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Far-right Greek MP filmed shouting homophobic abuse over ‘gay’ play

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Reader comments

  1. Austerity and poverty has caused desperation. Desperation is easily exploited by extremism. This is entirely predictable and terrifying for members of any minority group in Greece.

    People have cause to be deeply alarmed by this, and it is most distressing that the media is largely ignoring a national meltdown, and will continue to do so for both politics and ratings purposes.

    I suppose the lessons of history have not been properly learned.

    1. Spanner1960 19 Oct 2012, 9:46am

      The thing is, this is not the first time this has happened.
      Similar events started two world wars not that long ago.

      1. Good point, though while you’re absolutely right about WWII I would suggest that the nationalist ideologies that underpinned WWI conflicts didn’t arise out of poverty and desperation (outside Russia anyway).

        1. Disagree. The reparations demanded after WWI led to economic disaster, hyper inflation and significant unrest that was used to whip up discontent.

          1. Quite right, I may not have been clear enough here but I was referring to the causes, not the results, of WWI.

    2. Jesus Mohammed 19 Oct 2012, 1:13pm

      Actually, Valksy, I’ve been following the Greek situation very closely for professional reasons for the last three years and in fact both the serious UK press (Guardian and Independent) and the Greek press have been describing the breakdown in the Greece in great detail.

  2. Pavlos Prince of Greece 18 Oct 2012, 10:33pm

    My only hope in this situation still is ‘Syriza’. But I have no illusions on gay rights in Greece in the very near future. Even if Supreme Court will rule in favor of same-sex marriage – who can to live and marry as openly gay couple in this Naizz-Orthodox clerical country? I not.

    1. Jesus Mohammed 19 Oct 2012, 1:15pm

      There is a Humanist Group in Greece, Pavlos. I hope you are a member of it.

      In my close experience of Greece so many LGBs in Greece are hidden right at the back of their own closets. Only the many Ts in Athens are out, and that’s because they have little choice.

      1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 19 Oct 2012, 5:26pm

        Yes, I know. But its very small. Even King Constantine II have more followers.

  3. Christopher in Canada 18 Oct 2012, 10:36pm

    Golden Dawn should change its name to “Bleakest Midnight”.

    1. Or Golden Shower.

  4. I only hope Greece’s neighbors have adequate plans in place, should Golden Dawn seize power.
    MOST people know exactly what happens when a bunch of ethnocentric nationalists get voted into power with a manifesto of hate and violence.

  5. Goldie Hawn? What she done now????

  6. Cardinal Capone 19 Oct 2012, 12:39am

    Fascists and Fundamentalists always look back to a golden age that never existed. But in this case, if there was a golden age, it was one where their greatest general, Alexander, had a boyfriend, and there were plenty of gays in the military.

  7. Such a beautiful country and people. What a tragedy Greece looks likely to sink to the bottom of the pit.

  8. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 19 Oct 2012, 2:49am

    Greece has just become a EU economic and social criminal disorder capital hell hole with bigoted scumbag politicians refusing to pass any legislation on LGBT rights!

    Greece was a beautiful country back in 2002 when I was 16 years old traveling with my parents to see ancient cities and ruins!

    Now Greece has just become a hell hole because of the Greek politicians and the Greek Orthodox Church having so much influence over politics, policy and law within Greece!

    1. Right wing politics and religious fundamentalism tend to be bedfellows because they both pander to the fearful – And history tells us that everything they touch turns into a rancid steaming pile.

      I envy you seeing those places as a young man. And this is the point that the right wing Greeks overlook – When your country gets a reputation as being a festering hateful cesspit, the tourism that was so very much a significant national industry for so long will never come back.

      I would love to see the Parthenon (as I would love to see the Pyramids in Egypt) but I know that I will never set foot in those places. And the more the political extremism takes root, the more people will stay away.

      Unless the people reject extremism with vigour, their country is just not going to recover.

      1. Jesus Mohammed 19 Oct 2012, 1:19pm

        Valksy, get your arse over to Athens, quick, before you croak!

        There are, right now, thousands and thousands of tourists in Athens from all over the world, enjoying the Acropolis and all of the monuments and the countless museums.

        No city on earth has as many hotels as Athens! You’re missing out unnecessarily.

        Don’t let a few flaming molotov cocktails on the odd demonstration day in Athens frighten you off! They’re just part of the Greek theatrics, and they only occur on protest days and only in Syntagma Square.

        Admittedly a lot of business have closed in downtown Athens, but I presume you wouldn’t be going to do your shopping.

        And on the islands, life goes on largely as it always has for tourists.

  9. It’s about time the Greek people admit that they and previous corrupt governments, are largely to blame for their woes, rather than accusing foreigners. It’s about time the ultra wealthy Orthodox Church stops taking salaries from the government and starts writing some cheques [better make that cash!]. It’s time that they start respecting GLBT rights and act like a 21st century society not a medieval theocracy.

    1. or what?

  10. End of his career

    1. Spanner1960 19 Oct 2012, 9:47am

      That’s what they said about Adolf Hitler.
      Then he got voted in as Chancellor.

  11. That’s odd! When I was younger, referring to somone as a Greek man was code for gay man. Didn’t they invent gay sex?

    1. I think it’s debatable to say it was invented by anyone really although I agree “greek” is a code word for anal sex. However, the Greek Orthodox church was founded and the christian tradition of peering into everyone’s bedroom and being hysterical about sex was established.

    2. Certainly not. But they were among the first not only to record but, to some extent, idealise certain limited aspects of love and sex between men. And to celebrate male beauty without any sense of shame or embarrassment too (and leave records to that effect), I suppose.

  12. Richard the Big Bunny 19 Oct 2012, 7:50pm

    Kill all the gay people — that will *totally* sort out the Greek economy.

  13. Thumbs up who’d like to kick the far right to the far south of Mars.

  14. Dimitris T 24 Oct 2012, 9:53pm

    To begin with, I am gay, 41 yo doctor. Gay people in Greece have to grow up in a toxic enviroment, which is totally hostile, or in the best case is making fun of them. Do not let sea and sun and ancient ruins drive you away. I usually wright in forums, where many homophobic people participate, that we are now asking for loans from openly gay ministers, which are at least not inferior to ours. What a striking difference!
    Macho culture was evident long before the rise of golden dawn. Golden Dawn exists about 2 decades, in 2009 elections they took 0.2% and in June 2012 7%, probably now they would take about 14%. Where were all these people? Supporting the two ex-big political parties, because they benefited in some ways, but they had no ideology or culture about human rights. Greece needs to be condemned by Human Rights court and pressurized by EU. EU pressurizes candidate countries and tolerates within the core of EU a country with laws about blasphemy, whatsoever.

  15. In the past years many members of the GD were involved in criminal acts but there was and there still is a provocative tolerance by authorities. What this MP said in Guardian that a great part of the police is cooperating with them is the bitter truth. I worry even about Athens Pride, where I go the last 5 years. European LGBT groups have to say a word to their Members of Parliament and Europarliament. European Press must stand up for fundamental rights in Greece. It would be interesting if some of you joined Greek fora, even if you would not understand what is said. Most of Greeks understand English, though.
    There are gay or gay-friendly fora in and
    start there and then you may join the forums in or other. Let’ s join our voices. 2 weeks ago GD unlawfully closed the theatre where Corpus Christi was performed. One and last performance was given in 12 OCT under stict police protection and actors then stopped because their life is threatened.

  16. soapbubblequeen 13 Sep 2013, 6:39pm

    Ugly fat bastard, hope he has a heart attack. Socrates and Plato would be turning in their urns if they could see Greece today.

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