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Jamaica faces legal action over anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. Paul in Brighton 26 Oct 2012, 9:20pm

    Good luck to these people. They deserve all the support they can get.

  2. Note:”This is what will happen to all gays”
    Police: “Duh, this no seem like it’s homophobic. The note must have landed there by accident”

  3. something drastic obviously needs to occur,to change such widespread homophobia on jamaica!we dont realise how lucky we are in the uk,that folk are`nt trying to murder folk for being gay!

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Oct 2012, 1:09am

    Boot Jamaica from the Commonwealth! Cut off all financial aid! Get it done and NOW!

    1. GingerlyColors 27 Oct 2012, 6:56am

      And we can say goodbye to most of the rest of the Commonwealth as well because of their laws.

    2. That’s not much of a threat… Jamaica wants to leave the Commonwealth anyway

  5. GingerlyColors 27 Oct 2012, 7:06am

    Portia Simpson’s inaction over Jamaica’s anti-gay laws could be due to the rabidly homophobic nature of the general population. If she decriminalizes homosexuality she could find herself out on he ear at the next election even if she performed an economic miracle on the island. I personally think that she should follow our example based on the recommendations of the Wolfenden Report which enabled the law to be changed when there was still considerable social hostility towards gays. I am not expecting to see Kingston Pride within the forseeable future but I cannot see two men who have sex within the privacy of their home should risk arrest.

  6. The guardian does it so much better

    Descendents of Jamaicans in London love to keep the homophobia alive, Shouting “battyman” at every oppourtunity. Then they wonder why no one will employ them or their offspring.

    Jamaica needs a kick up the ass. This murderous anti gay rubbish is quite new there were not murders up to the 70’s and early 80.s but since it was popularised in the 90’s by ghetto dj’s its been a way to boost popularity and make money.

    I have a theory. I am smart and educated the anthesis of the street yoots that why they are comfortable with murdering each other. Being a murderer is ok just dont be a battyman. And they only way to prove you’re not a battyman is to kill someone.

    Weird people weird culture,

    I will send money to Jflag to pay for flights to get every gay person off that rancid island

    1. Dave North 28 Oct 2012, 2:58pm

      This filthy gutter talk even reached me in my home town of Irvine, in the west coast of Scotland in the early 80’s

      I used to get comments, from white Scottish “yoofs” stating ” what are we giong to do with the “battyman””

      I never understood it at the time, but now………..

      I presume they had a flammable rubber Michelin necklace lined up for me.

      Get this ignorant dirtball country out of the Commonwealth.

  7. Encourage all your friends, work colleagues and relatives not to book holidays in Jamaica until it reforms its hideous discrimination against gay people. This worked to help overthrow the similarly bigoted apartheid regime in South Africa – hatred is the same whether its against people of colour or gay society.

    1. In had a gay friend who went to Jamaica with his partner. He’s an idiot we don’t talk anymore

  8. Good on them. The more this foul, animalistic, backward, rubbish country is trashed on the world stage the better. Oh, and PinkNews? – the gratuitous, tired and frankly stupid refernece once again “the laws date back to the island’s colonial past” is something we could do without. If the INDEPENDNT STATE OF JAMAICA hasn’t bothered to change the law then the law is theirs, not Britain’s.Your editor needs to grow up.

    1. Or maybe it’s to make Jamaicans think and ask themselves why they want to retain laws from their colonial past? I hope so anyway.

      1. Dave North 28 Oct 2012, 3:02pm

        “Jamaicans think”


        What has Jamaica done for humanity?

        ……………Long Thoughtful Pause……………….

        Zilch, Zero , Nowt , Nothing.

        But they can dance..

        1. Wow offensive and racist much? But that’s OK because if we fight oppression with oppression and ignorance with ignorance we’ll all move to a better place.

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