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US amateur boxing in clash over coach’s remarks about ‘gay’ female fighters

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Reader comments

  1. One word…………..twat!

    1. I dunno, it seems like his own experiences with being abused as a child are what’s distorted his view of reality. While he definitely shouldn’t have said the things he said, this makes me pity him rather than despise him.

  2. Who decides what is a news story on Pink News?

    This story has been ‘borrowed’ from a US website (as are about 90% of Pink News stories). No surprise there.

    But exactly who is this story meant to appeal to or be of interest to?

    Boxing is not a sport. It’s a savage game. It is followed by stupid, stupid people.

    This story is as absurd and ridiculous as the decision to print it here.

    (And wouldn’t it be nice if Pink News were to cite from where they ‘borrow’ 90% of their stories).

    1. I think that we can assume that it is the job of the editor as to what content goes on the site.

      Will be of interest to many of, irrespective of what our thoughts are about boxing. The story itself is concerning comments made by Hal Adonis. I presume that you did not read the entire article, otherwise you would have realised it is not actually about the sport itself.

    2. Boxing is a slimy, paracitic activity. It is low IQ enterainment, similar to the abuse and torture of animals – bullfighting in Spain, France….

      1. I’m not a fan of boxing either. However, this story should be on this site because of Hal Adonis’ comments

      2. Paul in Brighton 26 Oct 2012, 9:45pm

        Disagree with you,Ray.

        As a young lad, I boxed.

        Boxing stood me in good stead through these difficult times. I also think it teaches self-discipline.

        As for low IQ, I don’t claim to have a high IQ, however have a degree, own a number of businesses, have written 5 non-fiction books, one a best seller in its field and write regularly for a number of publications.

        I abhor the torture of animals, have always had a pet dog, my Golden retriver sits at my side as I write this, and I detest bull-fighting and all forms of violence.

        I don’t know of any other boxer who enjoys bull-fighting and tortures animals.

        Obviously you do, and I look forward to hearing which boxers enjoy these cruel ‘sports’.

  3. Ignorant, damaged man. I wouldn’t want him teaching any child to box (ignoring the rights or wrongs of boxing). He’s clearly still affected by his own childhood.

  4. His father’s abuse of him may have encouraged him into the sport (sick sport), but that abuse also intellectually castrated him too. Sad really.

  5. Of course it’s got ‘nothing at all to do with the fact’ that lots of gay women just happen to like sports; football, boxing, athletics, etc.

    I’ve come across idiots like this guy before, who say things like ‘people are gay because they were abused as children’. They can’t understand that people are just gay because they’re gay. Yes some gay people have been abused as have straight people, It’s a false logic they use because they can’t get their heads around why people are gay. They have no understanding of it at all, so they add 1 and 1 and get 7.

  6. It’s likely that half of women boxers have been molested – that’s in line for the estimates for women generally.

  7. Garry Cassell 26 Oct 2012, 4:51pm

    Stupid on 2 accounts…1, this twit coach or so called coach to utter such crap and 2, to have this printed on Pinknews…must be a slow day at the office…

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