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Katy Perry to be honoured with a ‘Hero Award’ by the Trevor Project

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Reader comments

  1. Are they mad? They are honouring the woman that wrote a song called ‘ur so gay’, and not only that, she sang it at a school in the midst of all the teen suicides.

  2. You mean the woman who sang a song called I-kissed-a-girl-but-not-really-I-just-did-it-to-turn-guys-on-because-that’s-what-lesbians-are-for.
    Wow, Trevor Project… Just wow…

    1. AND the woman who dissed a trans man calling his body an it and gross.

  3. She might not be perfect, and I’ll be the first to admit that, but I’m willing to accept anybody who makes the effort to help us. Yes, there have been mistakes, but it’s wrong to say that she has not recently supported LGBT people. Good luck to her.

    1. Matt, you make us sound like helpless victims. I don’t want ‘help’. I don’t want to be ‘helped’ in living my ‘difficult life’ by someone who’s got it way better than me. I want solidarity, and I am very discriminating in who I want that solidarity from – for instance, Nick “DADA” Griffin is not somebody I want on my side. Nor do I want people who tell me on one hand they’re not against me CP’ing my partner but on the other hey, that’s enough now, stop all this same sex marriage nonsense.

      KP’s track record as an activist is hardly grand, and I think there are many people more deserving of this than KP.

  4. She is what I call a “gay-loving homophobe,” on the one hand she is in favour of gay rights, but, on the other hand, she still thinks homosexuality is something to be made fun of.

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