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Interview: Chaosmen’s Gavin Sevin talks gay-for-pay in the adult entertainment industry

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Reader comments

  1. Chaosmen is a bareback only studio.

    What on EARTH is Pink News doing by promoting this?

    It is unbelieveably negligent and irresponsible to be doing this.

    1. Shame on Lawrence Watts for doing this. Young gays are already subject to the glamorising of bareback sex by the porn industry, and now what I once considered a reputable news source is now doing the same. Appalling

      1. Isn’t it valuable though, at least for those who read this, to know that this guy stays monogamous with his gf and that all the actors get monthly STD tests? Some people are always going to want to do “barebacking”, so they may as well have the information available on how to make it as risk-free as possible.

        1. But it’s not risk free, recently after infection is when you are at your most infectious, so a monthly test could very well be too late. There’s also dispute as to how rigorously the studios are with testing and the legitimacy of the test certificates. Professional bodies don’t endorse barebacking as its always exceptionally risky in populations where there is high HIV prevalence, with or without regular testing.

          1. Very interesting (in a negative way) to see last night on a BBC documentary about the Manchester GUM clinic, a very regular performer at a Manchester bareback gay porn studio testing positive for two STDs after not having been tested for 18 months. He estimated his unprotected partners in just the last 3 months as 80, and, when asked to identify them for tracing and testing purposes, said that would be almost impossible, implying that the studio kept no records.

            That is a very far cry from the statements made in this interview.

    2. SHAME on PN for promoting the idea that’s it is not even cool to talk about condoms.

  2. A quiet news day at the Pink?

    I wouldn’t for one minute imagine PN would be so crass or insensitive as to cover the work of a bareback studio/actor, SteveC.

    Not being one to expend energy watching porn you understand, are you sure you have your facts straight here?

  3. I don’t really get this whole idea. Sure I can see you could be really attracted to a straight guy but I don’t get why you would be attracted to someone BECAUSE they are straight.

  4. How utterly tacky of Pink news – interview on prostitutes who do it on film – wow just what we all strive to be.

  5. I thought it was a very thought-provoking piece. It gets at what really underlies sexual orientation or preference, and the issue of whether having gay sex really makes you gay (sort of a perversion of the one-drop race theory). Interesting to see the interactions between differing generational expectations, class issues, health considerations, and attitudes toward sex and the sex “industry.” A very interesting read, whatever one may think of the issues it raises. And if Pink News won’t do the story, who will?

    1. Hmmm…..I just can’t get my head around the idea of a ‘straight’ man having sex with another dude? Regardless of the money, I think something has to be there to begin with. Gay for pay? I believe it’s more like the straight side of bisexual for pay.

      1. I know where you’re coming from (so to speak), but a lot of men get off on attention as well as the money. And some guys just aren’t precious about the way they use their bodies I suppose.

        And after all I’m sure we all know gay men who, when young, had sex with women for the sake of convention or from lack of alternative – is there really a difference?

        1. Gay men don’t have sex with women, bisexual men do. I won’t be able to have sex with woman even if I really wanted to.

        2. The vast majority of my gay male friends, who would describe themselves unequivocally as gay, have had sexual experiences with women, mostly when they were at school or university. The fact that they had sex with a woman 20-40 years ago (and haven’t since) does not make them bisexual. Bisexual means being sexually attracted to both men and women at the same time.

          1. Sexuality doesn’t change over time. If they find woman sexually attractive enough to have sex with her, that is not gay. You may argue they have no emotional connection to women, but sexually speaking they’re bisexual, Kinsey described it as mostly homosexual, 5. I was in closet too, and had not much opportunities for sex but I never though of sex with a woman, just like I never thought of sex with a chair – something that I don’t find sexually attractive at all.

          2. What utter twaddle – thankfully, in my view sexuality is not as black & white as you wish to depict it. I have had sexual experiences with women, in fact I was married for 3 years to a woman – I do not consider myself bisexual because of that I am most definitely homosexual……….perhaps if you had a more open mind about sexuality you might not have spent so much time “in the closet” as you describe it!

          3. I’m very open minded, but when I see something that looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, I think it’s a duck. And If a man has sex with both sexes, he is bisexual. He might prefer one sex over another, but he is still bi.

          4. Think what you like ceem, but you might try to understand that the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily conform to your limitations.

          5. Ceem

            I had sex with my duvet and pillow MANY times as a teenager. Does that mean I’m eidersexual? Sometimes people do things in the heat of the moment or due to lack of alternatives. Get over it.

    2. Sticking your dick in someone does not make you gay, It’s like saying rape is making love. These guys are doing what they do for money they may be narcissists they may be lovely guys who need some cash either way being gay in my world is not about just sex. And porn is a bit naff nowadays everone know there is a fluffer and viagra so everything is a bit fake

      1. yeah, there are no gay men. Remember 99% of british gay men are copletely heterosexual!!

  6. I ask Gavin what his position is on having unprotected sex on camera.

    “You make it safe,” he tells me. “I’m DNA/RNA tested once a month, regardless of whether I shoot or not.

    Hmmm so getting tested makes it safe? From what I’ve been told even with the best tests there is still a 10 day window.

    Use a condom you moron! And as Sreve C said shame on Pink News for promoting this vile website!

    1. I would refuse to consider unprotected sex with anyone especially as you can assume if they are being paid to have sex on camera some could be doing the same off-camera.

  7. In fact I think I’m going to unfollow you on Facebook and Twitter and stop visiting in protest…..won’t make any difference but what the hell!!

  8. I agree with Joe above, it is a thought-provoking article, especially since many (most?) gay men have what appears to be quite a different approach to porn that non-gay people. For many older men seeing porn was the first time anything gay and sexual was presented as attractive (with any luck) and fantasies actually depicted. The way people who are employed by the industry deal with it is rather interesting, especially if they are gay-for-pay: something I didn’t really believe could exist when I was younger.

    I do have to say, though, that I too am dismayed that a side of the industry that promotes unsafe sex is being promoted here.

  9. One has to ask what he will put on his resume when he applies for jobs. I have to say the interviews comes accross like some bimbo school girl who has never spoken to a man before.

  10. So he’s a whore. I’m not trying to be mean or derogatory, Just using the proper definition. As for never doing a ‘private’ performance, he’s already said OK when the money got large enough. There’s nothing to believe that he wouldn’t do whatever if the price was right – ie whore.

    1. The word whore is unquestionably derogatory. If you sought not to be mean you could have used the words prostitute or sex worker.

  11. Oh yes, he’s tottaly straight! And thats why all the jobs he chosen are gay. Really no other jobs available!

    1. or just someone who knows they are attractive and use it to their advantage?

  12. And btw, he says “I’ve never had sex with a man outside of a video,” and then tells of bi threeways and experimenting with guys. That man is a lie, a LIE.

  13. My my it seems that the twin set & pearls brigade from the Women’s Institute are out in force commenting on this particular story!

    The majority of comments are obviously from the Daily Wail readers with nothing better to do than take the moral high-ground. Such virtuous individuals; it must be very lonely up there on those pedestals……further to fall of course!

  14. and what have I learned from this…

    Lawrence Watts has used his postion to meet his favourite porn star. Truely sad.

    1. Sad? I think he’s super lucky!

  15. bi-for-pay

  16. Can’t believe people are calling this thought provoking. No, it was an interviewer who didn’t call the guy out on his BS. Guys like this use the label “straight” as some kind of badge of honor, as if it says something about them as a person or their masculinity.

    Even if he chose these gay based careers as a means to exploit them simply for the money, the fact that he chose them at all is indicative of him not being 100% heterosexual. Him compartmentalizing his sexuality based on what he does for money or on film is no different than when guys only have sex with other guys in prison. They still aren’t completely heterosexual, they aren’t “straight.”
    He can call himself whatever he wants, no one can argue him out of it. However, when his behavior completely contradicts his self-imposed label, people aren’t going to buy it. Plenty of people call themselves “Christians” and then act contradictorily or with hypocrisy. He simply wants the perceived benefits of calling himself straight.

  17. Chrissypoo 3 Nov 2012, 3:53pm

    Let’s be honest — the author never interviewed this performer in person.

    This was obviously done by phone or email, and no proof that the person the author was talking to was Gavin.

    These answers sound awefully coached — like they were written by Bryan Ockart or someone that works for him.

  18. He says he’s bottomed but there are no such vids on the site. I can only assume it is soon to be released.

    1. If you’re that interested, look up ‘Chris’ on the Sean Cody website.

  19. one.second 8 Nov 2012, 10:55am

    The questions that would have interested me haven’t been touched. Feelings and sensations for a straight man while having gay sex.

  20. I’m surprised by the obvious bigotry and heterophobia in some of these comments. Some of you are no different to a bunch of ignorant white heterosexual men slut-shaming a good-looking girl.
    Your sexual behaviour isn’t the be all and end all of your sexuality! 150 years ago you would ALL have been married to women, regardless of how you defined your sexuality. Be thankful you live in a society which will let you choose the way you wish, and will let this man choose to do whatever he likes with his body!
    It’s well-known the sex industry is full of people doing things for money that they wouldn’t do for love, why should this young, straight man be any different?

    1. Chrissypoo 24 Nov 2012, 8:28am

      “years ago you would ALL have been married to women”

      You would have been imprisioned or sentenced to death if you were to come out. You are comparing apples to oranges.

  21. Must be me but I thought homosexuality meant having sex with someone of the same gender.

    Or maybe I missed the twit that said gay no longer means homosexual but just ‘happy’? If he’s having sex with men then he is homosexual by definition. or is that definition no longer valid?

    So what’s next, heterosexuals claiming to be homosexual but never have sex with someone of the same gender?

    If he had said he was bi, fine, but no, he’s really really straight… however, he practices bisexuality of which homosexuality more or less publicly.

    In the end I just think Gavin here is in firm denial of something and using money as an excuse.

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