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Video: Preacher in Missouri gives speech on LGBT rights with a surprise ending

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Reader comments

  1. Spot on Phil!
    This is what we’ve been saying all along, that you couldn’t slip a Risla paper between the arguments presented against racial equality in the 50’s and the arguments against gay equality now.
    Right down to the arguments that our equal rights are somehow “special privileges” in spite of being no different in principle to the rights straight people take for granted every day.
    In a way it’s good that this historical parallel is drawn by a preacher, cause we’ve been pointing out this simple precedent for years, but evangelical christians refuse to listen cause ‘those uppity gays speak with forked tongues’.

  2. A brilliant video, reminding today’s homophobic religionists of the striking similarity between their own current prejudices against LGBT people, and their forebears’ prejudices against black people.

  3. Excellent video, and so very true. Shwoing this by swapping the two phrases in this way is a brilliant way to demonstrate that fact.

    Some phrases ‘christian’ fundies have used are pretty much word for word the arguments that were used try to stop interracial marriage, yet they seem to blinded by their prejudice to realise that.

  4. Fantastic! Just shows that the simplest techniques are so often the most effective.

    (In passing, wasn’t the original rhetoric used against integration just unbelievable?)

  5. ...Paddyswurds 21 Oct 2012, 1:15pm

    Hurrah that man. I want to see this on the evening news on the BBC and ITV. Just brilliant and is a drum I have been banging since our call for equality began I intend downloading this video and sending copies as far and widely as possible….

  6. Brilliant piece of campaigning, especially if happy-clappies are listening. And he is gorgeous!!
    An American friend of mine is an ex-fundamentalist who spent years and a fortune going through ‘gay cures’ but it has left him in the position of being a sharp Biblical scholar. He often talks to fundamentalist congregations in the US and shows them how selective and dodgy their ‘appeals to Scripture’ are. Needless to say, they are usually quite unaware of the incoherence of their own position.
    None of this hokum interests most of us but such campaigners make a very important contribution to lgbt rights in parts of the world where evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity is strong.

  7. Aryu Gaetu 21 Oct 2012, 1:53pm

    He’s brilliant, that’s true. But, unfortunately, did you notice the confused onlookers? It went over the heads of 99% of them… most likely, the city council, too.

    1. Yes indeed, but in years to come he will be rewarded by the knowledge that he was right and that he he preserved his integrity.

    2. He deliberately set out to confuse. I don’t believe anyone there will fail to get his message, even if they disagree with it. Guys like this teach me not to tar all Christians with the same brush.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Oct 2012, 2:03pm

    Amazingly well orchestrated. Notice the lack of applause, only one or two hands clapping.

  9. Ha, buuurrn. ^_^

  10. Har Davids 21 Oct 2012, 6:48pm

    I didn’t see it coming, to be honest, even though I’m aware of the similarities between segregation and gay rights.

  11. ‘Special rights for gays and lesbians’. The same old right-wing rhetoric. It’s about EQUAL rights, not ‘special rights’. Why would we want ‘special rights’? That’s an insult. We’d throw ‘special rights’ right back at them. We don’t want that, we want equality. The far right always say ‘special rights’ in regards to gay equality. They’re very transparent. There’s little difference, if any at all, between far right Christians and the BNP.

    1. Did you watch right to the end?

  12. Quite simply: prepare for being named and shamed by your children’s generation, in the future, if you continue this stupidity…

    It’s not a bluff, it’s a fact of life – be prepared for the consequences of your actions.

  13. Mister Fister 22 Oct 2012, 4:14pm

    What a guy! Absolutely brilliant. I got up at the end of the video and clapped and cheered. This has put a grin on my face for the rest of the week. See, there are still some decent, righteous people on this planet. Shame there’s not more like him.

  14. Jim Nashville 22 Oct 2012, 7:05pm

    what an amazing video . what an amazing preacher .. to put himself out front in the debate for what is no more then our legal equal rights ..
    is a brave and courageous thing ..
    to speak aloud the truth shows to me what kind of preacher he is . one who knows the truth

  15. GingerlyColors 23 Oct 2012, 5:27am

    Amazing! This just shows how Christianity in America was used to justify discrimination against blacks only half a century ago in the same way it is now used to oppose issues such as marriage equality for gays. Don’t forget that it was only in the late 1960’s when an episode of Star Trek got banned for showing the first major inter-racial kiss between Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhuru. No doubt at that time there was a lot of debate about inter-racial marriage and many churches refused to conduct such ceremonies. It looks like we will not be sitting at the back of the bus for much longer.

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