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UK: Labour MP Chris Bryant to introduce ten minute equal marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. Fantastic news.

    It was clear that the Tories had zero intention of legislating for marriage equality, so this is excellent news.

    Hopefully it means that we can be equal citizens despite the endlessly delaying tactics of the Law and Justice Tory Party.

    (Does LGBTory welcome this development? Just joking. Of course they don’t).

    1. Of course it does not mean it will become law, but it will make it very difficult for Cameron to keep delaying this issue because he does not want to alienate the neo-fascist scum so prevalent in the Tory Party.

      There is a clear Commons majority in favour of equality – it is only the Tories who are opposed in large numbers.

      This may force Cameron’s hand on the issue.

    2. The tories were the ones that first said it was going to happen before 2015. This is just labour not wanting to be seen as less socially progressive than their competition.
      They had 13 years to do this though – too little too late.

      1. But the Tories regard equal civil rights as a free vote issue.

        Labour and the LibDems will whip the vote.

        What type of scumbag could ever think that a minority’s civil rights are a conscience matter.

        (Oh and seeing as the Tories have been in power for 2.5 years now and seeing as they have done NOTHING to introduce marriage equality in that time, it’s time to change the record about Labour. The Tories need to be forced on this – they are in power and only a terminally naive person would believe Cameron when he says he will introduce equal civil rights by 2015. I mean what’s wrong with immediate action?)

        1. So what? Vote or no vote labour done nothing in 13 years, it was less than 2 when the Tories promised us equal marriage. Is it a popularity grab? Of course it is but that doesn’t cheapen it in any way – that’s just how politics works.
          I’m supposed to prefer the hand that doesn’t feed over the one that does because of some irrelevant moral posturing from you?

          No, facts are facts:
          The tories are giving us gay marriage & labour made it clear they had no intention of (until their competitors beat them to it, at which point it’s a hollow sentiment).

          I’m guessing because the next general election is in 2015 and they want to be in good public standing at that point. Milliband would have done the same (if he would have actually done it at all).

          You political fanboys are annoying.

          1. The Tories are giving us gay marriage???????

            But when??????????

          2. Why do the Tories regard equality as a free vote issue for MP’s?

            Equal civil rights are NOT a free vote or a conscience issue.

    3. Craig Nelson 16 Oct 2012, 6:03pm

      It could become law if the government provided it with parliamentary time, which as Tories are so divided on the matter is not an entirely bad idea.

      Any way I very much welcome the initiative.

    4. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Oct 2012, 8:02pm

      They had 13 years to give us equal marriage and they didn’t bother. They are fooling only the most stupid among us with this little stunt

      1. Conveniently overlooking the fact that during their 13 years in power they did a hell of a lot more than what the Tory scum of the 80’s and 90’s gave us – Section 28.

        And why have the Tories done nothing but hold irrelevant consultations in the last 2.5 years?

        1. Yep you’re right David, gays in the military, oh blimey no, the ECHR forced that on the Labour government.

          Civil partnerships, employment protection, anti-discrimination legislation – oh blimey again no, all forced on us by European treaties.

          In fact we got nothing at all that wasn’t required of us by our membership of Europe. You and the other Labour trolls may not like it, but you can’t change it.

          Labour had 13 years to introduce marriage equality. It was not a requirement of Europe. We did not get it.

          Thumb me down all you please. Fact is fact

          1. But you do acknowledge that Labour were streets ahead of the Tory Scum who had been in power for the previous 18 years?

            Did Europe also force Labour to remove the Tory-imposed, neo-fascist Section 28 from the statute books?

          2. Labour under Blair on sexual minorities was very much doing what was required by the ECHR or the EU only as far as the Roman church would allow. With the PM only waiting until the end of his term of office to join that church, and consulting the Pope at every move, and devout church members in charge of registry offices (as Chief Secretary to the Treasury), education, and law reform, etc., that was certain.

            Section 28 was required to be removed in order to comply with the ECHR as enacted in UK law by the Human Rights Act, a requirement the previous Tories had resisted all the way, and which caused there to be so many UK cases at the Strasbourg court – because UK courts lacked the necessary powers.

            It was new ECHR judgments, and EU law, that pushed Labour, whilst the previous Tory government didn’t have those same pressures.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Oct 2012, 4:26pm

    A good first move of course but really, how many laws have been passed after only ten minutes in the Commons? I can’t recall any. At least it will light a fire under the government to move a lot faster, especially since France will pass it on October 31 which could well be a cataylist to speed things up in Westminster.

    1. Cardinal Capone 16 Oct 2012, 4:42pm

      There’s a first time for everything. Let’s hope it does.

    2. since 1945 at least 60 such bills have become law, most recently i belive is the ‘Divorce (Religious Marriages) Act 2002’

  3. Good to see an MP showing some initiative. Cameron is playing both sides, by saying ‘hey, we’re giving you equality!’ he appeals to moderate voters. But by constantly delaying, he’s giving the message to more conservative elements tat he has no intention of delivering equality.

    It’s time to end this sham and this is a good first step, I agree it’s doubtful to succeed but it will hopefully begin movement on the topic.

  4. Pavlos Prince of Greece 16 Oct 2012, 4:38pm

    What means ‘ten minute rule bill’?

    1. Cardinal Capone 16 Oct 2012, 4:43pm

      Take a wild guess.

    2. “Whichever MP has reserved the slot presents their bill and is entitled to speak for 10 minutes to convince the house of its merit. After the 10 minutes have passed, another MP may speak for a further 10 minutes to oppose the bill. The Speaker then calls a voice vote to decide whether the bill should be allowed a second reading, which is when the bill is debated at a later date. ”

      1. So effectively if Labour and the Lib Dems vote to allow a 2nd reading then the only thing that could stop a 2nd reading is the Tory Party.

        How would David Cameron try to spin this if an insufficient amount of Tory MP’s do not support a 2nd reading.

        If that happens then it is clear evidence that the Tories are the same scummy bigots they have always been.

      2. Pavlos Prince of Greece 21 Oct 2012, 6:32pm

        Thanks, Pavlos!

  5. That There Other David 16 Oct 2012, 4:54pm

    Good stuff. Well done Chris Bryant.

    And a warning to Mr. Cameron and co. Any attempt to “kick this into the long grass” will result in a LOT of negative publicity for you and your party. Labour now have this in their crosshairs.

    1. Indeed – ANY attempt by the Tories to stop this progressing or delaying it is more than adequate evidence that they are the same bigots they have always been.

    2. This particular one will be destroyed VERY quickly. As if you’d have a labour name attached to it when you could have a Tory one.

      1. But WHY would the Tories want to delay marriage equality?

        Unless the Tories introduce their own bill immediately?

        There is no reason for any further delay.

        1. So it’s fresh in people’s memories come the next GE. They’ll shoot it down so labour can’t use it is a point in their favor during the campaigns and so they can. I’m assuming anyway, it’s what I’d do if I were a heartless politician.

          1. But you’re assuming that the Tories actually intend to introduce equal civil rights.

            Aside from a few nice words from PoshBoy Cameron (who worked in PR and therefore is well used to lying) what evidence do you have that the Tories have any intention of legislating for equal civil rights?

        2. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Oct 2012, 8:06pm

          So can you talk us through the detail of this bill then. Will CPs be converted to marriages automatically? Will we continue to allow CPs for those who want them? Will marriages in churches be permitted?

          The government consultation gives us an opportunity to shape the equal marriage legislation. What Chris Bryant has cooked up on the back of an envelope does not.

          1. Actually it doesn’t.

            It invited a whole load of hideous bigotry from people/religions who already have equal civil rights.

            And in 2.5 years nothing has happened.

            The fact that Law and Justice Tories still have no legislative timetable for equal civil rights is very telling.

  6. theotherone 16 Oct 2012, 5:24pm

    wasn’t he in power when the then labour leader said marriage was for heterosexuals only? i don’t remember him speaking out on it then.

    there is a consultation in place, the consultation has to be completed – it’s the way laws are made.

    1. Actually a certain Chris Bryant MP said the following during the civil partnership debates:

      “I do not want same-sex relationships to ape marriage in any sense—several people have used the offensive phrase—because they are different. Although the two share similar elements, they do not have to be identical, so the legal provisions should be distinct.”

      Which I believe is the argument most anti-equality folk are still using.

      1. theotherone 16 Oct 2012, 7:04pm

        well he was obeying his masters wasn’t h

      2. So this is his golden opportunity to make amends. It would be just soooo right for a bill by a gay MP to be the instrument that provides equality. It would be nice if it was co-sponsored by a lesbian MP too.

    2. In this case an endless consultation that appears to go on for years – it’s just a delaying tactic.

      1. theotherone 16 Oct 2012, 5:54pm

        no, it’s a consultation.

        1. And never before has a minority group’s equal civil rights be put to a public consultation.

          The purpose of the consultation is time-wasting.

          Our equal civil rights have nothing to do with the non-LGBT population as they are not affected in the slightest.

          A public consultation on our equal civil rights is the equivalent of consulting the population of London, about housing developments in Newcastle – unnecessary and utterly irrelevant.

          1. theotherone 16 Oct 2012, 7:06pm

            ac consultation is to allow interest groups to submit their ideas about the legislation – including us.

          2. But why are equal LGBT civil rights of interest to anyone but the LGBT community seeing as they affect no-one but us?

          3. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Oct 2012, 8:09pm

            David – I think people in wheelchairs should have ramps to help them get into shops. I’m not in a wheelchair, but I still have a view.

            Its a strange world of self interest you in habit mate.

          4. But you do agree that wheelchair users’ opinions about wheelchair access is far more relevant to that discussion than your opinion? No?

            Likewise with equal civil marriage.

            in any case why have the Tories not introduced legislation themselves.

            Have they even announced when they intend to publish the findings of their consultation; and a proper legislative timetable for equality/

            Why not?

      2. For what?

        He already knows he’ll lose all of the LGBT vote if he doesn’t deliver on his promise and gain most of it if he does. Anyone who thinks we won’t see it is an idiot.

        1. He’s playing politics.

          He is trying to gain the LGBT vote by claiming to support equality.

          But he is also trying to keep his bigotted base voters sweet by not actually doing anything to introduce equality.

          It is worth repeating again – there is no justifiable excuse for Cameron not to introduce legislation on equal civil rights immediately

          1. And he knows if he doesn’t deliver by the end of this term no LGBT people will vote for him.

          2. The Tories got only 9% of the LGBT vote at the last election?

            Are you really so naive that Cameron will risk the support of the bigot brigade to give us our equal civil rights?

            The Bigot Brigade is the Tory base.

            He’s playing politics.

            He can neutralise this Chris Bryant move by giving a specific timetable for marriage equality.

            ‘By the next election in 2015’ is a clearly inadequate timetable.

    3. Incorrect – the consultation is a homophobic exercise whose sole purpose is to delay equality.

      I don’t think it has EVER happened that a minority’s equal civil rights have been subject to a public consultation.

      1. theotherone 16 Oct 2012, 7:08pm

        you’re going to blow a fuse when this goes to committee stage

        1. Actually I won’t – at least when it is at committee stage something is actually happening.

          Unlike now where until Chris Bryant made his move NOTHING was happening.

  7. Yayyyy!!! Go for it. Get the ball rolling and end this inequality

  8. Although this is a, positive, symbolic move it does not make me warm to Mr Bryant who seems to ignore LGBT rights when they are inconvenient (see my quote in reply to theotherone above) and then use them as a rod to beat over his opponents heads (like he is doing with the Coalition here) when it suits.

    He is just another partisan who will insults those who dare call him out for his past comments against marriage equality.

    Such a shame, but still I really do wish him luck in this endeavour

  9. Good news, although im not a Labour or Tory supporter. I would trust Labour to sincerely push for marriage equality before the Tories.

    This will be a test as to how “progressive” the Tories really are now.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Oct 2012, 6:32pm

      Charlie, it would be impossible for any party to push through equal marriage without some votes of support from the opposition. If Cameron doesn’t get enough votes from his party when it comes to a vote in Parliament, it will be down to the Tories as the ones who allowed it to be defeated.

      Chris Bryant is simply amplifying the need for the government to get on with it and bring it into law. A ten minute equal marriage bill isn’t going to get it passed but cause those on the fence to make up their minds once and for all. Hopefully it will pass in 2013 rather than 2014 or worse, 2015. There is absolutely no need to drag it out until then while France legalises it in just a few days after only two to three months of discussion. The government are foot dragging on this one and it needn’t take so long to get it done, no excuses.

  10. While I welcome the move by Bryant we also need to be aware of how utterly craven and opportunistic he is being.

    Only 3 years ago he whole-heartedly supported CP apartheid and thought that we should stop demanding equal civil rights.

    Then again he is a politician – he would sell his own grandmother if he thought it would be of personal benefit to his own career.

  11. 10 minutes is not enough time to for discussion unfortunately as there will be those opposed that waste all the time to discuss it.

    1. You mean Tories?

    2. A 10 minute rule bill doesn’t involve everyone discussing it in 10 minutes. It involves the person putting forward the bill (Chris Bryant) making a 10 minute speech putting the case forward for why this bill should be taken to the next stage, and then one person opposing the bill making the case as to why it shouldn’t. It’s then voted on by the MPs to see whether it will be taken to a second reading at a later date (which is a longer debate where everyone will be able to get their say).

      1. So this will be taken to a 2nd reading almost guaranteed?

        That’s perfect – it gives Cameron far less wriggle room to keep up these unfathomable delays in honouring his commitment to equal civil rights.

    3. 10 minutes is more than enough time to say it is needed to provide equal human rights.

  12. Does LGBTory support Chris Bryant’s move?

    I can’t see why they would as they CLAIM to support LGBT equality?

    Or will they refuse to comment as usual?

  13. The OBVIOUS solution to this, is for the Tories to introduce equal marriage legislation themselves.

    Within the next week.

    They’ve had PLENTY of time to prepare it.

    And they support equality.

    No further delays are acceptable

  14. Seems a superb move. If it passes, all the necessary amendments to the Gender Recognition Act – starting with requiring a sworn statement that one is not married, or requiring divorce before a change of gender can be recorded, which are purely to prevent same-gender marriages – would need to be in additional legislation, giving the chance for reforming the many other not-strictly-marriage aspects that need attention, such as barring a change before 18, the destruction of privacy, a permanent and intimate file, lack of provision for overseas residents, discrimination against foreign visitors, a re-traumatising fresh psychiatric evaluations, disregard of reassignment surgery, and non-recognition of change of sex.

  15. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 18 Oct 2012, 3:24am

    Pavlos Prince of Greece 

    The ten minute rule means that a private member (or non-government member such as a member from the Labour party) can only introduce and debate a private members bill for just ten minutes.

    It is a start that a UK Marriage Equality Bill 2012 is being introduced to the House of Commons soon!

    Now will this bill pass or not is another matter – since the Tories or Conservatives have no real interest in passing marriage equality into law!

    Marriage equality is LONG overdue!

    If I was the Prime Minister, it would just take me 10 minutes to draft the bill, introduce the bill into the House of Commons and then force a vote on the bill a month later! Once the Queen signs the legislation – it should come into effect immediately!

    Remember back in the year 2000 the bill to equalise the age of consent was rejected by the House of Lords three times and then the Labour Government at that time forced the bill though to the Queen for Assent under the Parliament Act 1912!

    1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 21 Oct 2012, 6:33pm

      Thank you very much indeed. Wonderful news!

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