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US: Bullied trans student gets suspended

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Reader comments

  1. ‘…sexual orientation did not provoke this incident.’
    Tranny faggot just popped out of nowhere then?

    1. Miguel Sanchez 23 Oct 2012, 3:23pm

      You’re spot on mate. I guess they don’t want to address that. I hope Dee files suit against the school board.

      Teachers need to open their eyes and accept the fact they have to protect all students against bullying.

    2. David Myers 24 Oct 2012, 8:33am

      Suing school boards for failure to provide a safe learning atmosphere for everyone gets their attention every time!

  2. And another case of ‘lets try to hide all the gays’

  3. GingerlyColors 23 Oct 2012, 5:02am

    This is typical. Nobody gives a damn when somebody gets bullied but as soon as the bullied fights back action gets taken against the wrong person.

    1. David Myers 24 Oct 2012, 8:35am

      The artcile says they applied the same punishment to both persons, but that is certainly not fair. It shoud be applied only to the one who initiated it. This was not an issue about “fighting” it is an issue about bullying!

  4. So would they have suspended the perpetrator had the victim not fought back? I doubt it very much.

    Seems to me that they school would be happier had the victim not fought back, then they could continue to bury their head in the sand about bullying.

  5. Katie Kool-eyes 23 Oct 2012, 8:42am

    Ok, I get violence is wrong, but let’s push that aside for just a moment shall we and consider the following:

    If this nasty girl had been harrasing Dee, why then did the school not do anything about it?
    As an institute of education, this should have been stopped well before Dee felt desperate enough to use violence in return.

    I blame the girl for bullying, but I blame the institute of education more for doing nothing about it, then suspending the victim along with the aggressor.


  6. I’m guessing that the way that the slushee(ing) is treated on glee isn’t to far off the mark in that some pupils feel free to bully those who are different without fear of censure from teachers.

    1. Sadly that is true. I recently read a book called “It’s Your Time You’re Wasting: A Teacher’s Tales of Classroom Hell” where the author comments on a bit of gay bashing by one pupil on another (who may or may not actually be gay, just that a homophobic slur is used) that “you’ve got to pick your battles”.

  7. “The school investigated the incident thoroughly and it appeared that sexual orientation did not provoke this incident.”
    Quite. I was just telling this to the unicorns that live in my garden.

  8. That’s the zero tolerance fighting policies. I have seen that over and over again while I was in school. It doesn’t matter if the victim is trans, gay, or just an easy target- if they fight back they get in trouble. It happened to me. I got ISS in 5th grade for 3 days because I fought back when a girl attacked me during lunch at school.

    1. David Myers 24 Oct 2012, 8:37am

      If they had zero tolerance on bullying it would not have gotten to a fight stage, clearly!

  9. joelNevada 23 Oct 2012, 4:35pm

    what did provoke it then, the off flavor of the offending beverage or the incoming fist of flesh?

  10. The school is right: her sexual orientation did not provoke the incident. Her gender orientation on the other hand… Leave it to a school to give a half truth… and get away with it.

    1. Her gender identity was obviously the primary issue, yes, although “faggot” would appear to be a reference to what the other girl (mis)perceived her sexual orientation to be.

  11. I agree with Ian bower. How can sexual orientation not be the reason or this fight when she was called a tranny faggot. I’m sorry but I think the school need to take another look at the investigation

  12. Zackariah Sloane 16 Nov 2012, 6:13pm

    Having come from a Maryland School myself, I can tell you that the entire school system need some improvement on this. LBG kids are mostly covered, but when you’re transgender, it causes a lot more issue.

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