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12th annual Intersex Awareness Day marked around the globe

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  1. Good. Intersex people are often disgracefully misunderstood and poorly treated. It’s not that uncommon and I wish they were treated with more respect and understanding. I also don’t agree with genital surgery if it’s merely to ‘normalise’ the child – it’s intrusive and unnecessary.

    1. @Iris…good point. what about having the same surgery during a marriage as an adult? Do you think the spouse deserves to know the truth or be kept in secrecy?

      1. It’s up to adults to choose to have surgery or not. Does the spouse deserve to know the truth? That’s a difficult question because it’s quite general (ie not referring to a specific situation). I’d hope in any marriage a person would trust their spouse enough to be able to discuss things with them, but I would understand why that might be difficult in this situation. I’d say that the intersex adult should seek advice and support and consider carefully what would be best for them and their spouse.

        I know two people who are intersex, neither of them married, so I don’t know whether they would tell any partner about their condition before they married (which might make telling them about surgery easier if it arose). If people had more understanding of what it means to be intersex then perhaps those who are born intersex would feel more confident in revealing/discussing it. I can understand the fear they might have in ‘outing’ themselves.But that’s even more reason why education’s needed.

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