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UK: Equal marriage film director turns his attention to same-sex parenting

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Reader comments

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the film. It’s not right that children are denied legal protection just because they have same sex parents. It’s totally unjust.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Oct 2012, 12:26pm

    There is irrefutable and overwhelming evidence from legitimate medical associations that the children of gay parents do incredibly well in their formative years. It’s extremely important that the facts are included in the video. There is absolutely NO reason to deny gay parents the legal protections they need to raise children.

  3. Oh please don’t! That Homecoming video was AWFUL!

    Of course I agree with the sentiments and the aim, but the execution was painful to watch!

    1. I hope he at least takes a course or something before filming again…

  4. Mike is a lovely, polite, hard-working young man and I hope this does really well.

  5. Len Stevens 18 Oct 2012, 2:07pm

    Our two sons (11 and 13) have four parents, two homes and mercifully no problems with their friends and relatives – just a slight danger of being spoilt rotten and over-parented! It really is about time the legal system in the UK and elsewhere caught up with todays realities – remarkably simple once the bigotry has evaporated…

  6. Bored of gay marriage already? Hope this film is better than the other one as it was appalling. Nice idea but rubbish film.

    Is this guy just about self publicity??

    1. Yowch! Come on now dACID, you don’t have to have liked the equal-marriage film (I didn’t either) but there’s no need to be so sour about this young man’s efforts – it’s a heck of a lot more than I’m doing, and I would guess you’re doing either, for equal rights. Why not save your vitriol for people who’re against us, rather than those who’re on our side?

      1. Badly executed campaigns can actually harm the cause they are promoting. The first film was a disaster and this guy should never be let behind a camera again- for his own good and ours. Just because someone has “made an effort” does not mean they are automatically beyond criticism. FAIL

        1. I think you’re getting a little carried away. It may not have had the impact the Australian film did, but in what way was it a ‘disaster’ and how exactly did it harm the cause?

  7. Good cause and he is rather easy on the eye.

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