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Gay former Tory MP linked with abuse scandal

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Reader comments

  1. GingerlyColors 28 Oct 2012, 5:03pm

    Sir Jimmy Savile now Sir Peter Morrison. Why wait until these people are dead and beyond the reach of justice before making those serious allegations. Before we all jump on the bandwagon with regards to Peter Morrison I must urge caution as I did when the allegations about Jimmy Savile first broke. It is very easy to accuse anybody of being a paedophile and it is a tactic that can be used to discredit people, 21st century version of the medieval witch-hunt. It could be just a case of sour grapes or in the case of Sir Jimmy Savile, something far more serious. This sort of thing causes particular problems with the LGBT community as there are still too many uneducated people who think that gay = paedophile, which of course we know is not true. As the Jimmy Savile scandal continues to unfold, I will not be surprised if more famous people join Gary Glitter in being arrested and I hope that those who were involved in the abuse as well as those who covered it up are dealt with severely.

    1. Paul in Brighton 28 Oct 2012, 9:28pm

      Bit premature here, I think Gcolors.

      What’s becoming more apparent is that those who were victims of Saville, did actually speak out, but were silenced. As is often the case with victims of abuse. Children or adults who are specifically targetted and chosen by the abusers as few if anyone would ever believe their testatment.

      I think we owe it to these victims to have their say and allow a proper investigation take place, something which has sadly been denied them thus far.

      I also think if a gay man was involved, we shoudn’t leap to his defence because he was gay, but accept that they is evil in everyone sectory. We’re certainly not immune.

      1. Gingerly isn’t saying sir Peter Morrison is innocent. He’s saying we can’t immediately assume he’s guilty just because claims have been made. Investigate, surely! Just don’t make up your mind until the evidence has been seen. It is very easy for gays to be tarred with the paedo brush when ignorant people are only too willing to believe it.

    2. I’ve nothing against homosexuality; but, I’m sorry, I don’t give a stuff about ’causes ..problems for the LGBT community’. The welfare of children is more important.Too many gay people who happen to be paedophiles (this is NOT the same as saying all gay people are paedophiles at all before I get attacked here. It’s just like heterosexuals can happen to be paedophiles,too) get away with it because of political correctness and your attitude. Stuff it. Your post stinks.

      1. The negative rep only serves as proof that to some people LGBT rights mean more than the welfare of children. Shame on those who gave negative rep.

        1. Nah…if someone in the community is a pedo then they should be dealt with just like any straight…Many of us are parents too or have children in our lives, so know just how important it is to protect them! So please don’t assume that we are taking his side or any other gay pedo!!…Naaah I think the negatives on your comment were more to do with HOW you said it!

          And “I’ve nothing against homosexuality” comment. Does this mean you’re straight? IF this is so, what right does this give you to pass judgement on something you nothing about?

      2. You really promote the lynch-mob mentality based on rumours rather than waiting for facts to be confirmed then, do you?

      3. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Oct 2012, 8:42pm

        Sjr – its widely accepted that most children are sexually abused by one or both of their own parents. I think therefore the safest thing to do is to take all newborns away from their heterosexual birth parents and re-home them in with same sex couples. That said I’m not against the kids being re-housed in single parent households by the imperative must be to get them away from these high risk heterosexual settings.

        As the correctly state, ‘the welfare of children is more important’

    3. It is clearly NOT easy to accuse anyone famous of being a pedophile. However, given the historical prejudice of exactly that form, accusing someone known to have been attracted to adults of the same sex is obviously questionable.

  2. DJ Sheepiesheep 28 Oct 2012, 6:50pm

    If Sir Peter Morrison was indeed a pedophile, then Rod Thomas is an accomplice for failing to report it until now, 17 years after his death.

  3. Spanner1960 29 Oct 2012, 11:13am

    All this crap is coming out of the woodwork, but frankly, a lot of it is ancient history. If these people wanted to make accusations, they should have done so at the time, and not attempt to jump on the gravy train.

    I am by no means condoning what went on, but it is all water under the bridge, and the country’s media is frothing at the mouth at this debacle in mock horror whilst the likes of the Daily Mail still churn out “just-legal” paedo-porn of kids just turned 16 in their swimsuits.
    The hypocrisy is stunning.

    And incidentally, gay men who broke the law in the 50’s have now been pardoned, so what’s the fuss about sex with a 16yo, which is now also legal?

    1. Oh don’t talk nonsense. You think a 13-year-old would hav been believed over a top celebrity? Anyway, some of them DID complain but were ignored.

      Not water under the bridge for those abused.

    2. Spanner they were children!! And at the time these things happened adults ignored them! It is now known that in the case of Savile children even complained to the police and nothing was done. In one case the police just told him to “Keep away from children” So yes spanner there were those who complained and were treated as liars because of the monsters status in society! But there are those who were just too afraid!

      1. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Oct 2012, 8:37pm

        Mickie, who were children? I’m not aware of any children having been identified.

        All this stuff about Peter Morrison is (at the time of writing) pure speculation and rumour.

        Damn the man when the facts and know and if he did actually do something wrong, but all we have at the moment is hearsay.

        1. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Oct 2012, 1:15am

          ‘facts and know’ – ‘facts are known’


      2. Spanner1960 30 Oct 2012, 12:43am

        Maybe they were ignored at the time, but some of these cases are over 40 years old. Why did they to wait until the perpetrator is dead before they piped up?

        Sorry, but it is obvious now people are furious because they have been left completely impotent and unable to bring anyone to justice. Well, I’m afraid to say they had plenty of time to blow the whistle, and now the whole thing is rather academic, so there is no point in crying over spilt milk.

        1. We shall see how academic it turns out to be.

          Did you not see in the ITV documentary the girl who immediately complained to the approved school staff and was hauled straight into a padded, solitary cell for three days until she agreed to stay quiet?

          Or the BBC staff who reported personally witnessing offences and were told to keep quiet? Later the CPS refused to prosecute, just as they did with the Rochdale abuse cases.

          Have you not seen that the civil servant (head of mental health at the Department of Health, no less) who gave Savile access to Broadmoor is
          now said by the police to be banned from contact with children?

          Are you aware that BBC Newsnight and the BBC Head of Editorial Standards, tried to bury this in the last year?

          This is about ending an ongoing culture that stands against victims of abuse. Nothing about gravy at all.

        2. What you’ve said has also been said by heterosexual people, too, and I’d say the same thing to them so don’t take this as a knock against homosexual people-it is not: you are being a bit ignorant here about the nature of the victim’s mental make-up; it takes years sometimes to come to terms with abuse.
          I think you are being ignorant and insensitive.

  4. I hate this link with is sexuality and is perversion

  5. The Daily mail is not a credible source … pure speculation and rumour and whats the problem with sleeping with 16 year olds – the law has since been repealed and pardons are being given out to those who apply for it.

  6. Life Is For Living....NOW! 6 Nov 2012, 7:18pm

    Having worked as a trauma therapist specialising in the field of child abuse for over 23 years I am well aware of how children are traumatised by abuse. I have, over the years worked with several people who alleged they had been abused in paedophile rings consisting of people in high office. Many of them had tried to speak out and had been disbelieved and silenced. It’s important to acknowledge the power that abusing adults hold over children and how that in turn impacts on victims.
    Sexual abuse of children continues to be prolific with 17,727 sexual crimes against children under 16 being officially recorded in England and Wales in 2010/11 and that’s just the reported crimes, many more go unreported – usually because children are silenced and too terrified to speak out. My heart goes out to the people who are still suffering as a result of being abused and I applaud your courage in coming forward and speaking out.
    For help or support for abuse issues go to

  7. heartbroken 13 Nov 2012, 7:51am

    When ‘establishment’ members are involved in hideous crimes there is a cover up. The BBC journalist was set up and subsequently the investigation has taken the focus from the perpetrators of serious physical and psychological child abuse. Journalists have effectively been warned off. That the world respected BBC has been able to be used as a scapegoat,and people paid off, indicates that those involved hold the highest power in the land. Be scared. This high society paedophile ring have been known by the police for years but no prosecution, because once a name from the top establishment has been rooted out, it is stopped. Saville and Glitter are small fodder to keep our focus away from those will the real power who will continue doing this to children.

  8. Have you even read the article that you posted a link to, you unspeakable fool?

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Oct 2012, 11:43am

    Rehan, the article that self-loathing idiot above posted is on the official list of the Southern Poverty Law Center in America and as such is a hate group comprised of religious right wing nutters. Focus on the Family is notoriously homophobic and it’s statements in regard to sexual orientation and paedophilia have all be debunked and blown out of the water by the American Medical and Psychiatric Assocations respectively.

  10. [This remark addresses a comment that’s now been removed.]

  11. Psychologist Dr. Bill Maier said it’s important to understand that the research is correlation, not causation. “The research doesn’t tell us if sexual abuse contributes to homosexual orientation or if a child, who displays a-typical gender behavior, is more likely to be abused,”.

    It’s this bit I think our coprophagic friend has overlooked, Robert. But then it comes as little surprise that he’s incapable following a sentence through to its end.

  12. Given that bullying is the most common form of abuse, and we now certainly know that trans children, followed by lesbian and gay children, as well as children with disabilities, are the most likely to be bullied, its now clear which way around it works.

    There really is a crying need for people understand what essentially constitutes abuse, whatever its severity or variation, or whoever its victim. People will always have problems preventing it until that is understood.

  13. Broken interface:- this should have appeared as a reply to Rehan’s “Psychologist Dr. Bill Maier” comment.

  14. Mick Plymouth 5 Nov 2012, 5:26pm

    To those who say that these were 16 year old teens and that it is legal now so what,s the fuss try telling that to the boy who was plied with drink, taken to a hotel room, tied down against his will and sodomised by 6 different men. Maybe, just maybe you might start to realise how traumatic an upbringing these boys in supposed care went through and how to this day they are still waiting to be heard and for the slow wheels of justice to finally bring these rapists to justice no matter how high in the establishment they sit!!!

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