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Angelina Pivarnick apologises for ‘ignorant comments’, now supports equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 21 Oct 2012, 1:44am

    The word ‘vacuous’ was invented for this women.

    Under any normal circumstance I would be glad someone had seen the light, but in her case, her previous comments where nothing short of a gift from the Gods. They epitomised the rank stupidity of the Bible educated opposition to equal marriage and the dumbness of their reasoning

  2. it says alot about our culture when someone like this osition is worthy of comment

  3. who cares what this dumbo believes or thinks -well she doesn’t think, a case of mouth engaging before brain, oh does she have a brain.

  4. Unlike Paris Hilton, this actually sounds like a genuine apology and change of heart! Always nice to see someone come round to the side of sense and non-discrimination :D

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 21 Oct 2012, 10:04am

      The only thing is, reading what she had to say before and the way she said it, a lot more thought went into the apology that she would seem capable of. I suspect her publicist pointed out the error of her ways and drafted something to smooth things over.

      Her anti-gay stance was all to do with her life-time held religious convictions – those don’t change over night (if at all).

      The only time this girl opens her mouth is to change feet – she didn’t not come up with that apology on her own, and I don’t believe it was her idea.

      If it was then I’m sure its the first ‘idea’ that girl has ever had.

      She appears to me to be totally dumb.

  5. de Villiers 21 Oct 2012, 9:22am

    She made a reference to something being ‘unAmerican’ – as if you could have something that was ‘unEnglish’ or ‘unFrench’.

    In all case, her ridiculous volte face, the childish expression of ‘reaching out’ and the patronising assumption that now everything is okay is only too American. Why is it so often with American culture that nothing is deeper that the first degree?

  6. What is worrying is that brainless people like this have a vote.
    How many people like her would vote one way this week and the opposite way next week?
    I think you should have to pass a basic knowledge test before being allowed to vote.
    Nothing difficult but something that shows you have read a newspaper once in the last six months.
    Questions about how your government system works for example. Nothing you would need a degree for but that showed at least that you understood the consequences of voting.

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 21 Oct 2012, 10:05am

      The safeguard in her case it the X required in the box. She’ll never get past that.

  7. Scarecrow? Is that you talking, Scarecrow? “If I only had a brain.”

  8. It’s a scary world where people like this become famous, and not even for their extreme idiocy.

  9. Every redneck that changes their mind is good news. Happy ending.

    1. not sure it was she who changed her mind but someone who may have changed it for her

  10. Darling, that’s just lovely. You are my hero. I too support equal rights for gay penguins. Penguins have every right to… oh….people.
    Wasn’t this week penguins? Darling?

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