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Home address of Nick Griffin shared on Facebook

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Reader comments

  1. I’m sure that Mr Griffin will have no problem at all with his personal details being shared online in this way. After all, he didn’t see a problem with his sharing of someone else’s.

  2. Well it appears karma is a bit of a bitch doesn’t it Mr Griffin?

  3. David Wainwright 23 Oct 2012, 8:31pm

    I saw this photograph two days ago and had no hesitation in liking it and sharing it , what is good for the goose is good for the gander , however i did fall short of calling for a demonstration and drama outside of his home , his daughter and her husband have also had their home village posted on facebook , what Mr Griffin can play at maybe emulated he is after all a LEADERENIE and should expect to be followed in all he does religiously and without question :)

  4. That There Other David 23 Oct 2012, 8:40pm

    He’ll probably be most worried that all the other far right twots he’s upset over the years now know where he is. Most likely he’s already demanded police protection.

  5. Looks like a British justice panel will be going to his place to give him a….

    ban from being an MEP.

  6. FFS, I did this ages ago. Old news.

  7. Don Harrison 23 Oct 2012, 10:28pm

    I was glad :) to know that his address has been revealed. Give Griggin some of his own medicine.

  8. “Although he is now an MEP for the North West, Mr Griffin still appears to be a resident of the area.”

    An accurate observation. Griffin visits our region only rarely, and then usually on internal BNP business. Fortunately there are 6 normal MEPs and 1 UKIP MEP to provide any representation which we in the north west might need.

    1. That There Other David 23 Oct 2012, 11:07pm

      Encourage your neighbours to actually get out and vote in the next Euro elections. Turnout needs to be high enough that the BNP vote becomes insignificant. He’s only in Strasbourg because everyone sat on their backsides last time round.

  9. The photograph was taken by a guy on Twitter in response to one of Crazy Griffin’s tweets.

    Bet it sucks to be Griffin now haha

  10. The fact that Mr Griffin’s empty threats were not acted upon is excellent news.

    It shows that there is no public appetite for divisive homophobic thuggery.

    And it has exposed Mr Griffin as a spent force, whose “British Justice team” exists only in his delusional imagination.

    1. Even a lot of so-called ‘far right’ supporters aren’t all that homophobic so, of course, it wasn’t going to get anywhere. I was BNP supporter and will be a supporter of a new nationalist party to be lauched soon which will take a far more liberal line on homosexuality/bisexuality than the BNP did. A lot of nationalists really don’t give a damm what gays/bisexuals get up to provided it is private. There is no contradiction between being gay and being a nationalist/patriot.

      1. So you can be liberal with homosexuality but still remain bigoted to non-whites?

        1. I wouldn’t call it ‘bigoted’. I would call it being a nationalist. Yes, I believe there is no contradiction between being gay/bisexual and a nationalist and/or a patriot. Some previous NF activists have been gay. Martin Webster is one of the more famous examples. I have always thought this issue gets more airtime than it deserves. I have never had a problem with gays/bisexuals. Other people’s sexual orientation and how they act on it or not doesn’t interest me if it takes place in private. I wouldn’t ban gay pride marches but I don’t understand why you hold them seeing as you aren’t a persecuted minority group like you could claim to be in the past.

        2. I wouldn’t call it ‘bigotry’. Having nationalist feelings towards members of your own nation is natural. There have been NF activists in the past who have been gay. Martin Webster was one of the more famous examples. Personally, I don’t really give a damm what somebody else’s sexuality is or how they act upon it provided it is done in private. I would be very reticent about banning gay pride marches but I do wonder why you hold them. After all, it isn’t as if you are a persecuted minority group like you could claim to be in the past.

          1. Out of interest, do you support gay marriage? Not that I would be interested in your party, either way.

  11. His name and address has been published on all their literature since 2008. The address is down a country lane he lives on a farm his farming neighbours are friendly towards him and they have shooting competitions on the farm land which is also advertised I think they call it “the red white and blue”? Fundraising competitions. His addresses also published on their website with photographs of the country lane and the farmland competitions to raise funds. Peter Tatchell should already know this.

    1. This is a reply to Andykins. I am reticent about supporting gay marriage as it does involve changing the fundamental definition of an ancient social institution though some of the rhetoric about it has been over the top I think. If Cameron does pass it, I wouldn’t think it worthwhile for a political party to die in a ditch about it and commit to restoring the previous definition. Also, if passed then churches ect must not be forced to commit ceremonies as that will infringe the rights of a religion and no government should do that. I certainly do support civil partnerships though I was opposed to them when they were first announced. It isn’t reasonable for any party to be opposed to them now.

      Out of interest, why do homosexuals hold ‘gay pride’ marches? I can understand why you held them in the past when you were a persecuted minority but why hold them now? After all, straights don’t hold ‘straight pride’ marches.

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