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Wales: Teenager jailed for killing man after meeting victim on a gay website

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Reader comments

  1. Good I hope you rot in prison you vile piece of scum.


  2. Holy… this guy is obviously crazy as hell. After the prison sentence he should be committed to a psychiatric hospital as well. How on earth could anyone in their right mind do such a thing?

  3. He might like it in there, does everyone including himself a favour being in there

  4. Name the website!

    1. Not sure thats of any use Patsy -I guess if you are meeting someone via the internet NEVER EVER invite them to your house (some how that statement may be wasted I know a guy who uses gaydar and invites people around to his home -and it does concern me. I tell him to email me their user name but sadly he does not) meet them in a sauna if its sex your wanting or other public area. Sorry for rambling on here Im sure there are people who have been robbed or attacked and have not reported it.

      Just take care


      1. Absolutely right. Inviting a stranger to your house simply after Internet contact is very dangerous. Meeting on neutral territory (with CCTV if possible – assaults have even happened in relatively public spaces) is essential. Let someone know where you are going and make sure the planned hook-up knows you have told someone as well. Ideally, meet up a few times before sex to get to know the person and start to feel safe with him/her. None of this is fool-proof and the frustrated and closeted who are more into quick and anonymous sexual relief than new social contacts will likely disregard all of it. It is very sad and it is hard to know how to minimize these dangers effectively.

  5. I’m confused. “After the death of his wife in 2008… “My father met his murderer over the internet, which I hope will serve as a warning to others who meet strangers in this way.”

    Where does the GAY WEBSITE come in??

    Oh, and I agree. The guy is a sicko! He even filmed it? UGH!!

    1. He met the murderer on a gay website apparently.

    2. Well I suspect that maybe, just maybe this poor man was a closeted gay man. He obviously loved his wife, and so never said anything. And given his age there is no surprise there. I don’t think it’s confusing at all…just terribly sad

      1. Or possibly was bisexual?

  6. The epitome of evil. What an awful, awful story. I feel so sorry for the victim and his family. This is one occasion when I too hope that this piece of worthless crap rots in prison and leads a thoroughly miserable life.

    1. Thank you Iris – I just cannot understand why anyone would attack another person in this way never mind a man of 60 plus – let hope Bleddyn has a nice daddy in prison

  7. i`d stick to meeting someone in a gay bar/club.

    1. Not really an option for most people outside large cities or places with a gay scene, besides which many bars/clubs are expensive and can be intimidating especially if you aren’t a ‘type.’

      1. this is so true in London we have so much choice but stuck in Cornwall I guess this is one way of meeting people. Also some folk don’t have the funds to go out.

        must check out the police and other site for online safety google meeting people in person from online.

  8. It’s not exactly unusual for married ‘str8’ men to have sex with other men. Maybe this man took the opportunity to meet other men using a Gay website after his wife died, it’s not a crime. It must be an extra shock for the family, to learn this on top of the brutal premeditated murder of their Dad. 28 years is a long sentence, but it sends out the right message to those people who pray on the old and the lonely.

  9. I struggle to understand how anyone could be so full of hatred – of what? – to be so grotesquely and unimaginably violent. What a very depressing story.

  10. Yes-its not easy for a man of 64 to go out to gay bars and clubs in the hope of meeting someone. Furthermore-it could be that he didn’t want a relationship with another woman-preferring instead the promise of quick and easy sex that internet dating offers to us all. I have met many many pre-married widowers in similar situations. The murderer was obviously a pre-meditated killer picking on what he saw as ‘vulnerable’ and ‘easy pickings’ victims.

  11. Repeat after me “Yes, I’m Bubba’s bitch.”

  12. Best thing to happen to this sub-human is to spend the rest of his life in gaol. Surrounded by a whole bunch of sex-starved dudes who are hungry for a young, white piece of ass.

    1. I really do find it appalling that someone would use this sickening crime as food for their own fetid sexual fantasies.

  13. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Oct 2012, 1:23pm

    I don’t usually agree with the death penalty, but I think this is one case in which it is warranted. Arguably one of the most brutally vicious crimes against a gay man. Life in prison should mean life, no chance of early release. May his prison life be a living hell.

  14. perhaps PN might want to reconsider its page layout. After this sordid piece, there are the words “enjoyed this Article?” Really……

  15. Cardinal Capone 17 Oct 2012, 3:32pm

    What a nasty heterosexual.

    1. Who said he was hetero?? I’m really amazed at the amount of conjecture and speculation about what this article ‘said’ or didn’t ‘say’.

      IMHO, this is a poorly reported article.

  16. Extremely sad and sickening story. My thoughts are with the Evans’s family. Stay safe guys.

  17. The horror/hurriftiness of this man actions weather the person is gay/straight/bi is not justifibale in any terms and the reports/facts of what this individual did is unbelief.

  18. 28 years seems like nothing compared to this families loss and the horror and pain that poor man suffered during the attack O_o

  19. “the dangers of meeting strangers over the internet”

    because nobody was ever murdered by someone they met in real life??

  20. Such a shame, but i suspect after finding other articles and indeed pictures of this vile creature that he was indeed a closet case himself who clearly had severe issues with his sexuality, no doubt he will be loving it inside!!!!!!!!!,

    Incidentally, im sure we havent heard the last of this vile excuse as the uk justice system is so lax it will be out in a.just a few short years.

  21. Enjoy prison, you mouth-breathing scumbag.

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