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UK: Church weddings possible in 10 years, says gay dean

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Reader comments

  1. Wouldn’t it be far better for the Church of England to continue their in-fighting equality tooth and nail.

    It damages its reputation and influence.

    It will lead to a split in the anglican church; and this will strengthen the case for separation of church and state in Britain.

    The obsession with religion shown by Pink News is startling considering how irrelevant religion is to so many LGBT people.

    Britain has a secular population (sdespite the fact that we don’t have a separation of church and state. The LGBT population is even more secular (no surprise considering how evil most religions are on the matter of our community.)

    Yet without fail these nonsensical religious stories appear.

  2. Religion is a minority interest in the UK.

    I imagine that among the LGBT population there is even a tinier percentage of people interested in religion.

    These endless stories about religion and marriage is giving a false impression that equal civil rights for LGBT people is somehow a subject that religion has an influence about.

    Civil marriage equality shouod be the SOLE focus of the equality campaign.

    Constant reporting about religion is damaging the campaign for equal civil rights.

    When equal marriage is achieved it will be a VERY minor matter to allow those tiny gay-friendy cults to perform marriages in their churches.

    1. I totally agree. Religion IS a minority interest. Unfortunately, it is a minority interest with HUGE establishment involvement. Unelected bishops in the House of Lords; the Head of State also head of the Church of England. It is, in my opinion, outrageous that ANY ‘belief’ can still hold such influence over our laws and daily lives. Belief is and should be a personal matter. So keep religion where it belongs: in the home … or church … but OUT of politics and government. Marriage is and should be a civil contract. Religion has simply hijacked it for its own ends.

    2. Or a ‘personal concentric’ as that old queen Murphy-O’Connor says.

      1. …personal eccentricity rather.

  3. I think ten years is optimistic considering they still haven’t got the hang of women priests.

    They don’t have to agree to gay marriage, and the longer they don’t, the more irrelevant they become to the secular process.

    As an ex-Anglican I think it is sad, but I hold out no hopes of a change of opinion in my lifetime.

    1. “I think ten years is optimistic considering they still haven’t got the hang of women priests”.

      Agreed. Nor have they got the hang of the Earth going around the Sun or the Earth being older than 6000 years.

  4. I really can’t see them ever doing it

  5. It’s none of anyone’s business whether his relationship is celebrate or not. How seedy that the church is with the sex life of a couple of 40 years standing.

  6. The CoE will finally and properly split before Anglican churches celebrate same-sex full weddings. The evangelicals are too arrogant and totalitarian to remain in communion with anyone who goes against them.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Oct 2012, 12:55pm

    Either Dr. Jon knows something that we don’t, but I just don’t see it evolving that fast. It doesn’t permit divorced couples to remarry in the church: it doesn’t believe that a priest in a CP should be having intimacy with his partner; and like it’s sister the roman cult, has a a tradition of misogyny towards female clergy. This won’t happen in our life time, I just don’t see it and who really cares? The vast majority of the British public don’t, so why should we?

  8. How is this more relevant to *civil* marriage than the opinion of a stamp collecting society might be?

    It is best not to mention religious marriage as it encourages them to believe that they somehow own marriage, and it gives them the opportunity to muddy the waters with false claims of churches being compelled to be involved.

  9. Homosexuality will lead to race of super-ducks
    “If homosexuality spreads, it can cause human evolution to come to a standstill. It could threaten the human position on the evolutionary ladder, and say, ducks, could take over the world. Ducks always nest in pairs and we if allow same-sex marriage, then the ducks will have evolved further than we have.”

    1. Cardinal Capone 17 Oct 2012, 1:19am


    2. GingerlyColors 17 Oct 2012, 10:41am

      Quack! Quack! Hello ducky!

  10. I imagine the European Court might have a say in it long before then.

    1. Cardinal Capone 17 Oct 2012, 1:23am

      They’ll stay out of church matters.

  11. no doubt the Anglican Church will one day accept lgbt people, and will then re-write history and claim that they were always in favour and that it proves how great their faith is, just like they claim they were in favour of abolishing slavery and giving women the vote.

    I have already spoken to one ‘gay christian’ (sic) who claims that homosexuality was only decriminilasied in 1967 because the church campaigned for it.


  13. Oh, just solve the damn problem now and vote in equal marriage, then tell the church to keep its nose out. The church should look at equal marriage in a positive way… The extra money generated by the marriage of same sex couples can go towards the roof fund… or something.

    That is, if same sex couples want to marry in a church…..

  14. GingerlyColors 17 Oct 2012, 10:38am

    The Church of England was born out of King Henry VIII’s rather dubious sex life so it will be hypocritical for the CofE not to eventually come round to our way of thinking. Many fear a split in the CofE over the issue of LGBT rights. While this will result in a gay-friendly faction, it will also lead to the creation of an anti-gay church which may get the upper hand in the ongoing religious debate over homosexuality.
    LGBT issues are not the only ones dividing the CofE – the church has so far survived intact in spite of the introduction of women vicars and there is the debate over whether or not women should be ordained as bishops.

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