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US: Research shows rise in teenage suicides from bullying

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  1. If you find yourself wanting to take your life due to bullying please contact someone. Support U, a charity here to help in confidence. Email us at

  2. Absolutely shocking reading. But we’ve known about this for ages. We’ve known its been going on. PN has reported on many of them and every one of them I read and discussed with friends and all of us were quite touched and somewhat angry.

    Why is so little being done to stop bullying?

    A lot of work needs to be done to encourage teens who are victims of bullying to come forward and report the bullies.

    1. We need to make it illegal for anyone to preach against homosexuality. I don’t care what your “holy” book says about it. You are wrong. You are causing harm. Stop it now.

      1. It would be slightly more tolerable if they didn’t ignore most of the “laws” in the “holy” book. If it wasn’t for the serious consequences the blatant cherry picking would be hilarious.

      2. Yes, but it’s as well not to underestimate the power of tribalism and the pressures of social conformity either: most humans are pack animals who will exclude those they see as weak or unconventional, and this trait is sometimes seen at its worst in the schoolyard. The work needs to be done with people who are in a position to influence, the adults, but still too few appear to be willing to take a strong stance against bullying.

  3. ...Paddyswurds 23 Oct 2012, 6:29pm

    There is one group above all who must shoulder the blame for this tragedy and that is the religious and their evil books of pre historic fables of evil.
    To the inevitable apologists who will scream “you can’t generalise or paint us all with the same brush” I say this. Fine, but what have you done to change your particular cults view of gay people and the homophobia we suffer from the religious and in particular religious schools?.
    Stand up and be counted….

    1. they havent done anything because religion is facing extinction due to logical science. This “gay agenda” war they have created seems to be the very foundation needed to prove they are doing this imaginary gods work – sad really, they need to hate to prove faith and that faith feeds the belief in a god. You would need to break the delusional mindset before any of them could understand what they are doing is wrong under any circumstance. That very blindspot will bring them down – it is only a matter of time

      1. religion is facing extinction due to logical science.

        I so wish I could agree with you, but all the evidence appears to point in the other direction. Certainly some denominations of the major organised religions are losing ground, but that’s being replaced by the vast numbers of evangelical movements taking hold in developing nations.

        The fact that every major UK newspaper now has a horoscope column doesn’t really bode well for the triumph of science or logic.

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