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Boris Johnson launches bidding process for capital’s Pride event

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Reader comments

  1. Love Boris!!!

  2. Seems like a reasonable approach

  3. why does not he publicise this at a larger scale?? why did he not release the funds for world pride to allow floats to be on??? why did not westminster and GLA issued the licence when by the tuesday before pride it was clear that a group of gay businesses had put the money forward???? why did only westminster only told pride 9 days before pride that they were revoking the licence for the floats and soho events?? does Mr johnson needs to get gay voters on his side as election approches in a few years???

  4. So, precisely who actually owns Pride then? Certainly not Boris!

  5. Considering the shambles of this year, with organisers who couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag this is the most sensible thing for Pride’s largest financial backer to do, to ensure that the money is spent properly and not frittered away as it has been in the past.

    1. Good post.

  6. I think its a great idea,but lets clip the wings of the egotistical and rivalries.

    Also bringing in some expert event organisers might help.

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