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Romney rejected birth certificates of children from gay parents

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Reader comments

  1. Anyone surprised that Bishop Romney, as a leading member of his anti-gay boneheaded cult, was hysterically homophobic?

    Oh, and he was largely loathed by the state he governed, who got duped by his first attempts at being an etch-a-sketch and didn’t realise he was a dishonest mendacious incompetent. The people of Massachusetts hate him with a passion. For very good reason.

    And honestly? I expect GOP lunatics to behave this way – the bloody freaks just cannot stop themselves twitching the curtains and sniffing the knickers of the nation in the name of whichever theocratic hogwash they worship.

  2. No real surprise – under orders from the homophobic cult in Salt Lake City no doubt!!!!

  3. Is anyone surprised? The man is a git.

  4. “The Republican presidential candidate, who remains opposed to equal marriage, is said to have obstructed to plans to amend Massachusetts’ birth certificates”.
    Why does the writer write “obstruct TO something”, instead of obstruct something? Is this perhaps an Americanism? Can anyone tell me?

    1. no, probably just a silly typo… another phrase was probably initially intended, then corrected, and the extra “to” forgotten there.

    2. It is an editing mistake. Probably wrote ‘objected to plans’ and then overwrote ‘objected’ with ‘obstructed’ but forgot to delete the following preposition.

  5. I feel like Romney is only alive to make life harder than it already is for same sex couples…

  6. Christopher in Canada 25 Oct 2012, 11:46pm

    R would make a great used-car salesman. The electorate gets the candidate they deserve, and for all their chest-thumping about liberty and ingenuity, Americans are largely ignorant and uneducated sheep. Religion truly is the opiate of that mass…

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Oct 2012, 12:36pm

      Totally agree with that. Although we have our own religious nutters in the UK, we don’t get that sort running for the highest office. Thank goodness, Canada and the UK don’t have that type of political system. It wouldn’t be tolerated.

  7. Ellen Sandbeck 25 Oct 2012, 11:54pm

    I am opposed to allowing racists and homophobes to marry, because I believe that they are immoral and they offend me. When do I get to vote on that constitutional amendment? I have been happily married for nearly thirty years, by the way.

  8. What have the circumstances of a child’s birth to do with a birth certificate unless to be labelled ‘bastard’?

    1. That’s a really out-dated, derogatory term that no-one uses anymore. Kids are no longer labelled illegitimate or bastard when born to unmarried parents.

  9. Are you getting this Log-Cabin Republicans?
    This is your candidate for POTUS wer’e talking about.
    But hey, we realise that cognative dissonance and lack of integrity are what you do best, so be sure to vote for the guy who’ll take all your rights away (with the possible exception of the right to be filthy rich).

  10. Romney must never become US president

  11. Wow – such an effort put in to disadvantage gay parents! How impressive. Not.

    A good reminder that bigotry runs deep in people like Romney, powered by spite and hate for their fellow human beings. There’s no reasoning with such nastiness.

  12. Jock S. Trap 26 Oct 2012, 10:55am

    Here’s hoping Mitt Romney knows what rejection feels like come November 7th!!
    He is a disgrace!

  13. GingerlyColors 26 Oct 2012, 12:31pm

    Romney will be judged on the 6th of November.

    1. So what will be your response/feeling when he’s elected President? Will the world come to an end? Not likely — if it survived 4 yrs of Obama, it’ll do OK with 8 yrs of Romney

      1. h, are you any relation to Preparation h? You are certainly up your own arse.

  14. Like most other commentators here I find this about the most unsurprising thing I’ve heard about Rmoney.

  15. 26 Oct 2012, 2:52pm

    Well, this guy is so ignorant and has a very low level of general culture, that nothing better can be expected from a person like this.
    What had we learned from this lesson?
    never let a person with not cultural background and social respect be elected.

  16. The GOP hates intrusive government. Except for people it doesn’t like.

  17. He is an awful man. The scary thing is that many normal Americans do not believe that Obama has the experience to carry them forward and will vote for Romney.
    The economy has not improved in the last 4 years, how is that going to change with him at the helm for another 4.
    I worry for the Americans I really do. I just hope that Romney has made enough enemies to allow Obama to get in again, the USA and the world will change for the worse if not.

    1. Don’t be so fearful. The USA has many bigger problems than those associated with the status of marriage. Romney is an intelligent person and whatever is done with all the issues depends on the politicians in DC. A President doesn’t have free rein on doing whatever he wants — see all the deadlocks between the Rep’s and Dem’s. Romney/Ryan are not homophobes — they view marriage as between man and woman. As to equal rights, I’m sure they will go along with much of the laws that will be legal for homosexuals. Romney and Ryan are much better suited to running our country fairly than where Obama/Biden who were a disator overall.

      1. What are you smoking?

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