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France delays equal marriage debate

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Reader comments

  1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 19 Oct 2012, 7:26pm

    First date was 24 October, later – 24 October, now – 7 November. It sounds very familiar (Queens speech this May)… And what next? I became some fear with this strange ‘dejavue’.

    1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 19 Oct 2012, 7:27pm

      …later – 31 October…

  2. It doesn’t sound like a big delay and it was a bit strange putting the bill out a day before a bank holiday in France when most MPs are probably going to be taking a long weekend off. The 7th sounds like a more practical date? I think most of the mayors and deputies were UMP members so it’s not surprising for them to sign a petition.

  3. Another interesting story in france….

    meanwhile, anti-gay tweets continue to sky rocket unchallenged…..!/today/

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Oct 2012, 8:39pm

    Not surprising. I wonder how much coverage this will get in the UK press? I haven’t seen much. Let’s hope when the French parliament votes yes on November 7, it will make a lot of noise in our media. I can already hear the Anne Widdecombe ‘types getting their knickers in a twist or in her case, bloomers.

    1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 19 Oct 2012, 9:38pm

      On November 7 the Socialist government just will gave for the proposal of same-sex marriage bill the ‘final approval’. Lower House of the parliament, ‘Assemblee Generale’, will vote on this as early as February next year, and the Upper House, The Senate,- even later. It will be wonderful to have same-sex marriage in France at least in summer next year…

  5. I don’t think this has anything to do with the religious right. I think it has more to do with the French holiday and perhaps even the US election on November 6.

    It’s only a week delay. This is no time for hysterics.

    Keep calm and carry on!

  6. Looks like the god squad been putting their oar in again. Can’t believe that the jewish representative is involved though-not after the way the jews were demonised and murdered during WW2. Have they learnt nothing?

    1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 19 Oct 2012, 9:41pm

      Yes, nothing… Catholics, Muslims and Jews together against gay rights – its like ecumenical wonder for one day.

    2. MamaMario13 20 Oct 2012, 3:27pm

      France is supposedly one of the least religious countries in the world though. Not as much so as Holland and the Scandinavian countries but nonetheless, I think the faith leaders have much less power there than they think.

      1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 20 Oct 2012, 4:32pm

        I hope! But I am not shore… Political elite of ‘La Republique’ is more or less conservative, including Socialists. And reforms, both economic and social, are beloved by nobody.

  7. “On Thursday, France’s Chief Rabbi Gilles Bernheim joined other religious leaders in opposing the plans”

    When did you ever hear of a chief rabbi approve of SSM? Isn’t it taken for granted by now that they are going to disaprove?

  8. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 21 Oct 2012, 2:28am

    Gee whizz another delay on justice, compassion and equality! Sounds like France is having second thoughts hey!?

    The left-wing France Socialist Government needs to fully wake up and get their head out of the clouds with stupid french right-wing conservative scumbags and implement what they actually PROMISED now!

    Why did they change their mind all of a sudden!?

    Or maybe the one week delay on the “Equality In Both Marriage Adoption Bill” should also include amendments to fully allow IVF access and parentage for both single women and lesbians!

    Both unmarried heterosexual couples and unmarried gay couples SHOULD be allowed to adopt children as well!

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