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London: Killer of gay man has sentence reduced

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Reader comments

  1. I think 28 years before considering for parole is a bit optimistic (if hes in a prison environment) there is something seriously wrong with this guy in the head and should be in a mental health unit. Things like this do not just get better over time without medical attention if anything they will be worse.

  2. Garry Cassell 30 Oct 2012, 5:54pm

    Seems like the judge should serve that sentence…

    1. What a dumb comment. Mouth in gear, brain in neutral

      The Judge is applying the law. He does not make it – there are guidlines which are imposed by parliament, which have to be adhered to. The Judge has zero or very limited discretion.

      There really is no need to comment if you have nothing intelligent to say.

    2. inane remark – dumb off the scale!

  3. The judges make it sound like murdering people is just part of this Mohamed’s hobby. Sickening.

  4. Dangermouse 30 Oct 2012, 6:24pm

    it costs us the tax payer £2500 a week to keep such a nasty little turd in prision. If we cant hang him, why not dump all of these sort of “people” on an island in the middle of the Atlantic.

    1. Jesus Mohammed 30 Oct 2012, 8:02pm

      I agree it would be good to just get rid of these excrescences. And that’s what Britain used to do, Dangermouse. Britain got rid of thousands of prisoners by flushing them down to Australia. Read Robert Hughes’ “The Fatal Shore”. It tells how Britain two hundred years ago was as awash with prisoners and criminals and psychos just as it clearly is today.

      1. Please, please, DO NOT send them to Australia! We have too many of these scumbags already roaming the streets, and sometimes masquerading as friendly neighbours !

    2. GingerlyColors 30 Oct 2012, 9:04pm

      There is absolutely no way I endorse the British National Party but one of their policies is to send the worst criminals to the island of South Georgia, just above the Antarctic Circle. Of course the homophobic BNP would probably not send killers of gay people there as they will play the ‘gay panic defence’ card and may even award such bigots a medal!

  5. Kathryn Howie 30 Oct 2012, 6:34pm

    Anyone who kills a second time after serving a sentence for killing someone and being released should serve a full life or indeterminate term – whatever the current phrase is. They should NEVER again be released from jail except in a box.
    I accept that in practice this is what is likely, but it should not be in doubt.
    The appealate Judge needs to go for a long holiday, so he can consider his position.

    1. I agree. The first prison term neither acted as a deterrent or rehabilitated him.

      Personally I think he has waived the right to live with decent people.

    2. Kathryn I agree with you, as much as I hate thinking about intentionally hurting or puting them to death we have individuals that are vile and will never be safe to have in public, couple that with the $40,000 dollars it costs to house a prisoner per year and that’s why we have the death penalty in Texas. This person that has killed multiple times has given up the right to live.

  6. GingerlyColors 30 Oct 2012, 9:00pm

    For goodness sake that man has murdered a defenceless pensioner so how can a minumum tariff of 33 years be ‘excessive’? Yet again it show how much the justice system is weighted in favour of the criminal.

  7. Life should be life, he’s killed twice for fupps sake!

  8. This country is too soft on murderers. Life, should mean life, like in the US. These people should never be allowed to be part of society ever again.

    And for those who bleat on about their human rights, what about the rights of their victims and families. Anyone who commits a crime should forfeit their human rights.

    1. I agree but rarely a life sentence means life in prison. It has to be life without the possibility of parole. Life sentences normally mean serving about thirty years but can be more or less. We have a guy here in Texas that has been on death row since 1984, maybe others. Felony jail time here is normally 1/3 to 1/2 of the time given unless it is a federally charged crime which is day for day.

  9. aharon ben yossef 31 Oct 2012, 6:40pm

    Heavens Above !! What is the true reasoning behind these judges and their weird decisions. In my day (as a solicitor in London and later as a minor judge somewhere else), we had the guts to tell Parliament not to interfere either way in our professional discretion. Guide lines are the work of the Devil and make a mockery of the Judge’s application of his discretion and their duties impossible to carry out with any flair, – for which UK judges were once world-famous.

  10. 33 years classed as excessive?!? This man, a double murderer should be jailed indefinitely. First he killed his “friend” then a 67 year old man! Whichever idiot that deemed him fit for society after the first 8 years should be fired, and this man should serve the rest of his life in prison. Another thing that goes to show that the UK’s justice system is ineffective.

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