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Northern Ireland Health minister criticised by Greens over gay adoption appeal

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Reader comments

  1. Well done, Greens. This man IS a disgrace. He’s a bigot who’s trying to delegate LGBT people to second class citizenship and engineer injustice and inequality in N Ireland.

  2. Poots merely demonstrates that religious faith is a mental illness.

    1. Oh, and that’s not prejudice either then? You’re just as bigoted as him!

      1. I’d call it a simple observation.

        Not prejudice.

    2. If your statement were true, then that would mean that the more than 3 quarters of the people on Earth are mentally ill. Do you seriously think that the majority of people on this planet have a mental illness?

      1. Unfortunately that is the case. Most people are gullible, if not simple- minded.

  3. One of many who are unfit for office. It’s easy to make cuts when you live in a mansion and a millionaire.

  4. And there was me thinking Civil Partnerships were supposed to have equal weight to marriages.
    At least, that is what some evangelical Protestants say.

  5. Paul in Brighton 28 Oct 2012, 9:24pm

    If anyone has ever wondered why peace was so long in coming to Northern Ireland, and why so many died during the shameful period of the 1970s to the Good Friday Agreement, cue, the likes of petty relgious-obsessed individuals such as Mr Poots, here.

    Indviduals who put some sort of personal moral crusade above the rights of honest, decent people.

    Shame on you, Mr Poots.

  6. A man who regards the word of some fictitious deity above the laws of the land should not be in public office at all.

    We live in a democracy and NOT a theocracy.

    The man needs to go and sooner rather than later!

  7. Edwin Poots is a fully paid up member of the christian taliban.

    He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to humanity (although he fits right in with the extremist pondlife that makes up the DUP).

    At least it looks like Sinn Fein will be the largest party in power after the next election.

    1. Sinn Fein have acted admirably in this case and proved that they are fit for government. These Unionists are evil dinosaurs. Always have been.

      1. Now that the Troubles have quietened the unionists are displaying what viciously bigotted scumbags they actually are.

        The sooner the UK can get rid of Northern Ireland the better (although with unionists like the DUP, I doubt the Republic of Ireland would want to have Northern Ireland either.)

        1. Thank you so much for wanting to throw me out of the UK. There are plenty of good honest decent people in Northern Ireland – do NOT tar us all with the same brush that you use on the DUP!!! Doesn’t England, Scotland and Wales have its share of religious freaks as well??? Sadly, the DUP won’t really change while its founder Ian Paisley is still alive … and it may be that he’s still alive because God can well do without the competition!!! ;-)

  8. The guy is a young-earth creationist. He literally looks at millions of pieces of evidence telling him he’s wrong, but still clings to his Bible. Did anyone really expect anything different?

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