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US: Top New York court rejects appeal against equal marriage law

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Reader comments

  1. People trying to say that religious beliefs have a place in the legal system again. How tiresome. The majority to not have sway over the rights of the minority.

    I wonder what the bigots’ next line of attack will be.

  2. Cardinal Capone 24 Oct 2012, 12:28am

    How can a group that is trying to stop people marrying call themselves “New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms”. Are they taking the piss?

    1. Bit of an oxymoron isn’t it?

    2. seems to be a common theme in the US, if a group has the name family or freedom in their name its very likely they stand for the exact opposite of that

  3. For once, a court has done the right thing.

    1. “for once…..”? really? I think you will find that (especially senior) judges are way more liberal than you give them credit for.

  4. “Rogue legislators” = democratically elected representatives whose views I don’t agree with.

    This group’s idea of “Constitutional Freedoms” clearly doesn’t include representative democracy. Perhaps they should try a country with different “constitutional freedoms” – Iran, maybe, or North Korea.

    1. Something tells me they would be happy with Iran and it’s religious intolerance.

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