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US: Obama endorses equal marriage measures in three states for November ballots

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Reader comments

  1. vincable1986 26 Oct 2012, 2:25am

    Bravo! Let’s keep progressing towards true liberty and justice for all!

    1. It’s a brilliant step if it actually happens. Obama has a habit of lying through his teeth to get votes, I wouldn’t hold your breath,

      1. Bobbleobble 26 Oct 2012, 11:05am

        Politicians have a habit of lying through their teeth to get votes, Obama is no different. However I’m not sure exactly what you’re expecting to see happen. He has indicated that he supports people voting to implement marriage in all three states that are voting on the issue, he has said that he supports same sex marriage rights.

        However, marriage is a policy which is reserved to the states and it is for them, not the federal government, to decide what happens in terms of marriage. He can’t even vote in any of these states so I’m not sure what else you’re expecting him to do.

      2. Why would you bite the hand that feeds you. Obama is on our side.

  2. Of course you are not a bigot ‘Chip’ White for campaigning against equal marriage, Nor were those who fought the introduction of votes for women, the abolition of racially segregated education and the colour bar in restaurants and public washrooms. You are simply misunderstood like all those other nice pointy white hooded people who burn crosses on lawns and think lynching is a pastime.

  3. Thank you Mr President now let us see it in action

  4. Jock S. Trap 26 Oct 2012, 10:54am

    Fingers crossed he gets another 4 years!!

  5. “And Washingtonians who believe in the traditional definition of marriage as one man and one woman are not bigots.”

    Yes they are – or else woefully ignorant or misled. Anti-equal marriage people haven’t been able to come up with a SINGLE reason why equal marriage is a bad idea. Thus they can only be bigots or misled, in my opinion.

    Using the bible doesn’t give you an exemption from having to compose a sensible argument if you oppose equality. There’s no such thing as ‘traditional marriage’ in the bible, and you can’t pick and choose which bits you’re going to use to support your own prejudices.

  6. Okay and he is calling Romney a liar and a flip flopper. This man is doing this for votes and that is all. He is a liar!! Here is his link on what he truly believes about gay marriage said from the horses mouth. This man is doing this for votes, votes votes not for what he believes. And no matter what someone thinks I am not saying this just because I believe in equal rights for “ALL” no matter who or what. But he is a liar here is a link with Obamas true beliefs!! See the link below yourself – he even goes so far as not supporting a constituion on it!!! Wake up.

  7. Liar Obama is doing this for the votes!!! Here is a link from the horses mouth himself on his “true feelings” on gay marriage. Flip flopping liar just to gain extra votes.

    1. Bobbleobble 26 Oct 2012, 2:10pm

      Not sure why you felt the need to post this twice but check the date. That was four years ago. This is now. His position has changed since he made those statements in 2008. Can’t his position have changed?

      Don’t you think it’s a good sign that in order to gain some votes Obama supports gay people marrying? Doesn’t that show that the US is changing in its views if the President actually backs same sex marriage? And would you rather MIttens in the White House, a man who actually wants to change the US constitution to prevent us marrying even in states that want to or already do allow it?

      Plus what are you actually expecting? A politician saying something to get votes – shock horror.

  8. Shouldn’t this website be renamed is a misleading website address as it gives the false impression that this website is somehow a UK news website (whereas in reality is it a website which recycles US stories after they have already been published on US websites.)/

    1. You don’t think what happens in America effects us?

  9. Pavlos Prince of Greece 26 Oct 2012, 4:53pm

    Its very nice for gay marriage campaigners in this 3 states (why Obama has nothing to say about referendum on gay marriage ban in Minnesota?), but matters not a lot at the federal level. The Democrats will not win absolute majority in Chamber of Representatives and probably loose slim majority in the Senate. Also, no gay friendly news from the Congress until 2014.

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