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Anderson Cooper TV show dropped

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Reader comments

  1. To be honest, never heard of him. But best of luck!

    1. DCBrighton 30 Oct 2012, 2:41pm

      Why bother to comment if you’ve never heard of him?
      FYI, he is one of the highest regarded news commentators in the USA, if not the world.
      The USA will in just over a week will decide on their president, who will become the most powerful man on earth.
      Time to pick up a newspaper mate?

      1. Well said. No need to advertise you ignorance, Finny.

  2. And what station is Cooper’s show on in the UK.

    I mean this website is called

    Silly me – Pink News are up to their typical trick of stealing irrelevant stories from US websites

    1. DCBrighton 30 Oct 2012, 2:33pm

      How parochial. A .uk domain name does not infer that a website is bound to any locality.

    2. The cancelled (but still running) show is ‘Anderson Live’. I was never able to find it on a UK channel, but there are many episodes on Youtube, and there is a website

      Anderson is a long-time CNN journalist, and he has another, 5 night a week, hour-long show, AC360, on that channel, worldwide, at midnight GMT. CNN is free on the Astra satellites, on Freesat, and Sky. See

  3. Jim Nashville Tn 30 Oct 2012, 6:53pm

    I am glad the show wont be back . I am sure there were some good points to it
    and that there were members of the staff who did a great job . I am a big fan of Anderson’s.. but the show was horrible ..
    I think the article is here because Anderson came out of the closet this year . maybe that should have been included . out gay man Anderson Cooper has horrid show cancelled

    1. Wow. The descriptor “horrible” seems most unfair, from those episodes I’ve seen online. It had good guests addressing good topics, a lovely set, good audiences, and enough time, and I would really like to know why, if I’m right in thinking it wasn’t sold overseas, that never happened. My only criticism would be that Anderson, despite being a proper journalist and so one thinking “he’s done his homework, he knows the questions, he must be just waiting the right time”, seemed too nice to ask the necessary challenging questions of some guests who really deserved them. But I never ended feeling bad for watching it.

      It had at least one excellent episode (the full version of which seems no longer on Youtube):

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