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US: Priest of forty years speaks out in favour of equal marriage in Maryland

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Reader comments

  1. FHS, Pastor is a protestant title. the man is a priest

  2. Wow! Good for him! Shows there are some intelligent Catholics out there after all – was beginning to doubt it.

  3. He seems to acknowledge that the civil law under which we all have to live doesn’t have to reflect the beliefs of his Church.
    Quite a momentous affirmation in itself.

  4. Is this meant to be a feelgood story?

    well it isn’t?

    why is this idiot priest still a member of the poisonous catholic cult if he believes in equality.

    he should be encouraging his parishioners to stop funding the cult and if they insist on believing in their imaginary ‘god’ then at least find a more decent cult.

    Religion is disgusting.

    1. Paul from Brighton 30 Oct 2012, 11:23am

      Oh please.

      This man has bigger balls and more courage than you’ll ever likely to have and certainly more humility and compassion.

      If the world had more Father Lawrences, it would be a more peaceful, content and just society.

    2. A contemptuous attitude to those who support something you support just because they have a different world-view in other respects does you no credit and is counter-productive. And when endorsing your stance in public is risky for them you just look downright nasty by showing no appreciation of it.

  5. The church needs more priests like him. And by the sounds of it, his parishoners are are decent people too.

  6. de Villiers 30 Oct 2012, 12:02pm

    I have read a number of criticisms of religion and the Church where contributors have asked why ordinary Catholics do not stand against the line taken by the Vatican.

    This is one of a number of stories where Catholic priests, teachers, gay Christian groups, have spoken out for gay legal equality.

    Some may dream of a world without religion. That, to me, is as unrealistic as those students at college who dye their hair red and call for the communist revolution and the smashing of the state.

    A more realistic goal is to try to bring about a change in the nature of religions to make them more accepting so that we can all leave alongside each other in liberty, equality and fraternity.

    Pope Benoit, it is true, is what is called in this country a “roadblock to reform”. But there are many others trying to bring about a more liberal world, and they are to be supported and commended.

  7. Nice to hear something positive from the Catholic camp.

  8. Jim Nashville Tn 30 Oct 2012, 6:49pm

    does the pope know about this … I bet he is pissed .. and I wonder where the good Father will be once they finish with
    but may 10000000s of blessing be bestowed on him
    he truly is a man of GOD

  9. $100 says he will be excommunicated…

  10. stan James 31 Oct 2012, 6:06am

    Hes not he only one> I live in MD and a neighbor told me that their catholic priest told them they should vote for Marriage equality as for certain Jesus would also.

    We arent too far from splitting the church wide open. hundreds of priests in Ireland and 800 in Austria are rebelling against the madman of Rome. An Arch bishop whose name is something like schoenburg has the 800 helping him.

  11. Many Catholic priests support Equal Marriage as do I.

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