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New York: Lesbian couple banned from wedding venue

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Reader comments

  1. Yes… stopping two loving people from marrying is… the family path!! Of course! Hah. No better way to keep families together than… by stopping them from getting wed?


    Best of luck to the women.

  2. Sounds familiar to UK LGBT people looking for B&B ;)

  3. In the US we have the cases of a young gay guy being held prisoner in some room of a church and two women banned from a wedding venue.

    In the UK, we have two near identical cases of a gay couple being banned from B&B’s, whose owners are devout Christians.

    Because of all the hype surrounding LGBT ‘rights’ at the moment, we’ll now see every religious cause come out to try and denigrate these rights in any which way they can.

    If this includes holding gay guys prisoner in a church and supervising them when they go to toilet, based on the irrational and COMPLETELY paranoid knee jerk reaction in case he masturbated… then I do wonder just what depths of depravity these religious nuts will sink to next.

    Course, they’ll probably see to it, that the LGBT community is banned from using/sharing anything likely to be required for use by str8 people.

    Oh no, a gay guy on a train… quick, get him off and wrap in cotton wool and try to condition him to be str8.

  4. I’m so pleased to see this getting the attention that it is. I live very close to Liberty Ridge, my husband’s aunt and uncle actually live a stone throw away from it, and I’m shocked that this has happened here. Liberty Ridge’s Facebook page has exploded with people sharing their disapproval and vowing not to return. That, at least, is good to see.

  5. 2 blokes over here took a hotel to court because of discrimination and won.

    A hotel is a business and therefore cannot discriminate private home or not.

    Seems the USA still has antiquated laws.

    1. Cardinal Capone 23 Oct 2012, 12:52am

      No, it sounds like they have a similar law if you read the article, but some people believe they have a special right to ignore it.

      1. When reading the article, it seems that they can refuse service on religious grounds. Which they are not allowed to do in the UK

        1. The exception is for faith groups, not individuals.

          In the US, churches run a lot of businesses. Businesses owned by a church can discriminate.

          Mr and Mrs Gifford own their own business. Hence the faith group exception does not apply to them, whatever their religious views. The Giffords will lose this case, as others have before in similar cases.

  6. “…however faith groups can legally refuse to provide wedding ceremonies for gay couples.”
    Welcome to New York. Where Farms are faith groups.
    Wait, what?

  7. Discriminate if you must but you can’t run a business on those grounds.
    It does make my blood boil when bigots use the word ‘family’ to exclude us.

    1. Cardinal Capone 23 Oct 2012, 12:55am

      These people have hijacked words like “family” and “Christian” so they acquire an intolerant, political meaning. Not representative of what they mean to most people at all.

    2. Quite right, Cal.

      “…we are a family business, and we just feel we ought to stay down the family path.” Nobody’s asking you to do anything else, numbskull!

  8. They deserve to be taken to the cleaners.

  9. “Under New York law, places which serve the public are banned from discriminating on the grounds of sexual orientation; however faith groups can legally refuse to provide wedding ceremonies for gay couples.”

    A farm offering weddings sounds like a business offering a service to me. Does not sound like a “faith group”.

  10. This is what needs to happen. It’s the only way we can get laws changed and opinions of course.

    If Rosa Parks had never stepped on the bus where would racial rights be for the African Americans?

  11. Kathryn Howie 23 Oct 2012, 1:44pm

    Of-course farms are places of religious observance and ploughing is religious observance and a sacriment, every seed is sacred. The R Catholic Church is a fertility cult afterall.

  12. Mr and Mrs Gifford will lose this case. They have no defence.

    Whatever the Giffords’ reason for defending this hopeless case, they are very likely being encouraged and bankrolled in this expensive and pointless course by the anti-gay lobby – and we know what their purpose is.

    That lobby’s purpose in defending the case is to make the Giffords into bogus “martyrs”. Anti-gay groups will take every opportunity to claim that marriage equality has resulted in the Giffords are being “bullied” – when in fact this anti-discrimination law is unconnected to marriage equality and predates it by many years.

    Indeed the Giffords’ actions would have been just as illegal if Ms Erwin and Ms McCarthy had planned to marry in another state and to celebrate at Liberty Ridge, or to hold a symbolic wedding without a legal ceremony.

    But in a few weeks or months the Giffords will be starring in an advert telling voters to vote no on gay marriage, or they’ll find themselves getting sued.

    1. Exactly, the VT B&B owners who were successfully sued for $30,000, are now appearing in anti=marriage equality campaign videos.

  13. Jim Nashville 23 Oct 2012, 3:41pm

    staying down the family path of bigots homophobes and haters..
    good way to show that all families with gay children arent welcome . then excluding all gblt adults in loving family envirnoments . those marrying or married … they are just a bunch of bigots .. they are a open to the public so they are in violate state law

  14. Robert Brown 23 Oct 2012, 6:34pm

    It really is horrendous . . .

    I just hope we don’t start ‘not serving’ people based on sexuality, religion etc again . . . URGH . . .


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