaps you meant to disagree with the idea that it should be a free vote (rather than a whipped vote). If so, I’m with you.

    3. gino meriano 31 Oct 2012, 2:54pm


    4. de Villiers 31 Oct 2012, 9:36pm

      All laws have to be passed by a vote in the Commons. Otherwise there would be rule by decree.

      1. Perhaps – but the fact that the ToryScum Party regard equal civil rights as a ‘conscience issue’ is a sign of how disgusting the Conservatives remain on LGBT equality.

  3. Dangermouse 31 Oct 2012, 12:38pm

    Well bless me, but I’d never in a million years thought i’d be saying now much I admire a conservative prime minister.
    The prime minister deserves respect for his solid stand on marraige equality. Of course he cant just have a vote and get it on the statue book in a week as some fools think he should. Any legislation takes around a year to eighteen months to pass in parliament and then takes time to get the royal accent. So if you think this , which is such a major reform will be quick, your living in a dream.

    1. We are missing a legislative timetable for equal civil rights.

      Why are we still waiting?

      1. That There Other David 31 Oct 2012, 1:13pm

        Indeed. Until we hear it in the Queen’s Speech it’s all just empty words.

    2. Royal accent? will it be speaking very posh like the Queen then?(lol)
      I guess you meant Royal Assent.

    3. ...Paddyswurds 31 Oct 2012, 9:58pm

      …. we don’t need a lesson on Parliamentary procedure and no one on these pages has ever said it could be passed in a week or even a month. Even when it is passed it will have to have Royal Assent which will take even more time, however the longer he pussyfoots and faffs about tabling the motion, the longer it will take to get it passed.
      If he were to introduce it now the religious crazies will have had time to get used to the idea and hopefully will by then be focusing their bigotry on some other poor schmuks rights…..

  4. Thats the problem with the tories, if you told them animal sacrifices and naked drumming was popular with the voters they are that desperate to hang onto power they would be all for it! Mr Cameron needs to force this through with a government whip- actions not words count!

    1. and what is wrong with naked drumming? ;-)

      1. nothing as such, but when its Boris and Widdicombe it wouldnt be pretty….

    2. I disagree, martyn. Their endorsement of equal marriage has influenced the favourable polls. I’m not going to vote for them but credit where credit’s due.

      1. So we should vote for the people who vote gay and ignore the rest of society that will be fu%%ked over by the tories….?? sory but i still have a social conscience….

  5. Enough of your endless bullsh!t CaMoron.

    We demand a specific legislative timetable and a promise to whip the vote on equal civil rights.

    Within 2 weeks

    1. You have one. He said by 2015.

      1. Why has nothing been done in the last 2.5 years to advance equal marriage?

        (and don’t try to pretend that the consultation is anything other than an offensive time-wasting exercise. )

        1. The consultation is there to make the further socially right party members feel that their view is being taken into consideration and just ignored and marginalized.

          1. But they deserve to be ignored and marginalised.

            These hateful Tory bigots think that a law abiding, taxpaying minority be denied equal civil rights.

            NEVER before has a law-abiding, tax-paying minority’s equal civil rights been subject to a public consultation.

            The consultation remains grossly offensive and homophobic – typical of the ToryScum party I suppose.

          2. Any why has nothing been done in the last 2.5 years to introduce marriage equality.

            There is no acceptable reason for this delay.

            it reeks of typical Tory bigotry.

    2. “Enough of your endless bull!t”

      What I think every time I see you post.

      1. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed you before?

        Are you an LGBTory?

        1. I’m a pragmatist. I don’t really care for your partisanship.

  6. Paul Halsall 31 Oct 2012, 12:44pm

    I detest the Tory Party, and many Tory politicians (I always though Ken Clarke was a decent guy though). And I sincerely hope they are out at the next election.

    But, good for Cameron sticking to his guns on this issue.

    1. He is NOT sticking to his guns.

      2.5 years after the election he is still just waffling.

      Why are we still waiting for equality?

      1. But this wasn’t an election pledge so we cannot use the election as ‘ground zero’ for the policy, I’m afraid. Even if it was in his manifesto, it would cover proposals for the five year term, so it wouldn’t be justified to complain over its lack of introduction midway-through one.

        1. Within weeks of being elected Cameron pledged to introduce equal civil rights by the time of the next election.

          Since then NOTHING has happened (apart from a homophobic consultation with bigots on our rights).

          He is running out of time.

          If we do not have equal civil rights by the next election then it is proof positive that the Tories remain the bigotted, dishonest scum they always have been.

        2. @Aaron

          Wrong – it WAS an election pledge, at least to consider equal marriage.

          Page 14 states “We will also consider the case for changing the law to allow civil partnerships to be called and classified as marriage.”

          1. That’s a pledge that they have undeniably fulfilled.

          2. But they’ve done nothing to make it happen.

            Typical spin from Cameron – say nice things and do nothing.

  7. David Cameron is a hero.

    It would be one thing for a PM to strongly support equal marriage in a party where only a very small number of MPs and voters would object to it.

    But to do so in a party where there is a significant and vocal cadre of right-wing religious opposition, is a very brave and principled thing to do.

    And as the PM says, the stance is entirely consistent with Conservative values. This includes, in my view, championing individual freedom in the face of those whose prejudices would undermine that freedom.

    Many LGBT people seem to me to be natural conservatives, and I hope the Conservative Party will enjoy many more pink and pink-friendly votes come the next election.

    And well done to the PM for setting an example to conservative leaders across the globe.

    1. A hero?

      But he’s done nothing except waffle on about equality.

      Why is there not legislation before parliament already.

      It’s been 2.5 years already.

      1. Yawwwwwwwn.
        When it does come you’ll find some other reason to nitpick.

        1. Nitpick?

          You think condemning the completely inexcusable delay in introducing equal civil rights is ‘nitpicking’.

          Are you a Tory?

          1. Yes I do frankly. I think if it was Ed Milliband doing this you’d be defending him tooth and nail.

          2. Wrong.

            i would be condemning the unacceptable delay.

            David Cameron needs to shut his public school educated mouth and introduce marriage equality legislation immediately.

            There is no justifiable reason for any more delays (although I think we all know that thanks to typical Tory bigotry Cameronn has zero intention of honouring his equality pledge to the LGBT community).

  8. Now Mr Cameron, please tell your idiotic back benchers like Nadine Dorries, Peter Bone and Edward Leigh to STFU

    1. That There Other David 31 Oct 2012, 1:15pm

      I disagree. They talk such nonsense that every time they open their mouths more people start backing the idea of equal marriage. Let them spout away and make fools of themselves.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Oct 2012, 1:20pm

      I agree, someone needs to do it. Dorries’ adultery is the perfect vehicle to nail her on her hypocrisy and the harm that she claims equal marriage will do to marriage in general. She’s part of the problem why hetero marriage is in such trouble with the soaring divorce rate and it needs to be pointed out, over and over until she and her ilk actually do STFU. The stupidity of this woman is breath-taking.

  9. In fairness to him this wasn’t an election pledge, I don’t think. But he has to introduce it this parliament if he’s to avoid being accused of a cheap publicity trick to appease the younger and gay voters. As for post a few replies above – when has any issue ever been ‘bigger’ than the economy? Yet we accept the government has to do more than just one thing, don’t we? I don’t understand why unless the economy grows the government cannot do anything else.

    1. That There Other David 31 Oct 2012, 1:20pm

      I believe it was for the Lib Dems.

      People keep forgetting that we don’t have a Tory government, just a Tory-led coalition. Some of the policy changes that get proposed don’t come from the Blue-coloured manifesto.

      However, in this case Cameron’s support is welcome. I just wish he’d turn his words into action.

    2. It was not a PRE-election pledge.

      It was a pledge made a matter of weeks AFTER the election.

      And in the last 2.5 years there has been zero progress (apart from the homophobic, time-wasting ‘consultation’).

      Typical Tory bigot – all talk, no action.

      1. @ dAVID

        Wrong – it WAS a pre-election pledge, at least to consider equal marriage.

        Page 14 states “We will also consider the case for changing the law to allow civil partnerships to be called and classified as marriage.”

        1. Which makes David Cameron even more contemptible that he is still just waffling on about equality and doing nothing.

    3. Aaron

      It was a Conservative pledge made before the election:

      No matter how many times this is repeated, people opposed to equal marriage, and people opposed to the Tories, keep on insisting it was a Lib Dem policy.

      I am just going off to bang my head on the wall a few times.

  10. Go Dave! It’s the only thing your government seems to be doing right these days. But your commitment to this is very pleasing. Now, when can I marry my partner?

    1. What is Cameron doing though?

      Waffling on endlessly! (Nothing new there.)

      Yet for some inexplicable reason there is no specific legislative timetable for equality.

      (Actually it’s very explicable – Cameron is too cowardly to stand up to the neo-fascists in his party – Nadine Dorries and Edward Leigh and their like.)

      1. dAVID, you are going to give yourself a heart attack!

        The Queens Speech is only a matter of weeks away. I am hopeful that this will be in the next round policies to be introduced for the forthcoming parliamentary year.

        If nothing is in it, then continue to scream and shout on here as you always do

        1. You are hopeful?

          After 2.5 years of nothing happening I would think that we would have moved beyond hoping that Cameron will stick to his pre-election pledges.

          1. Yes, because I am an optimist.

            All parties make pre-election pledges, many of which do not make it onto the statute books. If this doesn’t make it then yes, it will be a failure and we will be able to judge him on it. Until then, we have to wait for it to be included on the parliament timetable.

            I want this to happen just as much as you so that I can change my CP status to a full marriage, which I hope I will be able to do under ‘Grandfather Rights’ but at the same time there are for more pressing matters that the Government have to deal with. I am sure even you can see that?

            We have to remember how slow our parliament works here, more’s the pity. This and any future Government will need to grow some balls and say ‘this is what we are doing’ and get on with rather than wasting time with consultations etc.

      2. dAVID

        You are constructing an invincible private world surrounded by 12-inch thick smoked glass that is impervious to anything trying to penetrate it from the outside world.

        This is really not something to get so upset about. No-one is going to die because equal marriage happens next year or the year after rather than right now. On the other hand, gay people ARE being killed in so-called Moslem countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia. That’s where our anger should be directed.

        And David Cameron IS standing up to those opposed to equal marriage. That is what his letter is about. He feels stongly about things, too. But if he wrote letters to his collegues similar in tone to your posts on PN, I don’t think he would remain PM for long!

        ps Again, I wish you would not refer to people as “neo-fascists” so casually. I realise I am wasting my time on this, but …

        1. I hardly think asking, why 2.5 years into the government, that Cameron and the Tories have failed to do anything on their equal civil rights pledges, is being impervious.

          “On the other hand, gay people ARE being killed in so-called Moslem countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia. That’s where our anger should be directed. ”

          This is just a variation on the ‘The economy is bad, so let’s not worry about equal civil rights for the moment’ lie. It is an entirely irrelevant comparison. It is perfectly possible to legislate for equal civil rights while still being concerned about Saudi.

          Anyone who is opposed to equal civil rights for a law abiding, tax-paying minority group IS a neo-fascist.

          Edward Leigh and Nadine Dorries and their ilk belong in the BNP.

        2. Oh dAVID, you are such a harsh man.

          Woe betide anyone who gets on the wrong side of you in the non-cyber world!

          1. Why is it being harsh to ask Cameron to shut his posh, lying mouth and get moving on the speciific pledges he made to introduce equal civil rights for LGBT people.

            Why is it harsh to view the fact that NOTHING has happened on equal civil rights in the last 2.5 years.

            Aren’t simply making excuses for Tory bigotry?

  11. I don’t like Cameron, but that was a really good response…

  12. Katie Kool-eyes 31 Oct 2012, 2:05pm

    As much as I commend Cameron for sticking to his guns on this issue (never thought I’d ever say that!) It is time he got this time table finallised.

    If they can throw the NHS on its head in a matter of weeks, I fail to see why he is keeping marrage equality stuck in the long grass.

    I just hope with all these promises, he isn’t simply giving himself more rope.

    1. “If they can throw the NHS on its head in a matter of weeks, I fail to see why he is keeping marrage equality stuck in the long grass.”

      The most obvious response is that they have zero intention of legislating for equality.

      I mean, it’s been 2.5 years already.

  13. “The state should not stop people getting married unless there are very good reasons – and I sincerely believe that being gay, lesbian or bisexual is not one of them”.

    Agreed. Now get on with equal marriage asap, please. The longer you delay, the more cr@p the bigots come out with and the more of a ditherer you look.

  14. Thank you David, you and your girlfriend Samantha will make a great married couple when the law of Pavlos eventually deigns to recognise your opposite sex marriage as equal and valid, which of course only the introduction of marriage equality can achieve

  15. If conservative supporters are considering withdrawing their support for their party then who are they going to support. The other two main political parties also support same sex marriage.

    1. The BNP is the obvious answer.

      Oppostion to equal civil rights for law-abiding, tax-paying citizens is neo-fascism.

      The BNP is the neo-fascist party in Britain.

      1. No – the BNP is – economically at least – the direct opposite of what most Tories stand for. There really isn’t much overlap in the support base of the two.

        UKIP, the party of fruitcakes, on the other hand, is much more of a natural home for disillusioned Tories. There, the irony is that UKIP has strong libertarian ideals, but opposes equal marriage anyway.

        1. The Tory bigot MP’s are almost in complete unison with the BNP’s social policy.

  16. Carl Rowlands 31 Oct 2012, 3:49pm

    Very different from Mrs Thatcher’s point of view which I remember all too well!

    1. However all it is, is a point of view.

      Cameron is in a position to legislate for equal civil rights, but he is point blank refusing to do so (despite a specific pledge he made to do so,).

      It is completely unacceptable and indicates that the Tory Party is the same bigot scum it always has been.

      Will there be equal marriage legislation within the next 2 weeks?

      If not then why not?

      1. Because the election’s in 2015 and they want it fresh in people’s memories for the next election campaign in case the economy hasn’t had an upturn by then. You’ve been this literally hundreds of times.

        1. Surely you cannot believe that.

          Thanks to the bigot base of Tory support it would have been far more sensible to have introduced equality early in their term, as equality would have been well settled by 2015 and would not be a divisive issue come election time.

          The fact that nothing is being done is a strong indicator that Cameron has zero intention of introducing equality.

          Then again just look at Cameron’s own homophobic voting record.

          That speaks more loudly than the endless drivel he spouts about supporting equality while doing nothing to introduce it.

  17. I wonder if David Cameron would have been as steadfast in his comments and response without the consultation process.

    Having had luxury of time to evaluate the pro’s and con’s, he has also had the the opportunity to decide if he would be committing political suicide.

    Now he has seen that the country has it’s supporters, and on the other hand detractors speaking out against equal rights how could his conscience not allow him to proceed with the benefit of support. He needs to channel that support by setting a date for a vote immediately putting an end to the 2014 wait which just is generating vile dialogue and perpetuates more hate cirmes.

    1. The trouble is that the Tory Party is the party most favoured by disgusting homophobic bigots.

      Of the 33% of Britons who oppose equality I reckon the vast majority are Tory voters.

      He won’t actually do anything concrete if it means risking the support of the Daily Mail readers,

  18. It’s gonna happen one way or another within the next few years. If they don’t put it through Labour will. HOWEVER it is good that they have decided to go with the “flow”, they could, for example, quite easily resist it for as long as possible.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Oct 2012, 7:47pm

      I hope you’re right Paul. WIthout sufficient Tory votes it can’t.

      1. Labour and Lib Dem MP’s will ensure its passage.

        IF marriage equality happens it will be in spite of, and not because of the Law and Justice Tory Party.

        (Are Tory MEP’s still in alliance with those extremist homophobes of the Polish Law and Justice Party by the way?)

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Oct 2012, 7:50pm

      Mithos, even under a Labour government together with Liberal Democrats, there would still need to be Tory votes to make it happen. We don’t have the luxury of the French system in which President Hollande has more than enough in his government to pass without having to rely on a few conservatives.

      1. And what does it say about the 2012 Tory Party that legislation will be enacted in spite of, and not because of the leading government party.

        It means the Tories have not evolved in any meaningful way from the disgusting bigots they were 6 years ago.

  19. A very thoughtful and clear out down to internal opposition. Well done to David Cameron for sticking to this.

    I wish for an early tabling of the Bill and easy passage. Not sure I’ll get both. Bigot alert for the duration I’m afraid …… But it WILL pass.

  20. Pavlos Prince of Greece 31 Oct 2012, 8:47pm

    How happy you all in this Kingdom are, you maybe don`t know this… In Germany last week the Conservative-Liberal government was very united by voting against taxes-equality for same-sex civil partnerships, though Liberal party is formally even in favor of same-sex marriage, and regardless of decision of Constitutional Court in favor of this in the past and, very probably, in the next year too. But even this judicial opinion Mrs. Merkel and her bigot Christian Democrat party with close ties in the Vatican will ignore so long, as she can.

  21. 1 Nov 2012, 2:52am

    I think David Cameron has been a great prime minister in respect to the equal marriage bill. I truly believe we will have equal marriage within the UK soon.

    From what he has said here, I believe it will be earlier than 2015:

    1. When?

      Labour and the Lib Dems support equality and will whip their vote?

      A sufficient minority of Tory MP’s support equality.

      There is no valid reason why a marriage equality bill could not be introduced before parliament within the next 2 weeks?

  22. WHY then hasn’t he recorded an Out4Marriage video- when ALL the other main party leaders have?

    WHY won’t he whip his party’s vote – when ALL the other main party leaders have?

    I just feel that he’s still trying to bring his MP,s round to equal marriage- but not quite succeeding and that he could dump this “policy” at any time.

    1. John

      The PM needs to go about this sensitively if he is going to achieve his end and keep those Conservative MPs who are only moderately supportive, or vacillating, on board. Being perceived as going about this in too robust a fashion, and trying to force MPs who have faith conflicts with the proposals to vote in favour of it, is going to cause alienation and opposition that will lower the chances of the bill’s success. After all, what is more important: the PM being heavy-handed about the bill and the issue, and consequently failing to get it passed; or going about the legislation diplomatically, and getting a positive outcome?

      It’s a bit like telling a soldier who has to cross a minefield that he or she should just march across brazenly in a straight line, because the enemy had no right to lay the mines in the first place, when the only way of getting across successfully is to tread carefully and take a considered circuitous route.

    2. Why on EARTH would Cameron record an Out4Marriage video when he is actually in a position to introduce it?

      But he has done nothing to date to introduce it.

      An Out4Marriage video would be an incredibly offensive, meaningless piece of PR rubbish.

      there is no further debate to be had on this issue.

      When will we get our erqual civil rights?

      1. The fact that Cameron believes that the equal civil rights of a law-abiding, tax-paying minority group is a matter of ‘conscience’ is grotesquely homophobic.

        Then again you only have to look at Cameron’s personal voting record on LGBT issues to see that he himself has a shameful history of homophobic bigotry.

  23. Cheryl who? Was this the loser kicked out of the cabinet? Good riddance to her if the only thing she can do is moan about marriage planes.

    1. Marriage planes?
      Are they like the hijacked terrorist planes that were crashed into the Twin Towers?
      Incoming marriage planes headed for Westminster, quick…duck and cover!

  24. Well done Dave!

    Now let’s get a move on and get this done. I really don’t understand the hold-up – the only thing that’s happening until it is is that a small minority of people are spreading very offensive language around. Enough with that. Let’s have equal marriage and the issue is put to rest.
    Go on. It’s time.

    1. Cameron clearly more concerned with keeping the bigot base of the Tory Party on side, than granting our equal civil rights.

      There is no valid reason why after 2.5 years we are STILL waiting for something to happen.

  25. Let us see full gay rights made into law sooner rather than later….a lot of talk and not a lot of action…..but thank you anyway, David.

  26. ...Paddyswurds 4 Nov 2012, 1:56pm

    Is there a Tory troll trolling this thread and marking down comments criticising the Governments tardiness of Marriage Equality. It would seem so cause my comments all now show thumbs down when last time i looked they were in double figures thumbs up.. same with other peoples comments…Is the Hewitt or Ford troll up to their tricks again with the computer banks at Tory Central Office?

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