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French political leader calls for same-sex marriage protests

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Reader comments

  1. This would concern me if the French didn’t protest about everything.

    …Then again some parts of France are very right-wing conservative so it may be something to worry about… we shall see.

    1. de Villiers 30 Oct 2012, 1:59pm

      All of France is conservative. In the history of the entire Fifth Republic, and also the Fourth, there have been only two socialist Presidents – Mitterrand and Hollande.

      1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 30 Oct 2012, 10:38pm

        All French political elite is conservative, and reforms, both social and economical, are beloved by nobody. Perhaps public support for gay rights, newest polls are less favorable for same-sex adoption, as it was before elections in May/June. And its not a very big surprise: because earlier the issue of same-sex marriage was more sociological/hypothetical – now it became very political, a nice object in the banal political game. As the popularity of Socialists fails, so fails the ‘value’ of all Socialist projects, including Prop. 31 ‘mariage pour tous’, ‘marriage for all’. Its nothing new – so was once happen for at this time very unpopular Jacques Chirack too, when France has reject the European Constitution in referendum 2005. Strategy of foes of gay marriage: in situation like this more discussions means more controversy, homophobic remarks help to keep public interest, when every day counts and every new delaying makes final decision just more difficult. France, depeche toi!

        1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 31 Oct 2012, 4:44pm

          I was so naive and has certain hopes, that Mr. Cope, as a Jew and atheist, will be even more friendly for same-sex marriage as bigot Catholic Mr. Fillon, former Prime Minister and the main rival in the elections of new head of UMP. I know – its just political games (Cope wish consolidate right wing of this Conservative party), but its very sad indeed.

  2. I think that a compromise is needed on the official records part. Keep mother and father but also have parent 1 and 2 as a delete as appropriate.

    The Government in France need to stand firm on their pledge for marriage and adoption equality.

    1. Yes, something like that wouldn’t be too hard to do, would it? I don’t see why that idea is seen as so bad.

      ….But a thought just occurred to me as I was writing that last sentence: would people sometimes have to show their birth certificate for jobs, etc etc and is the fear that having ‘Parent 1, Parent 2’ would indentify them as the child of same sex parents and thus they could be discriminated against, in theory, as they’d be marked out as ‘different’?

      1. No – you would have to show your passport or driver’s license as official ID.

        A birth cert is hardly ever required as official identification.

        1. When is sight of it required?

    2. Cardinal Capone 30 Oct 2012, 12:15pm

      Some one commenting on the Independent site suggested keeping mother and father, but use in relevant cases, father 1 and father 2, or mother 1 and mother 2. Seems sensible, and no changes needed, except father/mother by each box.

      1. Yes, just have father/mother twice and delete as appropriate. Nobody wants to be “parent 2” or even “father 2”!

    3. billywingart 31 Oct 2012, 5:59am

      How about two blanks = the couple can fill in as they please – male,male and male, female etc etc, husband wife etc.

      Let the old boogers have their cake while gay people get married. Sure the catholic cult will bitch but it will make them look like the garbage they are in the eyes of so many.

  3. Again, equality’s a “threat” but how exactly is never explained, is it? It’s just appealing to some vague bogeyman idea to scare the general public.

    I despise the way our opponents NEVER give a genuine reason against equal marriage.

  4. You can see how these “consultations”-now prolonged in France due to the dithering of the Prime Minister- only give opponents of gay equality opportunities to fan the flames of homophobia.

    Its the same in the UK- the longer the “consultation” goes on-the more bigots crawl out of the woodwork.

    They are just political opportunists, columnists, has-been entertainers etc etc-seizing on the “consultation” in order to make a name for themselves.

    Equal marriage rights should be just that- fundamental rights available to everyone in society. “Consultations” are just a sham in my mind- where governments just haven’t got the guts to go ahead and do it.

    How much longer do we have to wait in the UK? How many more opportunities for homophobia-the longer it goes on the worse it will get!

    1. the consultation in the UK is over and was never extended.

      The government is currently formulating a response and working out how best to go about it. Its not as easy to change the law as people would like it to be especially all those niggly things – for example do they just change the pass an Act of Parliament to change statutory interpretation (but how does that impact the case law?), do they add those rights to marriage and keep it as civil partnership?, Do they abolish marriage and everyone has civil partnership? Theres loads of possibilities which need to be thought through.

      The way I would personally go about it is to abolish the old laws on the marriage (the wording is old and archaic the civil partnership act is a much easier read saying essentially the same thing – albeit missing sections), add in the provisions which marriage which don’t exist in the CPA and then pass it as the new and modern Marriage Act.

      1. Your suggestion would justify the accusation that marriage is being changed!

        It is essential that basically existing marriage is simply opened to couples regardless of whether they are man or woman.

        1. But its not being changed all thats being changed is the language of the law will be modernised and not spend forever rewriting it from scratch – it serves the purpose it was meant to do and makes it easier for the ordinary person to understand. Its a practical solution but when has ANY government ever done anything the easy way?

  5. Jesus Mohammed 30 Oct 2012, 12:09pm

    Thank goodness that all of us, all over the world, are pushing for Marriage Equality.

    Pushing for Marriage Equality is PROVING that there is still rabid and WIDESPREAD homophobia in even the most LIBERAL nations of the West.

    For years big-city bimbos have been claiming that we are truly accepted in society. At the last election Tory gays on these PinkNews pages were telling us, “Oh, you’re nuts! It’s all changed! Tories love gays now”. In fact one regular poster said (and I quote verbatim) “The Conservative Party is now riddled with gays!”

    The worldwide Marriage Equality campaign is showing us all that there is still one HELL of a long way to go before we begin to achieve REAL acceptance.

    1. de Villiers 30 Oct 2012, 2:01pm

      > In fact one regular poster said (and I quote verbatim) “The Conservative Party is now riddled with gays!”

      In fact, the person who said this was Ken Livingstone during the London Mayoral Election in order to mobilise what he hoped would be an anti-gay, muslim vote.

      1. Jesus Mohammed 30 Oct 2012, 3:44pm

        As I said above, “in fact” the person who said it was a regular poster in these threads.

        Ken also said something similar.

    2. The vehemence of the opposition to us gaining access to equal marriage only demonstrates how important this issue it. I do believe it is the pinnacle. Once achieved there will still be much work to do, but in comparison we will be cleaning up the remnants.

  6. Cardinal Capone 30 Oct 2012, 12:10pm

    There’s an article on this in The Independent online. It looks like the comments section is being astroturfed by the type that supports the CI.

    For example they claim that there is no discrimination against gays.

    If you feel like posting some rational comments there, please do!

  7. That would be the divorced and remarried Jean-François Copé of course. Typical hypocrite.

  8. Here again political bigots

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Oct 2012, 12:45pm

    All of this right wing hysteria has occurred in every one of the eleven countries where equal marriage is now the law. Even Denmark, one of the most liberal countries failed to pass it on it’s first attempt and look what happened, in spite of the hateful rhetoric coming from religious nutters. The reason we’re hearing more of their rants is probably to do with the fact that they know they’re on the losing side. Let them protest all they want. The public will see just how irrational and stupid they are. In this day and age, does the average hetero really believe that equal marriage will cause blood relatives to want to marry one another, one’s pets, a demand for polygamy even? I mean, really, how much of that has happened and who is demanding it? Can the idiots on the right provide the factual evidence to back up their absurd and spurious claims and predictions? Of course they can’t. This too shall pass.

  10. de Villiers 30 Oct 2012, 2:02pm

    Copé is a loud mouth who will destroy the UMP.

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Oct 2012, 2:11pm

    How would M. Copé like it if there were a call to ban divorce so that hetero hyprocrites like him, already once divorced and in his second marriage, could never remarry after committing adultery (the real threat to the sanctity of marriage all perpetrated by like minded heterosexuals). I’d like him to come forward with the evidence to prove his absurd claim(s). I’m sure the governments of The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Canada,South Africa, 6 states in the America and Mexico City would gladly assist. So I suggest he contact each and every one of them but I think he would be terribly disappointed with the lack of evidence. In fact it would make him look more of the fool he really is. What an idiot. To think these people are in public office and supposed to represent everyone, not just their bigoted base.

  12. “Mother or Parent 1″ & “Father or Parent 2.”

    1. or maybe:
      “Mother or Parent A″ & “Father or Parent B.”

      1. I would prefer:

        Mother/Father and Mother/Father

        Circle which applies.

        See how simple that is?

    2. “Mother/Father (delete as appropriate)” in both spaces.

  13. Anybody who is opposed to equal civil rights for a law abiding minority is a neo-fascist pig.

    This Copé pig belongs in the Front Nationale.

  14. How long before Mr. Cope is caught canoodling with a boy toy? History suggests that it’s almost inevitable.

  15. Thank heavens the UMP party were booted out!

  16. Yes, because gay marriage means the ‘end of the world’. Dinosaurs that still walk this planet, feel free to walk off the edge of the earth.

    What’s more likely to happen, is that straight couples will go to a gay friend’s wedding and be so impressed with the day’s events, that they’ll want to retake their vows and have a REAL wedding instead lol.

  17. GingerlyColors 30 Oct 2012, 9:41pm

    No doubt Jean-Francois Copé is hoping to see the Champs-Élysées crammed with anti marriage-equality protesters. More likely there will be enough room under the Arc de Triomph for all those who do turn out. The French do love a good protest but I think they have bigger fish to fry than marriage equality.

  18. Sheer religious, conservative, heterosexual thuggery! Nothing else!

  19. This guy would fit in the republican party here in the US very well.

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