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Northern Ireland Health minister to challenge gay adoption ruling

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Reader comments

  1. How is he even ALLOWED to be a Health Minister if he doesn’t believe in evolution? What’ll be his next policy “We’re removing all health funding as God will decide who gets better and who dies of illness and injury.”?


    1. Damn, you get there before me.

  2. Mr Poots’ attempt to blame the legislative delay on the judicial review process is like a burglar blaming the police.

    The legal situation has been clear since 2008. Stormont has failed to comply with the law, which is why this case has been brought.

    This is spelled out in the judge’s ruling, which I would advise Mr Poots to read, except the words may be a little too long for him.

    1. Of course his decision won’t be to blame for causing further delay. What a classic christian hypocrite.

  3. Mr Poots is also the Minister in charge of this issue:
    Edwin Poots announced in June that he was to retain the ban on gay people donating blood, saying: “I think that people who engage in high risk sexual behaviour in general should be excluded from giving blood…

  4. Cardinal Capone 18 Oct 2012, 3:35pm

    Can he be deported to the Ukraine or Russia, where he would be more at home?

    1. We shouldn’t let this overshadow what is a great judgement, very affirming for lesbian and gay parents, and worth reading if you are at all legally minded:

  5. The same Minister is responsible for the decision not to allow Gay men to donate blood!!!
    “Edwin Poots announced in June that he was to retain the ban on gay people donating blood, saying: “I think that people who engage in high risk sexual behaviour in general should be excluded from giving blood…”

  6. I was going to ask what’s wrong with these people, and then I read that Mr Poots doesn’t believe in evolution… Enough said.

  7. Stephen Glenn 18 Oct 2012, 4:07pm

    Of course the delay in amending Northern Ireland adoption legislation is down to the stubbornness of the DUP to even contemplate making it non-discriminatory.

    The fact that the original order got amended to deliberately exclude anyone in a civil partnership is the issue. That has already been exposed as an deliberate act, as Mr Justice Treacy pointed out a gay or lesbian individual can adopt, but as soon as they commit in a relationship they are not allowed to!

    There lies the moronic nature of Poots argument.

  8. Hopefully Sinn Fein will win the next election in NI as at least they accept evolution (unlike the evangelical christian DUP).

    Sinn Fein are on course to be NI’s biggest party after the next election.

  9. How the hell has this man remained in his post. The NI First Minister needs to urgently reshuffle his cabinet.

    1. That would be Peter Robinson – another insane fundamentalist christian.

      The DUP are a crazed, extremist evangelical christian party.

      1. That There Other David 18 Oct 2012, 6:28pm

        Peter Robinson beats his corrupt backhander-taking wife, yet they both believe themselves superior to the general public.

        Lovely couple all in all.

  10. Only a religion-addled mouth-breathing dimwit thinks that children are better off in social care than adopted.

    And those who deny evolution should be immediately disqualified from office for being mentally impaired and/or suffering religion based delusions.

    1. That There Other David 18 Oct 2012, 6:31pm

      It makes you wonder whether in two thousand years time people will be praying to the goddess Hermione who helped the Almighty Harry cast the Dark Lord into a pit, doesn’t it?

      1. I admit I laughed. Difference, of course, Harry Potter was a nice guy whereas the christian god is a bit fond of brutality and genocide – indeed, it has far more in common with Voldemort.

        1. Yes, give the religious 2000 years though and Harry Potter could become just as nasty.
          It’s all in the interpretation you see, of something written 2000 years ago.
          A Potterist Inquisition? It could happen

  11. DJ Sheepiesheep 18 Oct 2012, 6:52pm

    A health minister who doesn’t believe in evolution. Well lets see if we can change his mind. If he ever contracts a really nasty disease (any one will do, as long as it’s potentially deadly) let’s give him the choice of 1950’s first generation drugs that worked perfectly well in the 1950’s or modern 21st century drugs. He will of course choose the 1950’s drugs as bacteria and viruses don’t mutate and evolve! Here’s hoping.

    1. What would you expect from someone whose ancestors can only be traced back 6000 years to the beginning of time.

      Mine go back several billion years so I am at a much more advanced state than him.

    2. Exactly – beautifully put. I once read an online post by a Creationist who basically claimed that birds could not have evolved because nothing running along the ground would sensibly try to launch itself into the air.
      An amusing mentality at times, but not in ministerial office.

  12. barriejohn 18 Oct 2012, 6:54pm

    Ireland’s very own Edward Tattsyrup: “We don’t bother the outside world; we don’t want it bothering us. The strangers you would bring would not understand us, our customs, our local ways.”

    In which century are these people living?

  13. ...Paddyswurds 18 Oct 2012, 7:21pm

    The ignorant backward homophobe Edwin Poots is a minister in the devolved government of the north of Ireland and is a member of the Democratic Unionist Party, the same party that harbours the vile Iris Robinson, who is fond of teenage sex with butchers boys and whose cuckolded husband is the equally vile Peter Robinson, First Minister. The DUP was set up by the bigot and evangelist, Ian Paisley now retired but who still holds sway over both the DUP and the Free Presbyterians, the church he established in the 1960s. The DUP and UUP recently voted against and killed a bill to establish Marriage Equality in Ulster.

    1. That’s a good summation of the unfortunate situation in Northern Ireland. For a jurisdiction so fundamentally dominated by clinging to one religion over another in order to define your identity it is sadly no wonder NI is so far behind the rest of the United Kingdom or indeed the Republic of Ireland.

    2. That’s a devolved government though not an evolved one.

    3. ...Paddyswurds 19 Oct 2012, 12:24pm

      I should have added that Poots is a farmer by trade and is well used to shovelling shyte…

      1. I think he’s way too busy shovelling shyte to do any farming at all!!!

  14. Cardinal Capone 18 Oct 2012, 9:17pm

    Politically and physically a wingnut. I thought my ears were bad till I saw his.

  15. Michael Inkpin-Leissner 18 Oct 2012, 9:24pm

    Id let him die, even if I would be the only person and gay to have the correct blood type. No actually not, because I believe in God. But I would seriously hat to save his life.!

    1. By all means donate the blood … and them tell him you are gay!!! Now THAT would seriously warp his head!!!!! ;-)

  16. trophy head is about as equipped to make this decision as Chiko judging on x factor, I hope your teeth rot in your nasty head you sack of filthy slime

  17. stop asking me what is 3 + 8 i’m drinking brandy

  18. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 19 Oct 2012, 2:22am

    The Northern Ireland health minister is a bigoted scumbag and should be sacked!

    The Queen or Privacy Council should have a Order-in-Council to forcible change the Northern Ireland law like they did with the age of consent just a couple of years back in Northern Ireland from 17 to 16 inline with the rest of the UK amd with other examples of the abolishment of the death penalty in 1991 in all the UK Territories and in 2001 the legalization of gay sex between men in all the UK Territories!

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