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US: Ex-Maine bishop says voting for equal marriage is ‘unfaithful to Catholic doctrine’

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Reader comments

  1. Simple. Catholic doctrine is wrong.

  2. when are these maniacs going to be called out for what they really are? – A hate group that has no place in a civilised society. If senior catholics are sayoing this then I say that no self respecting gay person or supporter of gay marriage can stay in communion with the catholic church and retain any integrity.

    They want a war to the death? they should be careful what they wish for.

  3. Jen Marcus 26 Oct 2012, 3:42am

    “However, even if individuals express opinions that are contrary to these true teachings, the church always holds her arms open in reconciliation.”

    There will come a day when their so called “true teachings” of the Church will be judged by science and history to be false much like those held by them in Galileo’s time: that the earth was the center of the universe. There will also come a when they will come to the LGBT community and seek forgiveness and reconciliation because of their grievous sins of injustice toward us.

  4. Go away Bishop. You are irritating everyone with hate campaign.

  5. Of course it is against Catholic teachings to vote for equal marriage. But it is also against Catholic teachings to vote, since liberal democracy is a heresy for supposing the existence of sources of truth outside the Catholic Church. This latter doctrine was openly taught until quite recent times. Surely it can’t have changed? Surely the Church’s teachings are eternal? The foundations of eternal truth rest on radical amnesia.

  6. What about the mixed fibres in clothes and working on the Sabbath? There’s no mention in the Bible of equal marriage, but there apparently were a lot of guys with multiple wives, mistresses, concubines and sex-slaves.

    And I don’t think that any smart person of integrity would wish to be associated with the catholic church.

  7. GingerlyColors 26 Oct 2012, 12:30pm

    Eating meat on a Friday is also unfaithful to Catholic doctrine, so is child abuse on an industrial scale, plus 101 other things that are proscribed in the Bible. Why do they single gays out? It is heartwarming to see Catholics supporting marriage equality and they should be applauded. We already have several major Catholic countries where they enjoy marriage equality and hopefully the Republic of Ireland will join them.

  8. I’m sure the predecessors of this distinguished Catholicist [sic] said much the same about the legalisation of divorce. And probably interracial marriages too, come to think of it.

    1. stan James 31 Oct 2012, 6:22am

      In hte uSA itner-racila marriage bans lasted until 167 in some states

      The church defended them claiming theyi were protecting the sanctity of the white race.

      I’ve done a lot of blogging on marriage in the USA, under this name. Since I discovered that racist bit about inter-racial marriage, almost no one ever taks about the sanctity bit any more.

      It appears though I dont have statistics , that “the church of the endless hidden molestation by its sex starved priests” has made an impact also. Its very rare that people dare on blogs to blame gay people for the problem.

      I’m not gay but I’d love to do as age appropriate, a whole poo load of the vicious criminals who molest kids all over the world.

      this horror church even has the guts to have its officials blaming the kids for the rape. Things like that are str8 out of Goebbels, who btw was catholic.

      spread the link..

  9. stan James 31 Oct 2012, 6:12am

    catholis teaching over a millenia built the foundations for the holocaust and the election of a madman named hitelr to power.

    Hitlre , Himmler, Goebbels, Eichmann, and Dr. Mengele were all catholic and went to cath schools in fact if not in name, paid for by tithing.

    BTW if anyone gives you crap saying that eg Stalin was an aetheist., not so. He attended a Russian orthodox seminary in his youth. Who knows what they did to make him the paranoid he was. But its a fair bet that he learned lots of hatred from another branch of the catholic church.

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