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Comment: Why does Nick Griffin think he can get away with it?

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Reader comments

  1. A good article and I think that it is fair to say that Griffin should not hold any public office. I pity the people that he is supposed to be representing but didn’t vote for him so were lumbered.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Oct 2012, 12:52pm

    Good article, Stephen. I think Griffin and others of his ilk should be barred from politics, totally unsuitable and failing to represent all people without prejudice. Clearly he’s incapable and incompetent, therefore, totally unqualified. His personal opinions should remain private and have no place in the political arena. If he can’t separate those opionions from the law of the land, then clearly he is unfit to serve the public. He must go.

  3. Mumbo Jumbo 30 Oct 2012, 12:57pm

    “…..Nick Griffin’s recent homophobic online outbursts illustrates how the MEP is desperate for publicity…..”

    And, like all closet cases, overcompensating in a desperate attempt to appear straight.

    1. The thought of Nick Griffin being a closet case is not helping the process of digesting my lunch.

  4. incitement to riot is a crime.

    Why has Nick Griffin not been arrested.

    Why is he being treated differently than those teenagers jailed for inciting riots in London last summer.

    ( PS Google ‘Martin Webster Nick Griffin gay’ – the closet is a very dangerous place.)

  5. Great article and, oh wow, what a hunk (no, NOT Nick Griffin).

    Stephen, do feel free to edit me any which way and whenever you like!!

    1. PS: Not Jewish by any chance, are you?

      Just asking (blush!)

      1. What a shallow response to an interesting article.

        Did you even read the article?

        1. Yes I did actually, when I wasn’t sidetracked by the author’s picture.

          Certainly dispels the myth that brains and beauty don’t go together…

    2. Great…now PN is turning into an alternative to Grindr.


      1. Samuel, if Griffin was a hunk, would it make what he says valid? Or if Stephen was an ugly sad sack, would he be less valid?

        Stephen made a very good case, but his hunkiness doesn’t signify.

        1. Ok, got the message, erm, calmed down now…

  6. “Why does Nick Griffin think he can get away with it?”

    I don’t really like this question for one reason: the word ‘think’. Mr Griffin HAS gotten away with it – repeatedly. To ask why he’d think such a thing implies a baselessness which isn’t here. Time and time again he pushes the boundaries and goes relatively unscathed as a result. This has really got to stop.

  7. On the plus side, in the UK Nick Griffin, in the whole is seen as a grubby little toad with a small band of equally knuckle-dragging followers, and has about as much chance of premiership as Jimmy Saville’s reanimated corpse. Let’s be thankful this isn’t the US, where someone with nearly equally archaic and discriminatory views is actually in the running for president.

  8. “NIMBaBS” – brilliant!
    Good piece, Stephen.

  9. Karl Popper was right in 1945 (The Open Society and its Enemies). The tolerant cannot remain tolerant if we embrace the intolerant. Intolerance is the just reward for the intolerant.

  10. Great article – makes all the necessary points about Griffin AND is beautifully written! I know it’s sad to get excited about writing but this was a pleasure to read.

    I don’t know why Griffin thinks he can get away with it. All I can hope is that the general view is that he’s just seeking attention and looking to be a martyr (‘Look how the nasty gays set the police on me!’) so ignoring him will hurt him more.

    Maybe he’s not taken seriously enough for people to care? But, having said that, he should NOT be allowed to get away with being a politician and saying such things. Whether he’s a joke or not he should still have to abide by the same standards as everyone else.

  11. Both the BNP and elements in the church believe that having a pop at gays will somehow be populist and relatively risk free. It’s a sign of desperation.

  12. stephen Gray is a fine looking man….

    1. agreed

  13. difficult to write an article saying that Griffin and his views are not relevant…..but take an 800 woed plus articleto do so!

  14. Some people would like us to believe that Nick Griffin and the BNP could magically change their speeches and be redeemed. What is the difference between Nick Griffin, David Cameron and Adolf Hintler? Nick griffin and Adolf Hintler are yesterday’s David Cameron, and David Cameron is tomorrow’s Nick Griffin and Adolf Hintler… so have a good second look into Nick Griffin and Adolf Hintler’s eyes, and start loving them too because they can change… and I’m still on my sarcastic mode today….

  15. Were you all so indignant when the BNP membership list was leaked to deliberately visit violence and intimidatation on them? I think not.
    What about the other “so called” political parties who sponser violent street protest against the BNP through the UAF and openly intimidate anyone daring to hold BNP meetings on their property? Considering Fascism employed violence to achieve political goals it’s rather ironic!
    Personally I believe people’s sexuality is a private matter. What I don’t agree with is the militant homosexual lobby bullying all and sundry to force their lifestyle on others.People have the right to find homosexuality repugnant that’s called democracy!

    1. The use of the phrase ‘militant homosexual lobby’ says everything one needs to know about this comment. I find the thought of BNP supporters claiming to be bullied utterly risible (though, sadly, not in a good way).

      1. So you agree with the use of violence for political ends?

  16. Whether or not fit to hold office, the fact is Nick Griffin has every right to and was duly elected to hold office. People may not like that, but the fact is people get the elected officials they deserve; the blame is squarely levelled at the apathy of the electorate and there is no use bleating about the injustice after the fact.

    Thankfully most sane, rational human beings will take Griffin’s bigoted comments with the disdain they deserve. But it would be interesting to see whether or not his peers within the European Parliament would judge such behaviour to be proper and fitting of an MEP and address those concerns appropriately.

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