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MEPs report Nick Griffin to European Parliament for tweeting gay couple’s address

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Reader comments

  1. I’m very encouraged to hear about this development. Well done to Michael Cashman and his Labour MEP colleagues. Anyone who is prepared to draw an MEP’s salary should indeed be expected to behave according to its rules and standards.

  2. Excellent news.

  3. Thanks goodness someone’s doing something abou this self-loathing hypocrite. Nice to see more people are realising the real cause of Griffin’s hatred.

  4. Hopefully this is the end of his political career, I think everybody’s had enough.

  5. Glad that Cashman and co did it, but why did it take them a week?
    Surely it’s a quick phonecall or e-mail?

    1. you’d think that but doing anything officially when it comes to EU business takes ages, the joys of bureaucracy lol

  6. Does anyone know what the sanctions are likely to be?

    1. Sacking hopefully!

      1. We can but hope!

  7. mickie_newton 26 Oct 2012, 8:54pm

    Yes!!! Well done MEPs!!! This man should never have got a flaming seat in the first place…vile human being that he is!!!

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