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Lady Gaga to face anti-gay Russian legal backlash

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Reader comments

  1. Wait and see how Santa Gaga rocks Leningrad.

  2. I’m surprised that they’re even letting a bisexual into the country. They should really understand that they can’t just hide us and keep us silent as though we don’t exist. But more pressure is needed.

  3. I am more surprised that Gaga is still going to perform there. I understand that she has fans there but I would have thought that security would be even tighter at the concert and that there could even be police in the crowd ready to arrest her should she make any statement.

    Good luck to her at the concert

    1. Well Madonna actually said she was going to speak out at her show months before she actually did…and nothing happened on the night.

  4. St Petersburg is just a backward , primitive dump , void of creativity . Why would anyone evolved want to got there?

    1. How do you know it’s ‘void of creativity’, have you been there or do you know people from there? Just because some brutish thugs of limited intelligence achieve public office doesn’t mean there aren’t any creative or talented people in a population of 4.8m. There are obviously enough people who’d want to go to a Lady Gaga concert for her to consider it as a possibility, after all.

    2. have you ever been? i went last year with my boyfriend and we loved it, beautiful city with amazing pubs and bars and the people really are lovely. we are both straight acting though so being gay was not a problem. i would not have gone there if i was flaming!

      1. ‘straight acting’, i hate that word, not having a go but that sounds like the sort of term people use to deride less flamboyant/feminine people. there is no such thing as straight acting because that term would imply acting and would also imply that all straight people fit a stereotype,its just like I don’t call my camp straight friends ‘gay acting’ because they aren’t acting.

  5. If these people had any common sense they probably wouldn’t know what to do with it. America is outside their jurisdiction, sending a summons is pointless as they have no way of enforcing it. Even if they arrest a high profile celebrity on their own soil like Lady Gaga I’m sure it wouldn’t go unnoticed by the American government who already don’t have the best relationship with Russia, the Russian government is just asking for problems with no potential benefit whatsoever, i say let them try, see what happens.

    I’m no fan of lady Gaga’s music but i have an enormous amount of respect for her in seeing what she does for LGBT people.

  6. Boney M: “Oh….those Russians…”

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