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Kentucky: 2 men acquitted on gay hate charges

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Reader comments

  1. Utterly ridiculous… Bunch of morons. So appalled at the lack of justice for the victim.

  2. Being gay does not get you a get away with it scott free card! Don’t use my sexuallity to get revenge!

    1. Someone hasn’t read the article.

  3. ...Paddyswurds 25 Oct 2012, 11:34am

    Anyone who seriously expected justice for a gay man in Kentucky really does need to wake up and smell the coffee. Kentucky is in the vile bibble belt and religion is all they know…. hillbilly country in other words….

  4. The law is an Ass especially in the USA and even more so in the deep South

  5. I wonder what this so called jury would consider evidence to this being a hate crime as relatives of these thugs gave them actually more than they needed.

  6. My thoughts go out to Kevin Pennington. An obscene verdict and a stupid jury.

  7. So if someone asks you for drugs then you kidnap them and attack them? … Theres testimony from witnesses as to the actual reason (the defendants OWN FAMILY). Ridiculous.

  8. Absolutely disgusting.
    Seems to me that the jurors in this case simply have chosen to ignore the facts.
    “It was not clear why jurors late Wednesday rejected that argument” kind of says it all.

    My thoughts go out to Kevin Pennington and his family.

  9. Jim Nashville 26 Oct 2012, 12:53am

    I object to some of the terms and words used against kentucky . granted it is no the most progressive state for gay rignts and yes justice for a gay man is almost always not going to happen when gay is used .. but they were found guilty of other charges .
    so there was some justice .. so all of you who thought to call names and point fingers there are plenty of gblt living and woring in kentucky so think before you run off at the smart ass mouth .. look where you live I bet all isnt rosy in your country either goggle kentucky and learn somethng

  10. just read a new and (better) article on Huffington Post

    1) The victim was a drug dealer selling drugs over a long period of time to one of the defendants sister.
    2) Ashley and Alexis Jenkins are bisexual (the other 2 defendants in the case)
    3) Jason Jenkins wanted to have sex with Pennington and threatened to rape him
    4) Anthony Jenkins considered having sex with Pennington to pay for drugs …

    I can see why the jury would be reluctant to agree it was motivated by hatred against gays … I’m not even convinced of it myself.

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