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Northern Ireland marks landmark gay rights anniversary

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Reader comments

  1. Paul in Brighton 26 Oct 2012, 10:37pm

    Jeff Dudgeon, well all owe you an enormous debt of gratitude.

  2. Mr Dudgeon deserves all our thanks and praise. He is one of the most humble….and the bravest people I know. Thank you Jeff

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Oct 2012, 1:11am

    Thank you, Jeff Dudgeon. Long may you wield influence. Well done for your service to LGBT people, long may you flourish.

  4. Wow. This case was also cited as an international precedent in 2003’s Lawrence v Texas, whose decision decriminalized homosexuality in all 50 U.S. states. It seems many people around the world owe a gratitude to Mr. Dudgeon’s pioneering efforts.

  5. GingerlyColors 27 Oct 2012, 7:25pm

    Northern Ireland has suffered a lot of tragedy over the past few decades but thanks to one unsung hero, Jeff Dudgeon, the Six Counties became a slightly happier place to live.

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